How to get more clients with a portfolio website


Having a portfolio website is almost essential for freelancers and agencies. With a portfolio website, you can showcase your past works, skills, and feedback. And this way you will get more clients and, leads without freelance websites.

But just having a portfolio website is not enough. You need to promote your website. Sharing portfolio links in Upwork cover letters or Fiverr on social media groups is not enough. You also need targeted traffic to your portfolio website. For this, you need a strategy and plan that help you to get high-paying clients.

And one of the strategies that I am sharing with you today is blogging. I expect you know to blog.

With this one blogging strategy, you can hit 3 targets:

1. Blog in itself will become your portfolio. (if you’re a copywriter or content writer).

2. You can use it to promote affiliate products and people will be more interested to buy from you, because you’re an expert and using these tools on your own freelance work.

3. People can see your portfolio, your logo design works, your writing style, and your capability. So that if they need your service they will contact to you directly.

These days it’s almost essential to have more than one source of getting more work or clients. You will not get projects regularly due to competition and market trends. If there is no project then living a freelance lifestyle will not be easy. You just have to work on your portfolio website + blog when you have free time. You can also say it’s personal branding.

When you keep publishing new posts frequently then your website and content will be noticed by search engines. You will start getting traffic. And then you can convert the visitors into leads.

You can use your free time to write a blog post related to your expertise. For example, if you’re expert freelance in logo design then you can write blog posts related to logo design. Similarly, a WordPress developer can write about WordPress-related tutorials.

Even if you do not want to write tutorials or guide posts, you can write the basic details of your past completed project. To do it more professionally, you can make a schedule to publish a blog post each week. You can target your audience. Such as logo design freelancers can target branding and marketing companies, eCommerce stores, local businesses, and YouTubers.

When you blog related to your expertise on your blog website. You will start getting traffic and specific visitors/clients on your website. You will become an authority, you will get more exposure on social media, and you will get clients directly. Sooner you will be able to build your personal brand.

And later you can monetize your portfolio + blog website through affiliate products, resellers programs, and advertising.  And this can become another source of getting clients or income.

When you know you have to do freelancing then why hesitate to promote your services and talent worldwide? Why not you can become a brand. If you do not have a portfolio website then must start creating one.

The easiest and low-cost 1st step is to create a self-hosted portfolio website. For this, the low-cost solution is WordPress which you can turn later into another income source. Instead of sharing and publishing your expertise freely on forums, social media and groups 1st publish that advice on your own website then share that on social media.

Your goal is to educate and share what you know best in your field. And you will be able to build and attract new opportunities. With new opportunities and scopes, you will be able to grow your freelance business.

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