How does migrating WordPress Hosting make difference in SEO


WordPress migration from a poor hosting server to a good hosting server is almost mandatory.  But what is the risk or rewards of changing your website hosting company? Does it impact SEO?

The fastest, most reliable, and feature-rich hosting company is most important for any type of WordPress or non-WordPress Website. Hosting is an important part to consider when starting a WordPress blog or when migrating the blog to another host.

It’s also important that your hosting server or data center of the hosting company is nearest to your target audience. For example, if your target is to get more visitors from the UK, then it’s important that the server or your blog is hosted on the UK server.

But other than that, when you change your hosting server, it will decrease the traffic for a week or two if implemented correctly. Even it’s also possible to migrate the blog to the new hosting company without a negative SEO impact. To do it effectively you can contact Hosting service support to migrate your WordPress website to their host. You can also choose WordPress hosting plan in which you will get a free WordPress migration service.

But if in any case, the migration is not correct or then it will impact the SEO negatively and you will see a decrease in the traffic.

It happens due to link redirection, and broken links. When you can change the hosting then the SSL and all the .htaccess rules, roboto.txt, and even sitemap.xml also need to check and update to the new hosting company.

It happens because many hosts provide free SSL. And it’s obvious that you will use that. And also, there is no means to use the SSL of the old hosting company if you no more use the hosting services.

So due to these types of technical decision-making conflicts, often blog owner sets up the new hosting incorrectly, even though many break SSL or redirection rules.

And due to this, it impacts SEO and decreases the traffic from search engines. So, it’s very important to implement the SSL (HTTP to HTTPS) correctly and set up redirection rules with proper research and test.

But even if everything is done correctly, still there are higher chances of losing some traffic due to hosting migration. It’s because if you hosted the blog now in the USA but before that, your blog is loading from the UK-based server or location, then it will take time for the search engine to understand the new location, new server IP, and redirection rules.

And overall, it impacts the traffic for a few weeks.

That’s why it’s important to consider buying hosting with long-term benefits.

But the worst situation is when you change more than 3 hosting companies within a year. And there is a big risk to lose 20% to 30% of traffic permanently from the blog that is getting 7000 to 8000 visitors per day.

So, change hosting if do not like the performance and support but not each year. And many do it only because many hosting companies charge a higher price for the renewal. But less than 50% price for new hosting customers.

So, it’s like changing the physical store to a new location. And you know it will take time to redirect the old and new customers to the new locations of the shop. But if you change the location of the shop each year then it now only disturbing for the customer but also for the partners, employees, and government agencies or mailing services. And happen similar to the website or blog when you change the hosting company.

The positive impact of changing website hosting will be to get more traffic to your website or blog. If your new hosting plan or hosting company is faster and better than the last then it will grow your website traffic. It’s because your website is now loading faster, you’re getting customers from your target location or country and revenue is now double.

So, it’s risky for high-traffic websites to change hosting quarterly or even yearly. It impacts SEO negatively and positively. But if you’re switching to a good host then traffic can go a little down but sooner it will get increase.

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