Computer Typing Lessons for Beginners: Essential Typing Lessons


In this post discover the best basic and advanced computer typing Lessons for Beginners. These are the lessons that students, professionals, beginners and adults, and even kids can also try and practice.

Also, find out the computer typing tips and methods to create typing lessons on your own for practice.

The keyboard is the input device in the computer. How you give input using a keyboard will impact the results in output. Good typing skills are very important to get a quick and accurate output. For quick communication through chat and text messages online it’s very important to have typing skills. So that you can save time and increase productivity.

Computer typing is a technique to instruct computer CPU in which that practice correctly and effectively become skilled. Typing is a very basic computer skill and one of the most important requirements in all kinds of computer-related jobs and workplaces. Typing is important for everyone.

For students to type and edit/her assignments. For customer support members to type fast and answer customers’ queries. For programmers to write the code fast. And for writers, it’s most essential. And almost everyone who uses a computer. And it’s one of the most important skills that is required to increase the productivity in office and work. While job seekers also learn and practice typing lessons for government jobs.

Personally, I can type more than 50+ words per minute with accuracy for 4 to 5 hours non-stop. I learned typing in 2006 and since then till today I don’t know the day when I worked on a computer but haven’t typed the words.

Even for the last 8 years, I am typing or writing more than 1000 words per day and have published 600+ articles in which many contain more than (4000 words) on the computer, personal development, business, and career on this website such as:

Top 20 Articles on Technology – Gain Critical Tech Insights

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And if I was not good at typing I will not be able to type and work fast.

When I started learning I was taught to practice daily for 20 minutes for the next 6 months. I did that. But my speed was not above 30 till then. But unexpectedly, when I started my 1st job as a computer instructor then I have to practice and have to type fast. So that I can teach others to type fast.

I don’t remember exactly, but I taught more than 1000 students in the class to practice, and most of them were able to type 40+ just after 3 to 4 months of practice. Many joined our institute only for typing tests for government jobs. And many get selected because of their hard work and practice.

I have written many typing practice tips and also created videos on typing and those are highly appreciated by people internationally.

Below is the link to a couple of articles that will help you practice and improve your typing skills:

asdf lkj typing lessons & Top 3 Basic Typing Lessons

How to get better at Typing: Top computer keyboard typing techniques

But today and in this article, I am sharing with you the best typing lessons to practice and tips to improve speed and accuracy. Before that, I shared only the top 3 basic typing lessons, but today I am creating more lessons.

These lessons are based on the job’s specific roles, common words, and creative style. These typing lessons are best to practice. If you, do it you will be able to type fast within a few weeks. But for that, you also have to read my previous tips and articles on typing.

We will start with basic to advanced typing practice lessons.

Things to remember: There is no fixed pattern to using keys or pressing keyboard buttons for typing. While you can follow the best practices. Even if you don’t follow that you have to create your own pattern for typing and then practice that. Without practicing the pattern, you will not be able to type fast and without watching the keyboard.

As result, we want higher speed, accuracy, and comfort in typing. You can start and practice that anyway. But whatever method you choose, you have to practice and need to stay with that typing pattern.

NOTE: Once you are comfortable pressing the keys on the computer keyboard you have to stop looking at the keyboard. You will get comfortable within 1 minute but after that, you should practice each lesson minimum of 1 hour. And without watching keywords.

So, let’s start:

Typing Lessons for beginners:


Asdf ;lkj is 1st typing lesson. It’s positioned in the middle of the computer and laptop keyboard or in the qwerty keyboard. From this center position, you can move your fingers in any direction and on any buttons on the keyboard. So, this is 1st lesson. Now let’s move on to the 2nd basic typing lesson. You can also watch this YouTube video for the correct positioning of fingers on the keyboard.


qwertf poiuyj are next alphabets to practice on a computer keyboard. It’s just above the asdf ;lkj keys. While many starts practicing from these keys but the problem arises when they have to move the keys immediately from q to z. The gap between these buttons is longer. So, it takes more time for a finger to position. And due to that speed of typing gets reduced. It means you have to practice closer to the keys in beginning. And have to flow small patterns of words or keys.


zxcv ,mnb is 3rd typing lesson just below the asdf ;lkj keys. While you type, your fingers must stay on or above the asdf ;lkj. I mean when you have to type q your fingers have to move from a to q. Similarly, from d to c or o to l and l to , . You don’t have to put fingers on zxcv ,mnb instead, you have to move your fingers one by one to down and then get back to them again on asdf ;lkj after pressing buttons on both above and below rows.

I hope you got my points. But if not, you must watch these 3 videos. These are in Hindi, but if you’re a good learner you can understand them in any language.


This will help you to complete your computer keyboard home row practice. It will help you move your finger from f to g and j to h. And this will also help you to become more proficient in asdf ;lkj.

5. Left Shift Key + right side alpha buttons practice:

Press the shift key from the left-hand little finger or pinky finger and right-hand side alphabets keys. For example, to type capital H, you have to press and hold the shift key from the little finger and then press the h from the right-hand 1st finger or index finger or pointer finger. Once you see the capital H on the screen then leave the shift immediately from the left-hand little finger.

Now you have to practice typing the capital letters of the right hands one by one and invest 10 minutes in each. Until this process is not 100WPM or the highest speed.

Shift + H (remember + symbol is used here to include for addition to H). You don’t have to type +. You just have to type h with shift and then it will convert into capital H.

Now practice similarly on the following keys:

Shift + j = J

Shift + k = K

Shift + l = L

Shift + p = P

Shift + o = O

Shift + i = I

Shift + u = U

Shift + y = Y

Shift + b = B

Shift + m = M

Shift + n = N

Even you can also do like this for practice when you have to type more than 1 capital letter in one way such as JKL. shift + jkl and shift+io = IO.

This lesson will help you to practice the right side keys of a computer keyboard.

Later in your computer course or when you have to use shortcut keys on the computer, you have to use Shift + H or Ctrl + H combinations. For example to open google chrome browser history you can press Ctrl + H. Instead of using the mouse or finding option.  So, this practice also helps you to press shortcut keys faster when typing and editing documents.

6. Right Shift Key + left side alpha buttons practice:

Now similar to the left shift key. This time you have to practice left-side alpha keys with the right-side shift button. Such as to type capital press right Shift + A. For the right shift, key use the left hand’s little finger or pinky finger and the right-hand little finger to press a.

Now similar to this practice on following left-hand side alphabets with right-hand side shift keys:

Shift + a to type A

Shift + s to type capital S

Shift + t to type capital T

Shift + r to type capital R


Now repeat the same process for q, w, e, r, c, v, x, z, g, f, d etc.

Once you complete the above lesson and are able to press each key without watching the keyboard then practice this sentence:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground.

7. Symbol and number typing practice above alphabet practice lesson:

Right-hand side shift button (press with a little finger) and left-hand side keys:

Shift + ` for ~ and for ` use the left-hand little finger without any shift button.

Shift + 1 to type for!

Shift + 2 to type for  @

Shift + 3 to type for #

Shift + 4 to type for  $

Shift + 5 to type for  %

Shift + 6 to type ^ and you can also use left shift and right-hand pointer finger for ^.

For numbers from 1 to 5 just press without shift and use the pinky finger for 1, ring finger for 2, middle finger for 3, and point finger for 4, and 5 and you can also type and press 6 as per your comfort. But whatever you start with stay with that and practice that more.

Left-Hand Shift and right-hand side keys:

Shift + 7 (index finger) for &

Shift + 8 (index finger) for *

Shift + 9 (middle finger) for (

Shift + 0 (middle finger or ring finger) for )

Shift + – (ring finger) for _

Shift + = (ring finger) for +

Shift +  [ for {  (left hand shift and right hand side pinky finger)

Shift + ] for }

And without shift, you can press [  with the ring finger and ] with the pinky finger.

Left Shift + ; for :

Left Shift + / for ? and without shift for /

Left Shift + , (middle finger) for <  and without shift  for ,

Left shift + . for > and without shift for . or full stop


8. Special Keys typing practice:

For backspace, you can use the ring finger on a laptop or the middle finger.

In many laptops or computer keyboards, you will get the Delete key above backspace for that you can use the middle finger.

For caps, lock use left-hand pinky finger.

For TAB you can use any one pinky finger or ring finger.

For Ctrl (control button) you can use your pinky finger on both sides.

For ESC key use the left-hand ring finger.

To Enter the key use the right-hand side ring finger.

For the PrintScreen button in a laptop if it’s above the backspace key then you can use the right-hand side middle finger

For Fn (function key) if it’s on the left side of your keyboard then use a pinky finger or ring finger and for the window, button uses a ring finger. And for Alt use, the ring finger for both side buttons left side Alt for the left ring finger, and for the right side Alt key use the right-hand ring finger.

For space, I use the right-hand shift. But many also use left as well.


9. Function keys Practice:

You will get function keys mostly in multimedia, gaming, and laptop keyboards. You don’t need to press them often but you can practice them similar to numbers keys.

10. Numpad typing practice:

The Numpad or numeric keypad is positioned on the right side of a computer keyboard. Numpad typing practice is very important in data entry works, accounts, and billing work. If you practice you will be manage accounts and billing work faster at the job.

Position your index finger on 4, middle finger on 5, and ring finger on 6. And after that start practicing typing following ways:




after the above practice keys it vertically:

741 Or 147

258 Or  852

963 or 369

When this is done, now practice Numpad keys diagonally right bottom and left up and left down and right up





Now practice with Zero.

10, 30, 30 4000, 399999, 33.32, 3303.23 etc.

But always position of hands-on 456 to increase speed on the numeric pad.

The best solution for this is that find printed paper with such figures or you can write the figures on your own. Start with a small group of figures such as 20, 45, 1, 330, 3220, 493 etc., and after that practice bigger figures such as 3030303, 985582, and 523554.

Another best method is that type all the contact form that is available on your phone.

Now to practice this, you can use an excel sheet or you can also use a notepad on a computer. You can also use Microsoft word documents as well.

And you can create a similar typing pattern for practice on your own and start practicing with them. If you think or if your job or test is related to figures or data entry then it’s important that you also practice symbols along with that.

For example, $5000, $10, 404+33 etc.

Take a mathematics book for elementary class students and try to type and create lessons from mathematical figures from that book.

While giving typing tests for competitive exams type numeric figures and numbers carefully. It’s because in data entry and typing, accounts-related works figures, numbers, and contact details are very important and it’s essential to type them correctly.

And it’s also important that you have a related currency symbol on your keyboard especially related to your country. Else import it from the symbol option in Microsoft Word or from the internet while typing or giving typing test. And that will consume time. That’s why you need to practice not only on a single keyboard but more than 1 or 2 keyboards. So that you will be comfortable typing in any type of situation and on any type of keyboard.

So now, I think I have covered most of the basic typing lessons for practice.

But basic is not enough you also have to increase speed and accuracy. 20WPM or 30WPM even 40 WPM is not enough these days as per the competition especially when you’re looking to build a career in the Technology field. It’s really important. I never start teaching other things until the student is not able to start practicing typing skills.

It’s really important because inaccurate and slow typing skills impact a large group of people negatively. It’s very important and high-quality work. It’s required a great level of focus and dedication to stay active while typing from paper and documents.

You often see mistakes in your government Identity cards, passports, exam question paper, and in various printed papers. Somewhere is spelling mistakes, many have wrong geo mistakes and many others. It cost money and various other problems for citizens especially when it’s in government documents and exam question papers.

I know it happens and every human can make mistakes. But it’s very important to figure that out before it’s in public documents or in print. That’s why typing correctly at high speed is required very good typing skills. A car and passengers are only safe on the road when it’s at a controlled speed with accuracy. That’s similar to typing.

Now I have to be a little creative in following lessons for you so that you never get bored in typing practice and in lessons. And you will type them with interest. And if you’re a typing teacher or instructor then it will also help you to get good ideas for students and even for kids.

Typing lessons to improve single-word typing speed.

aasd ;lkjhj

Dsaf kjh

Ss dd ll kk ee mm cc dm  kl

Ek el sl fl fo al wk

These are random alphabets. You write the alphabet on your own on paper and then practice them. If not then you can also find such lessons in online typing tutors or typing tutor software. You will find such patterns and typing lessons in typing tutors as well.

But practicing on typing tutor is not that much effective as it’s writing or typing from printed paper. So the better you can do that print the lesson from the typing tutor software and then practice that manually on the excel sheet, word or notepad.

11. Typing lessons to type and practice on difficult words:

Your typing speed decreases mostly when you have to type difficult or long-tail keywords. So, to improve the speed try to make and print a list of difficult keywords and then start practicing on that.

Following are the examples:









The best thing you can do is find any 10 difficult words in the dictionary daily and then try to type them more than a hundred times. In this practice, not only your typing speed improves but your English words vocabulary will also get improved.

To go one step further you can start typing small paragraphs from an English newspaper. And then increase the size of the paragraph. To improve speed, accuracy, and long hour of typing work you have to build the stamina of your fingers and hands. Not only that you also have to start reading English Newspapers or English language literature so that your eyes get comfortable in reading English words quickly from paper and anywhere. The faster the brain gets input from the eyes, the faster it will command the hands to move fingers fast.

12. Typing lessons to type the most common words that you see and read:

If you’re an IT student or doing any type of computer science or computer beginners’ course then try to practice typing computer-related words. It’s because most of the time you have to type such words. It’s very important to get familiar with words and sentences as soon as possible. So that you know the sentences before even you read that. If you, do it then your speed will be double.

You can include computer science/engineering and digital marketing such as:

Computer Science

Computer Engineering

Computer Keyboard

Arithmetic logic unit

Computer Typing lessons

Beginners typing lessons.

digital marketing


Central Processing Unit

search engine website

Data Analytics


Operating systems

Search engine optimization


Data structure


That’s it!

I tried to share everything that I learned about typing lessons, practice, and skill development but if I forgot to mention something that might be possible then please let me know through comments or contact. I will definitely do my best to do that.

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