Best Basic computer course syllabus for beginners


If you want to use the computer for your business and career development and even to perform daily life activities the following computer skills are very important to learn.

These are also important skills to learn before you start learning advanced computer courses and training. If you’re teaching basic computer skills or running a basic computer course online or offline then you must include these basic computer skills in the syllabus shared in this post.

I am sharing this complete basic computer syllabus in this post, most of that I have personally taught for 10+ years to more than 1500+ students offline in the computer lab. And I am also explaining the importance of learning these computer skills for you as well.

So, let’s get started:

A basic computer course is the most important computer course for people. It’s the primary or 1st computer course that each student or computer or technology-interested person has to do. A basic computer course is a foundational course. The knowledge and skills you will gain in this course will decide your career in the computer field. And that’s why it’s important to learn basic computer skills with full attention, from the right online computer course or institute.

Many students are not able to pursue a career in technology just because they are not getting interested in learning.  Nor they are finding practical knowledge. Lack of practical computer knowledge is a big issue, especially in small towns.

Even to do any advanced computer course such as graphic design, programming, machine learning, cloud computing, and blockchain course online, each course required basic computer knowledge. And those who have good computer knowledge do and complete these advanced computer and technology courses effectively.

These days students and almost anyone can learn computer skills online. They can learn computer skills by watching free video tutorials on YouTube. They can learn on blogs. And they can learn systematically by doing specialized and recognized online computer courses.

But many students and people find what to learn. What is important to learn to gain basic computer knowledge? What are the essential computer skills to learn? What to learn before joining a computer science and engineering degree and what are the scopes of learning these skills? And such doubts or confusion really make it difficult for students to learn computer skills effectively and to become job-ready.

So, the following is the list of basic computer skills that I think will be very important these days for students to learn in basic computer courses.

1. Microsoft Windows 11, macOS, and Linux Operating System Fundamentals.

You must learn about the what is the operating system. What are the difference and advantages of each operating system and how do use them?

2. English, Hindi (Native Language) computer typing

Students must know, how to type in a computer in their native language with high speed and accuracy. It’s most important basic computer skills to work on the computer faster and more accurately. It will save time for students in document writing and editing and also help them later in jobs and businesses.


Learn and improve computer typing skills: Stepwise

English Typing Speed Practice Tips & Increase Typing Speed

asdf lkj typing lessons – Top 3 Basic Typing Lessons

3. Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Office 2019 or Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 2019 and its earlier versions are very popular and productive and are also called productivity tools. It’s important to have basic operational knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access students. These are also basic requirements for the data entry operator job. Even these applications are used by the CEO, CTO, CMO, and CFO or Managing direction-level posts in companies and businesses.

Following are the post to learn more about it:

Uses of Microsoft Office Applications in Daily Life

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4. Internet Fundamental and basic knowledge about the Internet

Most of the recent generations are using the Internet. It’s important to learn the basics of the internet. Why the internet is important. Why it is created? What problem did it solve when invented? What problems internet created in history? What are its advantages? How it’s beneficial for the business. And what will be its future? How it’s impacting our daily life and how beneficial it can be for common men etc. These are the basic internet questions that are important for students to learn and understand in basic computer courses.

I have seen many computer course students, who are unable to define its advantages or reasons behind their existence.

When students know about the internet during school time, and college time then they can utilize their creativity to do new inventions, discoveries, and development. That’s why it’s important to learn the basics of the Internet as early as possible for students or computer course students.

Following are posts to learn more about it:

Uses of the Internet for Students

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5. Emailing System

You or students must know about the big and worldwide Email System and its functions. What is Email? Why Email? What problems does it solve? How Email is important? How email is beneficial for the business? How to prevent or protect yourself from scamming or spam mail? How to send and manage email. How to write business emails? What to share on Email or What not?

These are the basic questions and answer that are important for this new generation, of school and college students to understand and learn.

For example, if someone knows about email and email marketing as early as his/her career, then he/she can specialize in email marketing. It’s just as simple.

If someone has an invention attitude, he/she will think to make it even bigger or more innovative.

But sadly, these things are not taught to students in basic computer courses. And there are many reasons behind it and one of that computer coaching institutes or colleges or schools and their syllabus and instructor are not interested, passionate, and have a vision for computer education and its importance.

That’s why if you see in any country more poverty or social tension and an underdeveloped youth then it’s because of the lack of visionary leaders in the computer education field.

Learn more: 

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6. Basic awareness of Social Media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

People use their free time these days on Social Media. Even people don’t have free time for themselves because of social media. But whatever, social media is not just an app or website, it’s a business. Along with its advantages, it also provides many disadvantages.

And social media websites and apps are the biggest channels and platforms where fake news, fake photos, fake business deals, and money scams are promoted and working. It’s creating a tense situation in society and cities.

And social media websites companies or owners are not able to stop that. Even many say, that these companies take barbing from political parties.

Women and girls are threatened by strangers on social media. This is not good.

So in that case, it’s really important to teach and educate students about social media websites. What to share or what to not. How they can impact their life. How they can be misguided on social media.  How they can prevent themselves from scams and frauds?

It’s really important for the government, NGOs, and leaders to improve the learning environment in the country for innovative, talented, visionary students.

And it can happen with the right knowledge at the right time. But the problem is, instead of teachers and education leaders many media channels or social media groups trying to mind students and their creativity and thoughts, and analytical skills.

Because people are treated by media companies as a product or vote banks. So, it’s important to teach and educate students about social media.

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7. Search Engine Fundamentals

It’s important to learn about search engines. While you can say that everyone knows to search on Google and Bing. So, you can say that it’s not important to teach and learn about search engines.

But tell me, how many people know what to search on Google? especially when someone is looking for career development, online business, or online courses.

How they can differentiate right or wrong information?

How you can make sure that they are using and visiting the right website?

How you can make sure that they will not get scammed by online money-making schemes?

You will never be able to make sure that until you will not teach students how to search and analyze the data and information on the search engine results or links.

At least lets students know about the uses and benefits of search engines. And How can they take advantage?

And along with that, it’s important to learn about the reasons and vision behind the invention or development of search engine websites. And also, about the story behind Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

So that students will get inspired and will be able to think differently and new.

Learn More: 

What is internet safety and why is it important for you

How to avoid being scammed online

8. Website, Software, and Apps Development Fundamental

You must learn what is software. Not in just in terms of technicalities but also about the business. For example, when I was learning Microsoft Office during my course, I was not aware of the business behind Microsoft office and Microsoft company. While we learned C programming language basics I was not aware of its power and use. Actually, our batch was aware of a few things as those things were taught by our instructor.

But having awareness of a few things will not create interest in the subject or software development. You need proper basic knowledge about software, website and apps. I haven’t used the internet even though the use of the internet in small cities was not possible and it was very costly around 2004 and 2005.

But today, we have everything that is important for innovation and invention. Still, if we are seeing unemployment problems worldwide that can be because basic computer education is not treated by schools, colleges, universities, and institutes seriously.

Most colleges or institutions and governments are more capital, business, and money-centric. That’s not a problem, it’s important as per the business and economy.

But we need inventors, ecopreneurs, scientists, and technically armed forces. Those brilliant students will find the path.

The question is what do our educators do with those not performing? What happens to those students who are unable to afford the course fees? What about those, have creativity, innovative mindset, and leadership skills but have not identified that talent or platforms or guide?

My point is simple, you have to learn and identify the reasons behind the existence of websites, apps and software as early as possible in your career. So that you can define and clearly choose your career or professional path.

You might not get it from the degree or institutions, But you have to get it.

No one cares about you and your ideas, you have to care for and nurture your thoughts. It’s not easy, and definitely, it will not be easy for anyone. It’s not about what you have or what you have achieved so far. It’s about what next big thing you’re going to do.

So you have to learn as a student. Build your own website when you’re a student. Start building apps and software. Don’t wait that someone will do it for you or tell you to do it.

As a student of computer science, you have to experiment and experiment and always experiment. Some experiments will be accepted by governments, research centers, software development companies and institutions but many will fail. But still, you have to do it. That’s what is computer science. You have to understand and solve real problems.

And you will do it when you have the knowledge about the current software, apps and web development trends, technologies, programming languages, and technologies.

Following are the post, I think are important for you to read and understand:

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9. Basic Knowledge of Graphic Designing and Tools

Graphic designing is another big industry worldwide. Every graphic or visual we see today has some parts from graphics design. From print to digital content everything contains graphics and the use of graphic design tools.

These days, graphic designing tools are used to create digital content and print media content. Logo design, photo-editing, color mixing, banners, posters, books, mobile apps, icons and everything is designed and created by using graphic designing tools such as affinity designer, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator, Corel draw, sketch, Figma, and many others.

While doing a basic computer course, you don’t have to learn all. But at least you need awareness and a basic understanding of the use of graphic design and tools.

For that, you can invest 3 to 4 days to understand and research this field.

And if you follow this approach, it will help you to decide later what to use. what is more interesting? and what is best for you to choose for a career.

If you read the following posts, it will help you to learn the basics of graphic design and things happening in the graphic design field or how you can take advantage or why to learn graphic design skills etc.

Best online graphic design courses and skills for beginners to practice

How to practice and improve your graphic design skills

How to Start your own Graphic Design Business Successfully

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Career Options After Learning Graphics Design Skills

10. YouTube Fundamental, Video Content Creation

Most students, professionals, housewives and even small kids around age 4 or 5 think to create videos or have a YouTube channel.  It’s important to teach students what is important to create. Video or next Video communication channel?

We often see many students or people trying to become famous and earn money from YouTube channels. That’s OK!

But it takes 2 to 3 years. It looks easy to start.

But think, in 3 years, someone can become a software developer or can get education properly and then start it. Build something bigger and similar to YouTube.

I am not against running a YouTube channel. I appreciate and encourage others to do it. But just as a hobby or time passes especially for students.

But in full time if they are interested in YouTube or something creative or want to become famous then instead of trying to become a YouTuber, learn from YouTube and build something similar. Solve the big problem by learning.

It’s tough. But it’s important to teach students such things. It’s just about letting the students think big. Don’t let technology modify or consume their creativity just for money, likes and views.

Do whatever you like to do, but always think differently, and big and try to build and do something that you can do to solve the problem or innovate.

Even if you want to start a YouTube channel, then learn about it before you start. Think about it, how you will survive. How you will manage your time and YouTube channel. How will you earn money? And How can it help you to achieve your career and personal goals?

And if you want to then do it with proper planning and strategy.

Now, who will and where students learn these skills best?

Highly possible on YouTube. But it needs to be taught in a basic computer course and also by parents as well.

Learn more: 

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What is Digital Content: How to create digital content on your own

Online courses to learn digital content creation skills

11. Cloud Storage Technologies:

Cloud storage technology is the way to store data in a storage device and computer and then make it accessible through the internet.

For example, you can convert your computer into a data storage server. And then you connect to that server or computer from any mobile, computer and from any place and store your data.

Generally, we don’t do it. Nor we thought about it. But data storage and accessibility to personal and business data from anywhere and through any place on any device was the problem.

For that, we’re used to floppy drives, CDs, DVDs, Pen drives, and external hard disks. But these were limited in terms of security, flexibility, accessibility, time, and data storage capacity.

These days you can store data from your computer and then you can access that on your mobile without using or transferring anything.

In simple words, cloud storage is an online folder that you or others can open and use from any device and it’s password protected.

Here you can learn more:

Helpful uses of cloud computing for businesses

Top 10 powerful ways to learn Cloud Computing (SAAS) (IAAS) (PAAS)

How will Cloud Computing change our lives in the future

The strategic importance of cloud computing in business organizations

Top 8 powerful benefits of cloud computing for business

Why Learn Cloud Computing

Google Drive, Amazon, One Drive, Dropbox and many others are the big players in this industry.

Learn moreWhat is cloud storage and what are its advantages

Actually, they were able to innovate. While everyone can be able to do innovation.

The point is, who will do it?

So, it’s important to learn and teach students about cloud storage. So that they can think about the next level?

If they are still learning about CDs or DVDs then when they will be able to learn what is happening today? And when in the future, they will reach today, then it’s changed.

So, it’s important to learn not only about past technologies but current technologies. So as a student, you have to think ahead. That’s why I have included the basics of cloud storage in the basic computer course syllabus and I hope you should do it.

12. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are a buzz on the web and governments also use such words in the budget. It’s about making software or web or apps more automatic and self-decision-making. For example, automatic payment notifications or auto messages or auto-recharge messages that you receive on your mobile phone and chatbots are an example of artificial intelligence.

But its vision is to make machines more intelligent and self-decision makers and reduce human time and power from the work and the use of machines.

I can imagine that there will be a day when computers, mobile, cars, and many other machines auto repair themselves or at least notify you of the undergoing fault in their machine and also find the parts automatically. You just have to enter OTP to pay or even you will receive the product also through the machine (drones), then you will know that your computer or car placed the order last 5 days ago.

But that’s more like a movie story.

In reality, it means making code more useful, productive and reusable and adaptive. Even the software or web development works is also through AI becoming easier than before. For example, the use of IntelliJ IDEA will help you to maximize your productivity and coding speed through assistance (code suggestion) and also like IntelliSense in visual studio.

So, learning the basic topic or idea behind artificial intelligence will improve your technology or computer knowledge. And as a student, it will attract you or makes you interested to learn to code. So having interest and excitement is very important as a student and professional if you want to learn and improve your computer skills and knowledge.

Learn more: 

Uses of Artificial Intelligence in Daily Life

Benefits of artificial intelligence in business

How can artificial intelligence benefit humans?

13. Basic Computer Repairing and Maintenance Fundamentals

Computer cleaning, antivirus installation, basic equipment replacement, windows installation, and a few troubleshooting methods are important for students to learn. If students found this interesting, then they can do chip level computer hardware course. And they can also start their own computer hardware business after this. And also, eligible to do junior computer technician jobs in any small or big company, school and computer institute.


Top 12 things that you can do with old computers

How to maintain cleanliness to boost your computer performance

Why is it important to install antivirus software on a computer?

14. Blogging Basics/WordPress:

Blogging is a really interesting subject to learn in a basic computer course. In this course, you can learn to build a blogging website in WordPress. And you can start running your own blog. Blogging is written communication in which you share what you know and like to share with others in the form of articles.

While you can also do blogging as a business. Where you can write a blog professionally.

For example, if you’re a lawyer you can start a blog to write about different subjects related to law and cases on your blog.

Here you can learn more:

Uses of WordPress in Websites and How does it work

Importance of Blogging in our daily life

What is Blog used for? Uses of the blog in our daily life

Different Ways to build any type of Website

Website building courses online – Learn to create any type of website

15. Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most demanding digital marketing skills. If you learn the basics of SEO or even an introduction to a basic computer course, then it will help you to understand the career and business scope in this field.

SEO is important for all kinds of business, blog, and eCommerce websites. SEO is the way to optimize the website with relevant keywords and focused content.

So learning SEO is important especially if you’re interested in Digital marketing or online marketing related to services, business and websites.

16. Basics Online Marketing or Digital Marketing

Online advertising, video advertising, pay-per-click advertising, affiliate marketing, content marketing, and affiliate marketing skills and fields are the backbones of online business.

Without the use of these skills, tools, and methods related to digital marketing or internet marketing it’s almost impossible to run an online business successfully.

online advertising and marketing are very important for not only online businesses but also for local businesses.

You can also specialize in this digital marketing after the basic computer course. But during the basic computer course, you must learn or teach the basics or introduction of digital marketing.

 Learn more: 

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Importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario

Online Digital Marketing Courses & Essential Digital Marketing Skills to Learn

17. Freelance Business or Freelancing Basics

Freelancing is a way to provide services remotely to clients and companies. This is one way to use your skills to become self-employed. You will get paid for the use of your time and skills. And you can work with as many clients as you want.

Here you can learn more:

Ultimate tips that help beginners to become a successful freelancers

18. Online Business and eCommerce System

You will not learn everything related to online business in your basic computer course. But at least if you’re aware of online business, blogging, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, apps, web application, and tools, it will help you to plan your career and profession.

And it’s very important, especially for those who want to start their own online business.

 Learn more:

eCommerce Website Introduction with easy examples

How eCommerce has changed business

Importance of eCommerce in our daily life

19. Data Analysis, Management, and Tools

Data is the most important subject or object on the computer and the internet.

Everything that we consume and use on the computer and internet generates data.

For example, if you’re running an app, you will get uses data of your customers. That you can utilize to build better marketing campaigns.

Similarly, when you post or update your profile picture on Facebook, you will get likes and comments. That is also the data.

The use of data in business is very important.

That’s why there are so many opportunities for career and business in data management, data analysis or analytics, and the data scientist field.

Learn more: 

Importance of Data in Business

Importance of Data Visualization Techniques and Tools

Why is big data important to business


I know this is a big list of computer skills to learn online or offline. But these are the most important skills to learn for students, professionals, and housewives these days.

It might take more than 1 year to learn all of these. But you don’t have to learn anything. You just learn what you like the most or interesting and that is also helpful for your career and business.


The goal of students and teachers in the basic computer course has to be the following:

1. Students must understand the basics of each above subjects. Even two or three with good knowledge is enough. So that students can analyze and understand, which path to take in a career. For example, if a student finds programming interesting in the basic computer course, then he/she must go and do the advanced programming course and will become a developer at an early age or soon.

They must be able to define it within 1st 6 months of their basic computer course. Similarly, in other fields and subjects as well. So that students know what is in the IT field for them.

But sadly, due to the education system, students find it after 3 to 5 years. And many are even not able to get the idea even after 15 years of job and career in the Computer or Information Technology field. That’s why I want to you and also suggest this to computer coaching instructors or institutes or universities and syllabus creators to include the basic fundamental of currently popular technology to our new generation students.

2. I want my students to be eligible for the job after completing the above course. I don’t mean or expect that he/she is brilliant in each above subjects. But at least if someone becomes the best in any tool or technology during the basic computer course then he/she will be able to start his/her career within 6 months. This is very important for those students, who are not able to afford higher course fees and big college degrees. At least they will be able to work in business, jobs and able to earn money. That’s why I have included many business and job-specific tools in the above course.

3. Students must be able to start part-time or full-time IT-related business after completing the above course or after learning the above basic computer skills.

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