Do Online Courses help in your Career Development?


Online courses are a popular method these days to learn new skills and build talent in anything. Online Courses provide flexibility and freedom for learners. That’s why from students to professionals, housewives to senior citizens, business owners to government employees everyone is interested in online courses.
But still, there are many confusions in the minds of learners and who are looking to do an online course or online degree.
Does online course help to get a good job?
Do online courses or websites gives certificates?
Do online courses are practical?
Do we get knowledge?
And to answers these questions, I am writing this article with a wider title that is “Do online courses helps in career development? And I hope you will find the answers and clear your confusions regarding online courses?
What things help in career development and how 1 online course in each month grow your career exponentially.

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1. Knowledge about career planning and development:

To grow in career, you need knowledge. Knowledge is a group of meaningful data and information. And to get benefits from the knowledge, you have to know how to execute knowledge.
You need knowledge of various things such as:
Which online course is best for me in this month or situation?
What are my weak points that I want to improve?
What kind of skills can give me a promotion in a current company?
What skills required in the job in which I am applying?
Now the answers of the above questions have to be from you. Only you know the best answers. But if don’t know it, you can do an online course. You can research and learn from a career expert. You can communicate with other professionals from that field. And you will get the combination of all in the online course. That’s why an online course can be helpful to find answers, knowledge about various fields, skills and to create a complete plan for your career development.

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2. Build technical skills on the go:

Technical skills are very important for career development. Today, everything is connected to technology. For example, if you need a portfolio website as per your career development plan, then you can create it on your own and save lots of money.
Having technical skills such as typing, document writing, and editing, graphics designing, website designing, content writing, social media marketing, web development, programming, and online sales & marketing help you to get the job and project immediately in the market.
For whatever reason you’re building your technical skills, you can learn new skills at home by doing an online course. It takes 1-2 hours daily and within a month you will be able to apply for a job/promotion and project.
Online courses are really helpful and they cost less than offline course and training. And also online course consumes less time than the offline course.
So if you’re looking to build technical skills, If you want to learn web development, website designing or whatever technical skills that you need, it’s best to do an online course.

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3. Promotion or Job:

You can’t get a job and promotion only for the reason that you did an online course. Even many online courses provide digital certifications such as google digital unlocked to add in your linked in profile. And there are also many degree programs by top universities online.

But whatever, your degree/certification is just like the entry pass for the interview or job. It’s not a guarantee that you will get a job and promotion unless you don’t know something practical that the company is looking in the candidate.

The company, business owners, interviewers don’t care about your degrees, diplomas, and certifications they just care about your capacities, skills, talent and desire to learn.

There is no teacher, course, degree, university, college, and institute in the world, who can give the guarantee of placement. They can only show you the path and it’s their duty and responsibility to show the direction to students for career development opportunities and jobs but they can’t give you the job.

But many failed in this. It’s because it’s very important to find the interest of students before admitting them in any course and degree. Students are changing their career at the age of 30 years. It’s not good but they are doing it, because they don’t have the direction after the completion of the degree. And it’s a responsibility of student and university, college and institutes who are charging the fees for the syllabus. if there are no job and opportunities in certain field and expertise then why they are teaching those skills?

But as per my knowledge and experiences, I found that online courses are mostly taught by experts. They are experts in their field. They know the ins and out of the syllabus.
But there are also many, who just marketing the online courses to earn money from students. You can’t pay a teacher to give you a job. A job is not a product. But be careful it’s marketed nowadays as a product.
So what is the solutions? The solution is the following:
1. Do not get admission in any outdated degree programs and course.
2. Research on the university and existed students before getting enrolled for degree programs.
3. Do online courses part-time if you’re studying outdated syllabus offline.
4. Communicate with teachers and experts while doing online course and offline degree programs.
5. Participate in various seminars, job festivals and understand the demand.
6. Think and learn about entrepreneurship more than jobs.
7. Showcase and market your skills and resume online through the portal and personal website.
8. Create something as a sample to showcase to interviewers during the interview.
But whatever the knowledge that you need right now, you can take it online. And the best method is to take an online course than watching only YouTube videos.

YouTube is a public platform and it’s very tough to find the right solutions for study and skills development. So visit those websites often that is dedicated to the development of students and totally focused on their skills development.

And whatever online course that you do. You must research that assignment are included in the syllabus or not.
For example, you’re learning web development or website design. And you’re doing it to get a job as web developer and designer:
Now if interviewers asked you, do you have your own website?
If they asked, do you have created something or any website before?
Have you worked with any person online or offline?
What do you know about web development industry?
What the works of web developers and designers do?
The majority of freshers doing offline courses, unable to answers these questions even after taking classes for a year. And it’s very bad.

It’s bad because in many offline institutes and colleges, even web designing teachers don’t have their own website and they haven’t worked for any client or company. Then what they will teach?
They teach you the syllabus and theory that is also important. And that is important to take fees from students for 3 years for them. And theoretical syllabus easily takes your 36 months.
Not all are the same. But many are doing the same things.

And that’s why online courses replacing the offline institutes and colleges. So doing an online course to learn any skills is never be bad. And you can research on the course on your own. You can find practical examples. And even if you don’t like any course then it’s doesn’t cost you much money, you can do another course.

So for me, online course is the best solution to build technical and non-technical skills where the presence of instructor does not matter that much. And if the goal is to get the job as soon as possible.

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4. Multiple income sources:

Consistent growth in income is a very important part of career development. Career development is not only about job and promotions. It’s about how much you’re earning, savings and investing.
But to create 1st or 2nd or multiple income sources you need skills and knowledge. It can be about startups, innovation, technology, medical, business, management, marketing, and finance.

You can do online courses to create another income source. Online courses can provide you a complete guide to build and grow your income, business, and demand in the market.

And within 6 months, I believe that learning any skills especially technical or related to Information technology help you to build 2nd or 1st source of income very easily within a shorter period of time.
The more interested, excited you’re for learning, the faster you can achieve your goals by doing an online course.

5. Financial Stability:

It’s not about creating more and more income sources. It’s about balancing the innovation and current projects or income sources. Once your income sources grow or business grows or income grows then it’s time to delegate your responsibilities to other people looking for jobs and employment.

Now you need to get free for innovation. And without financial stability, you can’t do that.
And that’s why here, the online course comes into action. There are many online courses that teach you personally and business finance. I know that we were not able to learn all the subjects in schools and colleges. Nor we need to learn all right now.

But we need basic financial skills. So that at least we know what we’re delegating to CA and accountants. And to learn these skills, the online course is the best solution.

Today, you can do the course in the village. And anyone from any device can start learning. And without learning it’s impossible to grow in career and business.

6. Social Network:

When you follow the path shown by the online instructor or online course teachers then you capture the networking opportunities. Networking or social network helps in career development. If I need a personal financial advisor and I found you on the same batch or on the same page while doing the course, then it’s an opportunity for us to connect with each other.

Even I writing this guide, and you’re learning. Now we both have own purpose of reading and writing. So far it’s about reader and writer. But these days, it’s about communication and networking. The more I know about your problems the more I can solve it. The more you know about the subjects and objects the better and faster you will grow.
The only thing here is the belief in the instructor.

If I believe that my writing and guide is helpful for you and others then it motivates me to write and teach. And similarly, when experts teach you and guide you on something, then it works but it’s not about they only doing it to earn money from you, It’s about what you can get benefits from them in exchange of money.

Other then your family, no one is giving anything to you for free. And the similar teachers and experts haven’t got that in free. Then why they teach something for you in free, when they have cost.
So it’s about the general understanding of two parties.

But my point here is that if you remain a student and always willing to learn from other people through chatting, blogging, comments, videos, online courses, and social links then you will grow faster in your career than any other method.

7. Personality Development:

When you do an online course you find that your instructor is doing the things you are feared. When you find that they follow certain things to faster the process then you get inspired for learning more from them. Especially if the online instructor is from the developed or another country.

The more you connect with your online course teacher, the better it’s for you to get at least the level that currently holds by the teacher. And in this practice, your personality gets shined. And shined personality is the evidence of a successful career and profession.

In conclusion, we can say that online courses are really helpful these days for each income level parents, students and people, who have bigger dreams but unable to find the best education. Online courses are the fastest method to get educated and achieve career goals.
It contains opportunities to build communication skills, get social respect, time management, wealth management, and leadership skills.

In one word, education is the most powerful weapon that not only changes the world, but you can change your own struggling situation, and use to fight with problems.
And when it’s about education, it’s online or offline doesn’t matter. The thing that matters the most is “are you following the things that you’re learning?

So that’s it, friends, what I know so far about the uses of online courses for career development. And I know it’s very helpful for you if you follow the guidelines.

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