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Freelancing websites introducing new plans and methods, it’s completely changed the ways they were 3-4 years ago. It means they have developed new and more professional methods to work online. It’s good for a pro freelancer, expert, and bigger freelance agency. But at the same time, it’s tough for new freelancers.

It means it’s a battle between an expert and a fresher and the result of work is making sure they make more profit. It’s a good business strategy. But what will happen when a new freelancing platform rises? And also when freelancer understands and starts relying on their own websites and marketing and start getting clients from their own website. Read here: Build your portfolio Website and get unlimited Clients

But anyway, many freelancers are happy to pay up work for readymade clients. It’s due to pro freelancing features that are good for freelancers and clients.

But what about new freelancers and freshers?

If you’re one of the freelancers who are unable to submit a profile, unable to compete with other experts, unable to get work, and unable to pay money for connections then this post is very helpful for you.

But make sure that you have the skills that are helpful for clients and companies and you’re willing to work hard. It’s tough but it’s not impossible to get more clients and work online without Upwork. It’s possible.

Following is the strategy that you can follow when the freelancing marketplace is not accepting your profile when you’re unable to get clients even after paying for connections or if you’re a fresher.

Think Big:

We can’t blame Upwork and any other freelancing websites for why they are becoming so big. Why now they are not accepting your profile? Why they are charging the fees etc.

Do you know what they did for years till today?

They thought big. And still, they are thinking, even more, bigger. Big thinking, bigger profits and that’s what happens in most companies.

So as a learner, what do we learn?

We learned that it’s important to think big.

It means you have to think big about your skills and it’s used for clients and on the web.

By thinking big you can create bigger plans.

And when you think big then you don’t think only about Upwork and you think about business and innovation.

For example, if you think to earn $50000 per month through Upwork then you know that is rare. Then what you will do to earn that much money?

Definitely, you will think more. You will think more creatively, and you will create new plans.

  • Now the plan can be to send proposals on 10 freelancing websites instead of just one.
  • The bigger plans can be to create your own portfolio website and then target specific clients.
  • It can be to create a new app, new solutions, and a new startup.

What I mean here is that you don’t need to think small about yourself and your skills if work is not accepting your profile, or you’re not able to get the work from Upwork. You don’t need to think, that you’re only eligible for a $10 job or $100 per month. Or you’re less talented and skilled than others.

You just need to think that I need to try more. I need to think more. Definitely, there are things that need to learn. And think Upwork is not the only solution.

Start thinking and working when everything looks closed for you. Don’t think too much in difficult situations in freelancing, try everything that looks important quickly. That’s the right time and that’s the luckier time. The decision you will make when you’re fighting with financial, and personal problems will make a difference.

Now you can make a commitment to getting work without up work. And in this article, I am showing you just that.

Learn moreBackup Plan for Upwork Freelancers

Create your own website and advertise your services on social media and PPC ads.

You can say it will take time. And it’s true it will take time but it depends on you and your skills. If someone said that it takes 1 year to get the first client from their own website, then it’s true and it took for them, not for you. Might you have more creative plans?

But what I think is that your own website is the first, best, and long-term solution for freelancers. If someone wants to become a freelancer and wants to start freelancing, then my latest updated thought is that “Start freelancing on your website” rather than on freelancing marketplaces. And be in the mindset of a freelancer and leader and not just a 9 to 5 employee. Or even don’t think freelancing is an online job.

But let’s get back to the point. And I am writing the process for you to get clients from your own website.

  • Book the domain with your name such as abcd freelancer. (.in, .us) also helpful.
  • Find and select a basic hosting plan.
  • Build a profile website, like your freelancing website profile page and you can use WordPress premium or free themes to do just that. You can also use a website builder or bootstrap methods.
  • Write high-quality content and create landing(sales or proposal) pages like you’re writing proposals on a freelancing website.
  • Optimize the website for search engine traffic. (When clients search content writers for Ayurvedic products description then your website will be there in the top 10 results.
  • Write 10-20 articles related to the field or related to the keywords.
  • Create social media pages such as a Facebook page for your freelancing profile. I mean you can use the Facebook page to get clients. You will start getting 2-3 people within 10-20 days on the website or landing pages.
  • You can also try paid online marketing and advertising. It doesn’t cost much as it looks. It can be similar to paying for bidding on a freelancing website. You can create a PPC campaign for your services and then stop it when you get clients. And you only need to pay when the client visits your website. And it’s just that.

Bonus tip: If you write and send 50 proposals for clients but you don’t get hired then you wasted the relevant content of 50 proposals. Instead, if you write just that by imagining clients’ demands and questions then I am 200% sure that at least you will get 3-4 clients daily to your website.

And in the long run, owning a website and expenses on marketing will cost less than using freelancing websites. You’re the owner of the website, once it gets ranked, you will don’t need to pay for advertisement each time to get clients.

Some of the answers to the asked question:

Is freelancing means registered business?

No freelancing means you’re doing more than business. It means you’re in more control of your time and life. It means you’re hired as per the demand. And it means you work for people, companies when you want to work. It means you can choose the time and money for any specific project. You can work from anywhere and anytime, clients just need results.

Is freelancing mean an online job?

No, freelancing is not a job. It’s a position where you say to your clients what is important to do. In freelancing, you’re the leader of the project. You have the powers to choose your team, tools, and destinations as per the project. Clients just fund you to do what they want to do.

But in the job, you’re in the control of your boss, you have to work as per the thinking of your boss. If you’re working under a small thinker, then it’s tough for you to grow faster and bigger in your career. But instead, if you think bigger and more then you can drive the change as you want quickly and accurately.

Only an IT professional can do freelancing.

No. Freelancing can be for everyone. Anyone can work as a freelancer. A doctor can provide his/her services as a freelancer. A driver can provide his/her skills as a freelancer.

Freelancing is not something that is developed recently. It’s more developed now, but it was since 100 years ago

Then, tell me what exactly is freelancing?

According to my recently developed thought, “Freelancing is a lifestyle. In which someone balances and achieves personal, professional, social, economic, environmental and national goals.” It means I don’t like to do a job, but I want to work. I don’t want to register or run a business, but I want to have a team to work for me anytime for clients, companies, and government projects.

What will be the future of freelancing?

No one knows. But one thing is sure, experts, highly professional people in the future don’t do the jobs. They will provide services instead of working 9 to 6 just for the salary. And in the future companies also be unable to hire regular people, due to higher costs and changes in technologies. In the future companies will change their employees each month as per the project. It happens these days in IPL.

So who wins in that situation?

The one who is able to work as per the demand. And those who constantly update their skills and knowledge online and offline.

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