How to harness the power of WordPress optimized hosting


WordPress optimized hosting or Managed WordPress hosting is another type of WordPress hosting. The simplest meaning of WordPress optimized hosting is that the server is configured (software and hardware) to run and manage WordPress websites.

Examples to understand WordPress optimized hosting:

Servers are computers. And computers contain high-speed processors such as i7 or i9 and 16 GB or 32 GB Ram and graphics cards for high performance and speed.

Mostly these types of highly configured, powerful computers or configurations are required for highly advanced or bigger works such as video editing, animation works, gaming pc, etc. It’s because these types of work required specific software, good and top-quality speed, processing power, and data storage.

These are not just normal PC (Personal computers) that we use for basic work such as document writing & editing, mathematical calculation, presentations, Internet surfing, and listening to songs or watching videos.

These are the computer only designed and configured for specific works, professions, and businesses.

For example, the configuration of the laptop for professional programming or software development work is different than the laptop for 12th class students.

The configuration, processing, and storage capacity of computers used in video editing or photo studios are different than the pc that we use on reception.

And that’s the same method used to configure servers. That’s why you can see types of shared hosting servers, dedicated servers, database server hosting, and optimized WordPress hosting. Actually, the hosting types define the server’s software, control panel, dashboard, hardware configuration, and protocol handling capabilities.

Benefits of hosting your website on WordPress-optimized servers:

The main benefits of WordPress hosting mainly depend on the WordPress hosting service provider that you choose for your website.  But the common benefits are such as:

  • Servers are compatible to install and run  Php 8.1.7 or upcoming,  and news updates, My SQL 8.0, and WordPress CMS with high speed and accuracy.
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) storage for data on the servers helps to speed up the reading/writing, getting and posting data on the website, session storage, local storage or upload, caching, and indexing.
  • Administrative tasks, backups, upgrades, and migration will be handled by the WordPress expert support staff manually and automatically. We can also call it managed WordPress hosting.

So which type of hosting is good for you WordPress optimized hosting or Scalable WordPress Hosting or Shared Hosting?

To make the right decision for choosing WordPress hosting and remove the confusion you can think logically about the types of WordPress Hosting such as:

  • Shared WordPress Hosting: Shared hosting for WordPress is good for small web or WordPress development agencies or a company that needs to run or manage WordPress websites and along with other types of websites such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript websites with PHP for the backend. And in which most of the websites only have 100 to 1000 visitors per month.
  • WordPress Optimized Scalable WordPress Hosting: WordPress scalable optimized hosting is also good for those companies and freelancers who provide only WordPress Website Development services along with hosting for large publishers and companies. In which traffic to websites are higher or expected high, increases occasionally based on the promotion and events. To run and manage such websites for clients, you can use scalable, optimized WordPress hosting.
  • WordPress Optimized hosting: If you are planning to create and run multiple personal and business WordPress websites, but you do not have basic and advanced hosting knowledge and experience then such as cPanel management, database migration, website migration, backup and restoration, patience, and upgrades, website security and spam protection then you can choose WordPress Optimized Hosting.

So, in conclusion, WordPress Optimized hosting is good for both those who have basic hosting knowledge or even do not know much about the basics of Hosting and WordPress website creation and maintenance. And in where both are willing to host multiple WordPress websites and have high traffic goals.

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