How to get more done in a day while working on computer


#Productivity Trick: How to get more done in a day | More work in Less Time:

Productivity, progress is very important in this competitive world. It’s also a great habit to follow. Higher productivity means progress and progress bring results in your career and business. So that’s why getting more things done each day is very important. Especially in the workplace and work time.
So in this post, you will learn how following a simple productivity hack or trick double your productivity and work progress.

Everyone wants to do work and wants to achieve more but not able to do it. Most of the part of the day are a waste of things that we don’t think. They become our routine. For example, checking sales, income, website traffic reports, emails, and notifications after turning on the computer wastes lots of time.
Many information and notification distract us from our plans and goals. So in this way, we waste lots of time.
To get more things done without distraction, the trick is simple. Just plan the work before you turn on the computer. Do your most important work of the day. And once the work is done, then turn off the computer or check the reports.
And after that take a break. Once that done, now again think about what you want to do next. And this time, again plan the work and get it done.
I have practiced this trick myself and I found that it really works. So that’s why I shared it with you.
Hope it will be helpful for you too.

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