Explore the Top 10 Benefits of online courses with real-life examples


Online courses help to get instant education and skills development opportunities. Online courses and online degrees programs are innovative ways to build and grow talents. Online education is not the replacement of offline education or nor online courses are an alternative to face-to-face training or classroom learning. Both have their own advantages and unique qualities.

But it’s an option for those who want something quick, specific anytime anywhere. And it’s also for those who are not able to get enrolled due to many reasons in offline degrees and universities. So in this article, my focus is on the positive advantages of online courses for students and professionals.

Why take online courses?

1. Take online courses if you want to grow your skills faster:

Yes, online courses are self-study programs. In which all the topics of the course and tutorials are available in the beginning. Now it’s your choice to learn one by one as per the topic and understanding. It means it’s your choice to take 1 class daily or 5 classes as per practical assignments.
For example, if you know the basics of HTML, CSS and now want to learn JAVA script as per the project. Then you can take the online course and learn as faster as you can. Now the completion of the course depends on you. That’s why for any reason you need to learn certain technical, professional, and management skills faster than taking an online course.

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2. Learn/study when you have time:

There are many people busy with day-to-day work. They are willing to learn new skills. But they are unable to find the time and schedule to join a coaching institute. And many times timing doesn’t match. But then how to study and build the skills.

The simplest answer is an online course. You can take an online course anytime. And learn whenever you have time. For example, if you’re working a 9 am to 6 pm office job then learning new skills is not tough for you. You can dedicate 2 hours in the morning or evening. And it takes one or two months to learn new skills. And the more you practice in your spare time in your office or home the better it will be for you.

3. Take classes and learn from anywhere:

If you’re a busy professional and unable to update your skills that is very important then you can do an online course. You can keep studying while you’re on the bus and taxi. If it takes 1 hour to visit your office on the bus, and 1 hour to back then you have 2 hours to utilize your time. You can use those 2 hours if possible to do an online course. You can study by connecting headphones to your mobile phone. It’s just about learning. But be careful, don’t do it while you’re driving.
And later when you’re at the home, you can practice.

Life is so fast today that we are unable to get time for ourselves. That’s why there are a few suggestions to keep getting time for learning:
1. Stop watching TV or entertainment programs for a few days until you’re not getting familiar with the concept that you’re learning by doing an online course.

2. Stop using social media it’s because it’s not a priority for you right now. Your main goal is to improve your skills. And that is possible only if you log in to your LMS (learning management system) or course website and complete 1-2 topics.

3. Don’t spend unnecessary time in political debates on the streets. It makes less difference. But your education and career development programs can make a big difference in your life. So be a wise man. And use that time for doing an online course.

4. While you’re waiting for the bus or you’re in a traffic jam or getting bored then connect your headphone and start learning on a mobile device or tablet. But be active and safe.
So try to do similar practices to get time for learning. And in the process, you will be able to improve your time management skills which are very important for students and professionals. And that’s why to take an online course if you want to learn anytime and anywhere.

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4. Take an online course if want lower fees:

It takes a minimum of $200 to do an average web development course offline. But to do it online, it takes a minimum of $6 to $10 and there are also many offers from online courses websites for students. Both have different experiences, but online courses take less time and money which is the most important thing for a student.

There are not only Information technology-related courses but also academic courses such as math, economics. That saves lots of time and money. That’s why a student can take online courses.

5. If you can discipline yourself for learning then take online courses:

In offline training and course, there are teachers and institutes’ rules and regulations that help you to do the study properly and consistently. But in online courses, no one watching you, no one is taking and analyzing your performance and interest. That’s why if you can discipline yourself for study and learning then taking an online course is the best option for you.
You have to do the following things:
1) You have to study a daily minimum of 1 hour to get good results.
2) You have to complete all the exercises and assignments.
3) You have to follow each topic and tutorial and it’s very important that you don’t skip the course module.
4) You have to practice and learn the books or blogs that instructors suggest.
5) You have to follow the instructor for consistent updates on the course and the field.
The above is just a suggestion, but you can create your own disciplines and rules for yourself and learning.

6) If you want to learn from international experts then take online courses:

Traditionally you have to cross borders for learning and research. But the internet has connected all of us from countries on a single page. And it becomes so much helpful for students when they study online from overseas teachers.

In each country, there is its own culture of learning and experiments. And it’s best for students to learn particular skills from international teachers and experts on the subject. It’s because they have different flavor and concept on the subject that is different from you and local teachers.
And the combination of culture in skills helps to create and produce something unique in the project and subject. That’s why if you want to taste the culture of other countries’ teachers and experts, an online course for a few dollars is the best option.

7. Housewives can take an online course:

Housewives are the busiest and most productive in between humans and in the family. They take care of almost everything. But in that time, they forget themselves and their own desires and dreams and most of them compromise their study and education for the family.
But now, they have the option. They can do online degrees and online courses, even they can start their own online business while studying online.

There are thousands of teachers, websites, and many women’s entrepreneurs on the internet marketing and advertising online courses and who are willing to help other housewives in their study and career development.

That’s why the online course is a great opportunity for housewives to restart their careers or to build their careers to new heights without leaving their homes and kids. And that’s why to take an online course and suggest them online course.

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8. Shopkeepers can take an online course:

In small cities, the shopkeeper is not busy all day. Customers come more in the morning and evening. But in the afternoon the demands less and at that time shopkeepers can spend their time learning about accounts, GST, business and new products and marketing techniques by doing an online course.

It means if you’re doing any kind of job or business in which you get 1-2 hours in a day then it must be utilized for the knowledge. Learning is a never-ending process. And these days, due to e-commerce, online marketing it’s very important for traditional shopkeepers/business owners to think about digital marketing and e-commerce business. And they will think better and more productive if they are getting an education from the right resources. And one of the right methods is an online course.

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9. Very very important for freelancers:

Freelancers work very hard for clients. But before the actual work start, they have to work hard to get consistent clients and projects. It’s a very competitive field and winning a project or good client is not that easy.

But to make it easy, an online course can help a freelancer to get the latest and updated skills that are in demand in that country, they are applying for projects. I already suggested in previous articles that apply for the project or clients that belong to a specific country. Once you’re familiar with the country, their work style, culture, demand, and communication it becomes easy to understand them. And it helps in getting more projects. And similar to that, if you develop the skills that are in demand in that country, then there is a possibility to get more works.

That’s why consistent learning no matter how smart and expert you’re, you need it. And online courses will be always helpful to sharpen your skills if you’re a professional.

10. Some of the other reasons to do online courses:

Students can do online courses along with an offline degree program to learn updated and trending skills. If you want to become an expert in anything such as IT then do one online course each month. The more you invest in your learning the faster you will achieve recognition worldwide for your expertise.

If you’re a teacher, then learning new skills is not only helpful for you but also helpful for students. It’s because, after consistent learning, you will be able to educate students with more quality and efficiency. That develops your own teaching skills by learning from the other expert teachers.
If you’re living in a village and not able to join a degree college in the city then do the online degree or learn to build the skills on your own. Make computer or internet your teacher and start learning by doing.

If you want to build the skills of your team members, then you can purchase their online course. You can also add them to the learning group. And you can also share them with your own previous online courses.

Online courses can provide various benefits for each kind of professional. Education is not a thing that is important only for students. In this competitive field, even if you’re a degree holder and salaried professional you need consistent education and update on the skills. So that you can work more effectively on the projects.

So these are the reasons and benefits I think almost all people can get by taking online courses anytime anywhere on any device at a low cost and in less time.

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