Effective Strategies for Achieving Consistent Career Growth


Growth is the natural process in career, profession and business. But we prevent ourselves to grow. Growth requires the change from current position to upper level. But most of us become comfortable after 1st success or early success. And most of us don’t like to change. We fear from unknown.

We think what we did and what happens to us rather than what we can do or what are positives. We want to live smooth life, and we just want to look successful as long as we can. But we don’t want to grow continuously or lifetime success. We think it’s enough and we have to maintain it.
And when we start maintaining the success, we start losing it. The best way to maintain the success is to become more successful.

How things happen after 1st success:

For example,

  • When a Job seeker find a good salaried job, he/she become comfortable.
  • When a digital marketer able to generate more leads he/she become comfortable.
  • When a person starts earning more than his expectation become comfortable.
  • When you start a business after a job, you become comfortable.

We become comfortable many times in various situations in our life and profession.

Feeling of comfort after a achieving a certain goal is natural. And it’s also very important for physical and mental health. When you become successful in your career everyone starts appreciating you and that feel makes you happy. Where ever you go everyone will respect you.

In that comfort, everyone wants to listen to your stories, strategies and skills. And you feel happy to talk about that on social media, YouTube and blog.

Now your growth in career also inspires others to achieve their goals as well. Whether they are family members or friends, followers.

With that growth your income also grows. And you start investing in family, society and in your personal development. If you do business, you invest in new technologies and tools.

Your confidence level is higher where you think everything is possible. And you start living with that attitude. And now you think that within few years you will be more successful than ever.

But after few years, things change. No one now listening to your stories. You’re not feeling confident in your decisions. You’re angry, anxious and confused about future. You’re not able to find the fault. You was working but still that didn’t brings you results. And you started feeling failure and compromised.

Now this happen to most of the people after 1st success or in the journey of success.

But why it’s happening? Why you’re feeling failure? Why you’re now searching for growth tips? Why you want to grow your career now?

It’s because of many reasons, but the common reasons are following:

  • The people following you few years ago now they are leading. Many of them are successful.
  • Your friends earning few years ago less than you now earning more than you.
  • Now your friends, relatives and followers are telling stories of their success instead of listening to your stories.
  • Your ego is clashed with the skills and strategies of others.


Is it bad?


It it natural?



Your success was the learning and inspirations for many others. They respected you, they listened to your stories, why? It’s because they wanted to grow in their career and profession. They followed your tips and strategies.

In one word, those are looking more successful than you today, is because of learning from the successful people like you.

So, feel happy about it. Not bad.

The problem, was that you invested most of your time in telling your success stories even when there was no one interested to listen. You invested your time with people those were just apricating and showing respect just to take the profits from your skills and knowledge.

But you chased them. You followed and collaborated with them without getting paid in dollars or rupees. You were happy with their respect and appreciations. So you never asked for money for your services and time.

But I know that most of them even not message you these days.

But whenever they get problem, they sometimes call you for advice. But they don’t give you paid work. It’s because you’re now friend. And friends don’t take money from friends.

Have you done anything wrong?

It’s not the mistakes of your friends and those followed you. They did what looks best for them. You were so open to help people professionally without getting paid.

Is there any problem. No.

Might be it was your strategies to build network with people. So, you helped them freely.

So where things changed?

  • Rather than listening to new successful stories you invested more time in telling your success stories. Due to that your ego increased and you learned nothing new.
  • You stopped listening to people, boss, clients, followers and their demands. Instead, you have executed your ideas with over confidence and without data analysis, learning, research.
  • You thought now you know everything. But that didn’t work.
  • You stopped following the discipline that you followed in your 1st and 2nd success stage.
  • You invested more time in comfort, stability and enjoy rather than taking new challenges.
  • You didn’t work on the projects that were challenging. Instead, you selected the easier projects and jobs.
  • While the price for difficult and challenging work was good but you don’t want to take the pain of works for others.
  • You started online businesses and thought that it was easy to earn money for you now as I earned and experienced before.
  • You stopped respecting the thoughts and business ideas of others.
  • After your success, others such as client, boss, people expected from you to do more work and take bigger challenges but you ignored all of them.


Now all of those opportunities are gone. Those wanted to grow more in career and profession taken all of those opportunities. That’s why they are more successful.

It was your decision in past not to grow in your career. And it’s again up to you to grow in your career or not. But at least now you know that you need to grow. But things are changed now, technologies, demands and strategies are different than few years ago.

It might look more difficult for you to grow your career from this stage to next stage. But you have accept it. It can be difficult but not impossible.

You have to say sorry to yourself and you have to accept your mistakes. After that you will feel more relaxed and grounded.

Instead of so many difficulties and personal responsibilities still there are chances for you to grow in your career and profession.

You’re talented, hardworking, skilled and experienced. There is no doubt in that. But you did few things wrong unknowingly. But now you know what you did wrong.

Success is journey and it’s a continuous process.

So to grow your career you know what needs to be done and what needs to be compromised.

Following are the things that will help you to grow in your career again, become successful in your profession and work:

  • Start listening and observing what is changing and what needs to be change.
  • Listen and understand the demands of clients, boss and followers.
  • Take challenges. And this is most important part. Sooner or later, you will get new opportunity to grow your career, in that time no matter it’s related to your skills or experiences or not, but you have to take it.
  • Don’t compare the work or challenges. Don’t’ choose easy and low pricing path. Take challenge or path based on your capacity and goals.
  • You can defeat every challenge with learning new and improving your old skills.
  • Try to learn from the success stories and strategies.
  • Instead of talking about yourself, try to learn from others.
  • Be professional. Don’t be emotional with your professional decision.
  • If you have to start from zero, then start. Don’t think what others think. Instead believe in your plans and ideas.
  • Become unaware about what is comfort. And focus on growth.

Success is not one time effort. It’s a continuous process. And you have to repeat this process. So, keep taking challenges and new goals to grow in your career consistently. And that’s a path of leadership. You have to lead yourself. You have to give yourself. You have to be your best friend. You have to be your best mentor. It’s challenging, but success will be bigger as big is the challenge. So be ready and prepare your mind and activates to become leader in your career and profession.
Only the goal of leadership in you will change things positively for you. And it will help or start reflecting in your actions immediately.

And invest more time in learning, working and productivity instead of talking and sharing your past stories. It’s time to write new stories.

Best of luck!

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