Want to make a good website? 7 things that matter to users most


Making growth-driven website design is an art. Internet users expect to visit a good website or source. Other than bots websites are visited by people. So, the website needs to be designed and programmed for people.

Along with the curiosity of users, it needs to load quickly, look good, and be engaging. This way a website will help them to listen, communicate, and find data, information, knowledge, product, and services quickly. We call this user experience.

A good website is combined efforts of website designers, developers, and marketers and tools such as web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python), website builders, responsive themes, fonts, web services, third-party APIs, and Sockets.

The experience and satisfaction of your website visitors, audience, their experience, and their goals are more important to consider when building a website. Read this post for more info: Top 5 objectives to consider when building a website

To make a good website 1st you have to learn and understand what your website visitors care about and what does not matter to them.

So, let’s start finding what does not matter to humans or website visitors.

Website visitors do not know or care about the below things:

  • Your website visitors do not care whether you’re using HTML, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript for the front end, PHP 8.1.7 or Python for the backend or only Python and Django.
  • Even if use CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla or you use Website Builders such as Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or Zyro.
  • They do not know or are not interested in knowing if it’s built by you after watching 100’s free website building tutorials or if you hired a freelance web developer or designer.
  • Your website visitors do not care if you purchased the domain and hosting with Bluehost or if you have hosted it on a scalable cloud server.
  • Your website visitors do not know or have interested in knowing that you paid $500 for this website or you just got this in $100.
  • Most of the website visitors/audience do not care if it’s a search engine or blog or web application or eCommerce website.
  • These are things that you care about. And they are not interested in knowing that you have planned content marketing, search engine advertising, and social media to get more traffic to your website.
  • They do not care that the logo on the website was created through a free logo maker or you just invested $200 only in branding.

The above things are important for you, it’s important for designers, developers, marketers and search engine bots. And it’s obvious that visitors do not care about technical things and it’s not something that they want or looking for on your website.

People will start becoming interested in your website, technology, and strategies when you become a popular, useful, and trustworthy brand and got to source for their needs and desires. Only then your competitors will start using SEO tools to find out your backlinks, popular keywords, errors on your website, and marketing strategies.

Only then you will also start getting fake comments or spam messages. Between this, you will get good partnership deals, sponsored post requests, and many more revenue-generating and growth opportunities.

But only when your website becomes popular or started attracting 1000+ visitors each day.

How will this happen? How you can do it?

It’s possible and you can do it by making a good website.

The definition of a good website is very broad. But I think the simplest strategy to make a good website design is that understand and analyze the behaviors of internet users or website visitors.

Focus on what they care about and are most interested in. In that way, you will be able to make a good and successful website.

So, what do they care about when they click or will click on your website link? Whether they click on search engine results or social media posts. But what happens after even when they see or read the link will be more important to understand to make a good and high-quality, professional website.

Let’s understand now what website visitors or internet users are more interested in, and what they care about. What do they feel? And how do they interact with your website?

How to make a website good, and interesting for the  users: 

Your website visitors or target audience and internet users care about these things or matter to them:

1. Buy a domain name that sounds good, not fake or spammy:

The technical process of building a good website starts after you buy a good domain name. Internet users care about themself. They do not click on the website link or domain name if it looks spammy or suspicious. So, before you start making a good website, 1st spend some time researching a good domain name.

Your website domain name needs to be easy to read, memorable and catchy, and related to the goals of your target audience. Sometimes unique domain name attracts and looks good.

2. A good website loads within 3 to 5 seconds:

When users click on search results, they want to see that information, product, and source as quickly as possible on their mobile phone or desktop. They care about the time and effort that they have invested in the click. Website speed is important for them and they care about it. If it’s YouTube or Facebook then they can reload it hundreds of times, but if it’s any other less interesting website then they will even not think to reload it.

So, it’s important that your website, pages, and posts load as quickly as possible in users’ browsers. If your website loads within 3 to 5 seconds then it means it’s a good website.

Google sends more traffic to the websites that load within 3 seconds on mobile and desktop. It means to increase website traffic you have to work to improve your website loading speed. To test the speed of your website, you can use GTmatrix, and Google Page speed insights.

You have to pass core web vitals assessment such as largest content paint (LCP) in 1s, First Input Delay within 50ms, Cumulative Layout Shifts 0.01, etc. matrix within 1 second. Some pages of your website can be slow and some can be fast. You have to test each page and post separately for speed optimization.

When someone presses the doorbell at the house, they expect to get the door open as fast. If it’s late then you know how people react.  And this is not different when someone clicks on the website link and if it’s not loading the content faster then they move to another website or another link on search results.

So, if your website is not loading fast enough even within 5 or 7 seconds then it means there is a technical fault. And when the fault is resolved and it’s loading quickly then it’s a become good website for your website visitors.

3. Optimized Hosting Server:

Hosting plays an important role in the success of a website. To make your website loading speed good, error-free, and less manageable then buy an optimized website hosting package.

An optimized website hosting package means that the hardware in the server, server software (Linux, Windows), and applications are installed, scalable, and managed as per the technology used for the website.

If you want to create a website using WordPress then the best-optimized hosting for you will be WordPress Managed Hosting. For large websites, scalable WordPress Hosting is much better.

How do the optimized server and right hosting company help in making the website good?

The 1st and most important is server uptime. When visitors see a 503 Service unavailable error on your website this is not a good user experience.

This happens if the server is under maintenance, or overloaded due to fakes and spam traffic, low processing power, and memory in the server (mostly with shared hosting servers). The error might go away when you refresh, real-time visitors decrease and maintenance gets updated.

The goal of most website owners is to get more traffic. They want to increase the average time spent by the users on the website. And if it’s a blog or eCommerce or tools website then it’s most important as per the marketing and business goals.

There are various types of server errors that website owners face in day-to-day business operations such as 400, 403, 504, 503 etc.

It’s important that websites stay live 24×7 in all time zones and countries worldwide. Google and Bing bots also track each user’s interaction on your website from the link in search results. If the server is down or shows the error then this will impact the SEO as well as user experience negatively.

So, to make a website good then you have to buy the best hosting for your website.

4. Responsive layout and content:

Good websites are optimized effectively for various devices. They shift the layout, content such as home page slider, images, embedded videos, and text size shift or response as per the screen size of the device.

So that users do not have to scroll horizontally or do not need to zoom in for reading the text or seeing the image. This improves the user experience. Users do not expect a perfectly designed website. But they want a website where they can interact easily, click on menus easily, and not accidentally.

Learn more: What is a responsive website and why it’s important

5. Easy to find data and information:

Internet users visit your website with certain goals and intentions in mind. Whether they are inspired by the title, advertised promise or just visiting organically.

They expect to get it. When they visited the landing page they can see the menu, search bar, step-by-step guide, product pages, about us page etc. They get plenty of options to get what they want. They get it. If users get or find what they want when they land on your website within 1 to 10 seconds then the user’s experience will be good.

Else, if they do not get in the 1st interaction or are not engaged due to text, title, and images then they will scroll down to the depth of the page.

6. Secure and protects its visitors:

A good website keeps the visitors protected while they are using chat, making purchases through credit cards, net banking, and sending messages.

When website visitors see the message that their connection to the website or host is not secure, or if the “not secure” is visible at the beginning of the website URL in the browser then they get scared or uncomfortable.

People care about their security on the web. So, if you add SSL (secure socket layer) to your domain this will make your website looks trustworthy and authentic. There are various types of SSL certificates but even you can use the free or self-signed certificates as well with Cloudflare.

Even google is recommended to have SSL integrated into all types of websites. So they will show 1st those sources to their search engine users that are secure and trustworthy. It’s because there are thousands of fakes, viruses, and spammy websites that they do not want to crawl or index or show to the users.

While it’s suggested that it’s more important for eCommerce, chat applications, login pages, and portals but it’s equally important for blogs and other static business or dynamic websites. So that input and output or connections between browser and server or the protocols or communication between technologies stay encrypted and secure.

7. Regularly updated blog posts and data:

A good website is which gets traffic and conversion. Websites that get most of the traffic are regularly updated since they started. Actually, that also depends on the business goals and marketing strategy. If content marketing and free organic traffic is the strategy that you use to get leads and conversion then it’s very important new posts are regularly published on the blog page.

If it’s eCommerce websites, then it’s also important to add or display new products to visitors as per trends. If it’s a blog website then it’s almost mandatory to have new content regularly posted for readers. A regularly updated website is not only liked and helpful for visitors/readers/email subscribers but also attracts more search engine traffic.

Read more: How blogging will increase sales on your eCommerce website

So, as you read in the beginning that building a good website or having a good website is possible when your technologies and strategies are focused on customers/readers and business goals. To compare the good and bad design, just compare which one is most helpful and created for the people or visitors. Who brings the right value, and saves time, and money?

And do not need to forget that no matter how attractive or expensive or perfect design you use, if it’s not user-friendly, liked by visitors, and not crawled by search engine bots then that’s not good for the business.

In one sentence to make a good website focus on what is good for business, and what is good for customers or readers instead of what you like or looks good to you or is trendy.

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