Microsoft Excel Basics – What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is an application software packaged with Microsoft Office suite. In Excel application, you can create an electronic spreadsheet that is used to perform mathematical, logical, financial, economic, and daily life calculations by using formulas.
Microsoft Excel is also known as a Workbook and Electronic spreadsheet. The group of worksheets is called a workbook. And because in excel figures are calculated by formulas automatically after formula in the first cell and rest of other cells follow the pattern that’s why it is known as an Electronic Spreadsheet. Formulas create electronic transmission in excel. E.g. A1 mean A is column and 1 is a row.

Calculation: – Perform calculation of numbers, subtraction, sorting filtering, and multiplication by using formulas. The calculation means monthly income and expenses calculation, sales and profit calculation, website traffic analysis, etc.

Data analysis: – To reach the new conclusion or to find new solutions or new innovative ideas it’s important to analyze data. And excel helps business owners to analyze that data visually after performing calculations. To visualize data in excel you can use charts, shapes, and conditional formatting, etc.

For example, a user can perform logical and mathematical marketing calculations. After that they can use visualize data by using charts, smart arts, pivot tables, etc. and that helps them to take business decisions more confidently. In simple words, data analysis means reducing the risk in the business decision.

Visualization of data means to present the data and information to the second party from the first party with simple and meaningful ways that help to make the decision and analyze business situation positively and negatively.

For example, teachers can use excel to teach students to visualize complex math terms. That helps students to understand the logic in formula and the impact of formula in their daily life.

Another example of visualization of data is that a bank manager can use excel to present data visually to his team member. Visual communication of data helps team members to work on the next task related to their job at the bank.
Microsoft Excel is so much popular than other spreadsheet applications. Because Microsoft Excel gives users freedom in implementations whatever they want to accomplish by using formulas. The greatest benefit of excel can be generated by anyone who uses and have financial creativity. Another reason behind the use or popularity of excel that it is all in one solution for our daily life financial problems.
I think you can read the following articles to understand why it’s important to learn Microsoft Excel.

To be able to use excel you can focus on learning formulas and charts but mostly the sub-menus of Insert, Data, and Formula menus. You can use Excel with pre-defined templates to practice. You can press the F1 button to learn from excel help. While there are various other sources available online that can help you to learn Microsoft Excel. Here I created the best course list to learn Microsoft Excel including free and paid. Best Online Courses to learn Microsoft Excel 2016

Download and install Microsoft Excel on your computer if you want to use it. Else you can use Microsoft Excel Online too.

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