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A career in graphic design is very interesting and challenging. After the graphic designing course, degree, and skills you have to do the research on income and career opportunities that present offline and online. It’s important for you that you analyze the market demand and prepare yourself accordingly from time to time.

In this guide, I am trying to explore my graphics design experiences. It will help you to earn money and plan your career in Graphic Designing Industry.  No matter whether you’re UX or UI or have basic graphic designing skills. Today, the Internet provides you with thousands of ways to earn money as a graphics designer.

This article is also helpful for people who want only to earn money from one thing such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, or Adobe Illustrator. Remember, graphic designing is not only about Adobe Photoshop but it’s about the use of creativity by using various graphic designing tools.

Learn and watch my video tutorial on Graphics designs career, income, and jobs in Hindi

But before a start, I suggest you start with one skill. One skill means Logo Designing, Banners, Brochures, Product Design, Backgrounds, and Typography. Become an expert in one or two things, based on market demands. And later, when you got some experience then explore other parts of your Graphic designing skills.

Suggestions you can follow to build your career in the Graphic Designing field. That will also help you to earn money fast online and offline.

Graphics designs career, income and job opportunities 1. Apply for the Job

There are various jobs in the Graphics Design field. Apply for UI/UX designing Jobs. Search for Logo Design jobs, Product Designer requirements, and all kinds of Branding and Marketing design jobs.

Where and How to Apply?  Few ideas:

  • Online Jobs

Online jobs are more suitable for Graphic Designers. And this method is able to get a higher salary and international exposure.

Let’s look at the following examples of how you can apply.

  • You can apply for online jobs. Visit the graphics designing company’s websites. Find career pages in such design agencies and companies. Read the job description and salary. If it is best for you then apply.
  • You can also message about your skills by following contact forms on such graphic design service provider’s websites. If they are interested in your skills and knowledge and the way you explained then they will definitely contact you for the job.
  • You can also try to apply for graphic designing jobs on the Job portal and classified sites.
  • Offline Jobs

Now if you’re looking for offline graphic designing jobs then search in your cities such as in the printing press, Photo Studio, Magazine or newspaper, and News channel offices.

How to apply for offline graphic designing jobs?

Create and print a professional resume. Attach your graphic design samples or collect everything on CDs. Also, highlight your online portfolio if you have any.

  • Visit the official newspaper, printing press, and photo studio offices and give an interview in each. Submit resume. Talk to them about what kind of graphic designing skills they are looking for in candidates or me.
  • Connect with your friends, known or unknown people or those who are working in any company, and tell them about your skills, and job interests. So, they will notify you whenever there is a requirement for a graphic designer.
  • Keep looking at newspapers and classified ads for offline jobs. And make sure that all kinds your graphic designing skills that you’re promoting in your resume, you have samples to show them.


2. Sell your graphics art on the Internet

The second income and career option that you can use to sell your graphics online. E-commerce is in Boom. And not only for daily needs. But it is also a great option for Graphics designers to sell their artistic works on the internet.

How to sell art on the Internet? The following suggestions are executable.

  • Sell graphics and designs on own website

The best way to sell artistic works is through your own website. Research on Google Keywords Planner, what kind of designs are searched by people in your country, city or worldwide. Then create those kinds of designs, list them, and protect them with watermarks. on your own website.

For example, on your own website, you can provide digital marketing images and graphics for articles based on keywords. But you need to improve your graphic design business intelligence and get traffic to your website from paid advertising or social media marketing.  So you can able to sell more design works.

  • Sell design on online marketplace websites

You can sell your designs on online marketplaces. Such as Creative Market, Theme forest, and Zazzle. just search on Google “sell design online” etc. You can sell almost all things. But you need to figure out future demands for certain designs. Then create that kind of design and images and sell them online. Note: – Always read the policies of such online marketplace websites.

3. Graphic Design Business Services

The third method to earn money or build a career in graphic design is that provide design services on the internet. This is a complete service-based business. It will grow with time and clients. The more you follow the graphic design industry trends the more you will learn and grow.

How can you do that?

  • Provide services on Freelancing websites.

You can earn money from your graphic designing skills on Freelancing websites. There are various freelancing websites in which thousands of graphic design jobs are posted daily.

For that, you have to work remotely and hourly. Also, you have to be very passionate about your graphics and design theories. Freelancing is pure business. You can learn here: What is Freelancing? That you can use it to earn money by providing graphic designing services.

  • Get customers on your own website and provide services.

The second method is to provide graphic designing services on the internet on your own website. Create a portfolio website and add a blog and start inspiring clients. Target 4-5 keywords related to graphic designs that clients are searching for and 4-5 keywords for future designs. For example – Logo Design, photo editor, business cards, website designs, official templates, and files.

Add such keywords in your portfolio and image descriptions. Learn about SEO and Internet marketing strategies for the graphic design business.

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4. Teach Graphics Designs skills:

Teaching is my favorite way to build a career in GD, earn some money, and help others to become successful in their graphic designing skills. Graphics design skills training is not only about the source of money by selling eBooks and affiliate links.

It’s about helping people around the world, who’re facing challenges in their graphic or web design careers. But you should have little experience in graphic designing skills in this field to become a graphics design teacher.

It’s tough or not practical to be a teacher, right after the graphic designing course. But if you have little experience, or if you earned money from your graphic designing skills and you have something that can inspire this world then go with it.

How can you teach graphic designing skills?

  • Educate other people on your own website/YouTube/Online Courses websites

You can create graphics designing video tutorials and upload them on YouTube. Later when you start getting subscribers and followers then monetize your YouTube Channel with Google AdSense.

You can write eBooks and sell them on your own website or online eBook stores such as Amazon.

You can teach graphic designing skills on online course websites such as Udemy.

There are various ways to earn money from graphics but you need to be very creative, unique, and skillful.

  • Educate people by opening a graphics design institute

You can follow both teaching methods. You can teach online but you can also teach graphic designing skills by opening a graphics design institute in your village or city.

You can teach people all about the above graphics designing career opportunities and thy way to earn money online and offline.

That’s it, friends, I have more to say but it’s enough for today.

The above options to earn money from Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw etc. skills are suitable for anyone willing to play with graphics. To become a successful Graphics designer, the degree and English is not mattered the most. But the most important thing is your creativity and imagination.

Creativity means to me that your designs have to be storytellers.  In your color combination and plates, they have to be with a feel and professional touch. Typography needs to be readable and has to be great for eyes etc.

Do practice regularly on your art. Follow great designers and artists. Learn and listen to the feelings in their images. Learn from whatever you got. Start with whatever you have right now. Ok!

When you walk with your graphics design interest on your career path you will get all the answers, solutions, tools, income, and exposure.

How to walk? Find clients and listen to what they want. And do that. That’s simple!

Friends, if you want to learn more about graphic designing skills and business, tell me in the comments and contact me. So, I can write my future posts according to your interests and market demands.

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