Basics of Hosting: What is Self-Hosted WordPress Website?


Hosting is the most important part of website development. To run any type of webpage or website anywhere in the world on any device it needs to be hosted on an internet-connected live server.

When a website is hosted then it means its data, information, and content such as images, text, videos), menu, contact form, and various other pages are available for people to see and use. But you can also make any part, page, or content of a website private as well.

To make any website or web page live or accessible through the browser and internet you have to create it. Website building and website hosting are two different things.

Website Building: There are 3 main ways to build any type of website as

  1. You can code (use programming languages) HTML/CSS/JavaScript, PHP, or Python to create a fully-functional dynamic website. Learn More: What is a computer programming language
  2. You can also use Website builder web application software if you do not want to code your website manually. But you will get limited options. Learn More: What is a website builder? – Essential things you need to know about website builders
  3. You can build a website using WordPress. No need for coding but you will get a dashboard from where you can update, post, manage, and configure everything on your website. Learn More: Uses of WordPress in Websites and How does it work

When you decide to use a website builder to build your website then your website automatically gets hosted.  We can also say that a website builder SaaS-based application also provides domain and hosting services along with a website builder tool. It means a website builder is an all-in-one solution to create a business, portfolio, blog, and eCommerce website.

Website Builder Application = Domain + Hosting + Website builder all in one with one company. Everything that you need to make and run your website.

Website builder applications run by companies. Mostly you have to use pay monthly or yearly subscription fees to use their web assets and tools.

Now let’s understand what is self-hosted WordPress website?

As you know that WordPress is an open-source web-based application software or content management software mainly used to create blogs and small business websites. Anyone can use it freely to create a website.

But to create a website in WordPress, 1st you need a domain name and hosting. You can buy a domain and host from two separate companies. But then you have to configure the or need to add the nameserver.  And once both are done, then you can install WordPress on that hosting server.

Space on the server is like a C:/ Drive in your computer. Where you install all the application software. Similar, a Server is like an online computer, where you can install any type of script, WordPress, or any other type of software to create any type of application, website, or tools.

When WordPress is installed, then you are ready to create and publish your 1st web page or website. Please read more here:

So self-hosted WordPress website means you are not subscribing to a website builder monthly plan and decided to buy your own private hosting and want to build a website using WordPress software.

WordPress Hosting = Domain (need to pay) + Hosting (need to pay) + WordPress (Free to create website).

There are many versions of this plan such as Many Hosting companies charge only for the hosting but provide domain and own integrated page builder or website builder.

Squarespace vs WordPress Comparison: Which is Best for Business

Best hosting companies to host any type of WordPress website

Important things to understand :

  • A website builder is a term used to describe an application software that is used to create websites.
  • Mainly most of the companies providing website building services through website builders also provide domain and hosting services.
  • When building a website with website builders you will not get access to backend or cPanel or you can’t install third-party applications.
  • A website builder is a pre-hosted web application. It is programmed and created in a way that thousands of people can create, host, and run their websites using this application.
  • You can’t install WordPress or No need to install WordPress on the website builder application and hosting.
  • To install WordPress to create a website, you need your own private hosting.
  • In real life example, a Self-Hosted website means you have taken a room or building for rent to run your own office. You’re free to create, design, and build the office the way you want. You only have to pay yearly for hosting means room rent. And with a website builder, it means you have rented a place that is ready to shift your office.
  • Website builder applications or WordPress both are created with the use of programming languages.
  • Com and are two different things. is a place where you can download or use WordPress as an open-source application to create a website. While WordPress.Com is a website builder application similar to other website builders in the market.
  • Website builders are privately pre-hosted applications. You don’t have to buy your own hosting separately to run a website. You just have to signup or need to buy their package to start building a website or running your business online.
  • Self-hosted is your own rented place. You’re free to use any application or method to create a website. Such as you can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript or you can use WordPress or any other CMS.
  • In a building, there are many separate rooms. But the stairs or IN or OUT path is one. It means you rented a private room. While the other person has rented any other private room as well in that same building. There are might be 10 tenants in the building and all have their private room.

This is similar to self-hosted shared hosting. It means you’re sharing the stair or IN or OUT path, not the room. There are various types of self-hosted WordPress Hosting such as shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, Dedicated WordPress Hosting, Scaleable WordPress Hosting, and Reseller WordPress Hosting.

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Website building is a process similar to building a home. While many people choose to buy a ready-made home such as a flat. Buying a flat for a home is like using a website builder website. While many buy their own land 1st and then build the home the way they want. It’s like a self-hosted WordPress website.

I hope you find this post informative.


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