How to find time to grow your blog traffic and profit while doing the job?


There are two ways to increase the traffic of any blog and make it profitable especially if you’re running a blog along with your day job and other work. Or you have 1000 visitors traffic and not making a profit. And want to stop doing blogging. It’s because you don’t have time and you think it’s very difficult to work to do part-time.

But whatever the situation, following tips and methods are really helpful to define the growth and profitability of your blog.

So let’s get started:

1. Learn, Research and write down, what are the main things that will increase the traffic and profit:

  • Define it, what is that will make your blog successful:

To grow your blog traffic and profit while running it part-time. It’s important that you’re clear about your goals and motivations. So that you never feel confused about its future and do not become uncertain about what to write next. I just mean you have the knowledge about the blogging and its methods, the way it works.

You may define that to increase traffic I need to post 3 articles/guides/tips per week.

  1. I have to improve the quality/SEO of 1 old article each week on Sunday.
  2. I will spend 1 hour daily on learning and skills development.
  3. I will read books of leaders, entrepreneurs and many others to improve my vocabulary and mind.
  4. I will try to motivate myself and I will feel positive to help others. Not matter it’s profitable or not.


So whatever that makes your blog successful. You need to write that. So that after office or in the morning you don’t need to think, instead you have to do that is important to do. and it can be 1 new blog post or improve in the old article.

Now the 2nd thing is that how to make it profitable. Now you can define again the methods to yourself: For example:

  • I will keep waiting for the next 6 months, and after 2000 visitors per day, I will apply for display advertising on Google Adsense or etc.
  • It can be also that, I will not use any advertisement, I just write 1 blog post that so much help and I think will attract targeted customers and I will monetize it with affiliate products. And I will write these types of 3 posts each month.
  • I will write and publish, but I will hire other people to work on it. While I am in the office.


  • Set your goals and priorities:

Once you know what needs to be done to grow the traffic and make it profitable then set your goals and priorities. It a be like this:

  1. 3 Articles per week for next 1 year.
  2. Improvement in the quality of 1 old blog post.
  3. I will get time daily and I know that one day I will make it big and profitable. But for that, I need to write good quality articles each week or consistently so that I can connect with the right people for the right reasons.
  4. I will use my office holidays for business partnerships with other blog writers and digital marketing companies.


Once you command and educate yourself as per the things that need to be done. In that way, your brain will automatically command and gives you the ideas to grow it. And you just have to execute and need to wait for few months.

2. Manage your time, mind and motivations and set the timing to work on the blog it:

First believes that you can make it profitable while doing a job. If you think it’s possible, then don’t read those tips who say you need to work on the blog full time. It’s the best strategy to work on the blog as part-time. But to be successful in blogging while doing it part time then you need to follow a few methods:

  • You have to discipline yourself to get up early and start writing or working on your blog.
  • You have to keep yourself motivated, aligned by reading leaders and Entreprises books.
  • You have to manage and use your time wisely.

So to get time to all of these. I will suggest that get up early in the morning. And you can work from 4 AM to 7 AM and after 7 AM then start preparing for the office.

In the evening you can work from 9 PM to 11 PM. or whenever you have time.

But 5 hours at least daily is enough while doing the job. And I think it’s possible if you’re a hard-working professional.

But make sure you do office work at the office. If you’re not satisfied in your job, then you have to manage your time seriously for blogging and another source of income that interest you and help you to earn more income that you deserve.

So by setting up goals and clear priorities and time and learning growth mindset, you will be able to grow your blog and make it profitable while working for clients or doing a job.

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