How to learn computer skills without worrying about paying fees


If you want to learn computer to build a career if you want to use a computer to earn money if you want to use a computer to get a job if you want to learn computer fast on your own and without paying fees or without worrying about money then this post is for you.

Many students or people want to build a career in the computer field. They want to learn computer in the hope of getting work or jobs. The fees to learn basic computer skills are not look that much higher. But even it’s tough for many parents or students to pay $50 or $10 (500 to 1000) rupees each month.

But anyway, learning doesn’t need money. It required your willpower and learning capacity.

If you have this, then no obstacle can prevent you from learning and building a successful career in the IT field.

There are so many online computer courses, online computer science degree programs. But having a degree in computer science doesn’t mean you will build a successful career.

Building a career success is different skills and mindsets. These days on the internet you can learn anything. Most people have internet access, but still, the world is facing unemployment problems. Why?

It’s not because those people are not learning. It’s because people are not learning systematically. Online education or any course is only good if it’s taught through systematic processes.

So, what you can do? How you can learn basic computer skills on your own?

Let’s start:

To understand this concept in Hindi: 

How to learn basic computer skills on your own without paying fees?

1. Try to get a computer with basic configuration (Even second-hand computer is also ok):

You need to have a computer. You will get 2nd hand computer in 3000 or 5000 ($50 to $100) (that is enough to learn the basics of computers.  But make sure that it will run Internet and Microsoft application. If it has 1 GB Ram, P4 or Dual Core, or AMD, 80GB minimum memory is enough.

I know it’s little investment upfront. But once you learned the basic computer skills and got a job. Then you can sell it or donate it and buy a new computer or laptop.


2. Good Internet connection (4G mobile data pack is also enough)

The 2nd investment you have to make is an internet connection. Even if you have a mobile internet data pack then it’s enough. You can connect it computer through a portable hotspot.

You have to learn everything on your own from YouTube videos, blogs and all the free source that is available on the web. So, YouTube and Computer related blogs such as this will help you to learn computer skills fast on your own without paying fees.

3. Follow the basic computer syllabus:

The most important thing to learn basic computer skills on your own is the computer syllabus. Even you know you can watch YouTube Video tutorials to learn computer, but those videos are not a syllabus. Watching random videos weekly or even daily will not help you to learn computer skills. You should know about the basic computer syllabus before you even search for anything about the computer on the web. Else you will waste time on the web. And you will get frustrated as, why you’re not learning computer skills.

Critically speaking, YouTube is a media, and media never be a training center. What a trainer can teach you, will not be taught by random YouTubers or videos. While many are teachers and good trainers. But if they are not following the syllabus in their videos then it will not work.  YouTube and YouTubers are great sources for learning. But it’s important that you know what you’re going to learn.

So how to create a syllabus?

You can visit various computer course websites; you can see various basic computer course brochures and online course syllabus. And after that create the syllabus.

You have to include in your syllabus what is important to learn. In this, you can also take the help of computer teachers/trainers and consultants.

And here I have written and created a complete basic computer course syllabus that you can follow: Best Basic Computer Course Syllabus: Improve your computer skills

I also have shared few online courses here, to learn essential basic computer skills quickly and systematically: Online Basic Computer Courses – Learn essential Computer Skills

And here you can learn about the computer that will help in your career development: Top 11 Most important Computer Skills to learn for career development

After reading and understanding all of the above 3 posts, you can create a syllabus and select the best points to learn. Everything is explained in detail.

For example, you can start with learning basic computer typing lessons.

I hope it will help you.

4. Practice and create samples:

Learn for 30 minutes and then practice it for the next 1 to 2 hours. Learning more doesn’t’ mean you will learn more. You have to focus on quality. So, when things start getting confused, then stop and start practicing. Give yourself and your mind time to digest those lessons.

Start creating samples. For example, if you learned about Microsoft word paragraphs, font options then start practicing and creating documents and samples so that you can practice those tools.

 5. Learn and understand the basic uses of the computer/internet career field and uses:

Also, understand the different careers in the computer field. Research and learn about various uses of computers in various industries and fields. It’s because you have to select the industry. There are thousands of industries and hundreds of professions or occupations in computer and non-computer fields.

But computer and computer-related business applications and productivity software are used everywhere.

So, computer + Industry is the formula to select the career development field and profession.

For example, Computer skills + digital marketing industry.

Basic computer skills + software development.

Computer skills + Accounts/Finance.

Computer skills + Computer operator / Office assistant


The point is simple. Once you have the basic computer skills it’s important to select the industry. So that whatever you learn next will help you to become an expert in that field and profession.

 6. Try to research and get information about the computer-related jobs in your area:

If you don’t want to change the city and looking for local computer jobs then you have to do research on the types of jobs and vacancies.

For example, someone requires an assistant for billing work in the shop/showroom and company. In another vacancy, there is a requirement for salesmen with computer skills, etc.

To create data about the vacancies and research about the skills required to do that job is your ongoing side work while learning. At least you should know, the things you’re learning where you will use that. And how will you know you will be ready for the jobs. This data will help you.  Do it on your own.

 7. Once you have the information then start learning the basic skills required for those jobs:

While doing research, you can find the application or software that they use to do this work. Now you can install it and practice on it. For example, if they are using excel for billing then practice it. If they are using photoshop for a logo design then practice it. If they are using Facebook to promote their business, then learn about Facebook marketing. If they are using search engine marketing, then learn about it.

Whatever software and method they are using in that job or work, you have to practice and become skilled or average in that work. So at least you have some knowledge about the job.

But as far as I know, many business owners or companies will teach you that job skill at a basic level, but for that, it’s very important that you have good learning skills and the capacity to think.

 8. Once you learned that, create your resume and go for the jobs:

Now create your resume based on the vacancy. Never use the same resume in all types of jobs or vacancies. Create a resume based on the jobs.

I have written the following posts on this subject, please read them:

Top 10 tips to write an effective and professional resume

What to include in a Resume: Resume Writing Tips

 9. Set a minimum 2 hours each day for learning and updating your computer skills while doing the job:

When you got a job. Then become the master in that work and job. Be fully honest, dedicated to that company and work. Think like it’s your company and business. If you do it, the low salary will not make you worried. And when you dedicate yourself to the work, you will learn many skills and knowledge from your boss and seniors.

You’re doing these not for them, but for yourself.

But while doing the job, set a minimum of 2 hours to upgrade your skills. This job is for survival. You don’t have to work here for life. But to do this at least 6 months to 1 year.

For example, if you started with a 10000-monthly salary, then your next target is to get a job in which you will 20,000 within the next 12 months.

You have to always think about growth. And growth and next achievement.

For example, after working as a computer operator for 12000 rupees monthly salary, your next goal can be to become a software developer or programmer within the next 6 months on your own.

 10. Essential things you should do while working on the above steps:

Learning is a habit. But to build this habit you have to compromise entertainment, random videos, overuse of social media, personal network, and gossips.

You also have to learn books. You have to improve your English. You have to improve your physical fitness. And you have to build many other good habits.

So that you will always look confident, passionate, and successful.

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