How to increase the value of your time


The Internet is most important part of our work life. Most of our dreams and goals achievements also depend on the ways we use the internet in business and career. But half of the internet users worldwide are facing one of the biggest problems and that is lower productivity at work and lower value of time.

So I am here with you today with this article, that will help you to deal with daily time-wasting habits on the internet. You will find most effective productivity tips. It’s a new way of using your time on the internet. I am sure that Following these set of self-tested productivity increments and time management tips, you will become more productive, punctual, satisfied and happy without using any internet timers and social media websites blockers.

So let’s start:

1. Prioritise your daily work: The greatest method to increase business income and workplace productivity are to prioritising most important works. The most important work can be anything on any given day. It can be to meet with partners in business development. it can be about marketing and sells. It can be a quality improvement of existing product line etc. Whatever it is, it should be related to your personal, professional and career goals.

Once you prioritize your work and start working on the list. It can help you to stop wasting time on the unnecessary things on the Internet. it’s because you have a clear list of tasks & what needs to be achieved at the end of the day. So prioritize your daily work so that it will stop you from visiting time-wasting websites.

2. Get a Great start to your day: The first 2-3 hours of your workplace is most important time. Gain the momentum for the whole day in the beginning. And you can do it by following methods:

  1. Focus on the list that you have created after thinking about day prioritization.
  2. Do not think about these things:
  •    (i) I am not good or perfect.
  •    (ii) People don’t like me.
  •   (ii) I am poor.
  •   (iii) I am not getting positive results
  •    (v) I am weak in writing, communication, programming, designing etc.
  •   (vi) I don’t know what I am doing.
  •   (vii) I am not sure about my future.
  •  etc.

Instead of thinking straight, you can think inward. Such as if No one is perfect – if people, government, societies are perfect then why human is facing pollution problem.

You can think, no problem if people don’t like me, but I like what I am. God is my creator and I am unique. No problem if people do not support or believe on me, But I will never stop my efforts when I already know what I am doing is good and great.

  1. Don’t argue and debate with anyone in the morning.
  2. Don’t try to explain everything to your team. Instead, tell them what they and we need to be done to become successful.

Momentum is the most important thing in productivity. And it helps to increase the value of your time.

3. Do not respond to social media websites notifications:- Social media websites are now the important part of our life. There are various uses of social media in our daily life. It’s obvious that many people care more about others stuff and opinion than their work. Once you start using it for a minute, social websites can turn into a minute into 1 hour. It’s because we can’t stop scrolling and on each scroll, show us different things that we unconditionally satisfied.

If you do it, then this practice eat your most the time on the Internet. And it reduces not your productivity but also change your mind and mood. You get information that you don’t need but you need to eat whatever is served to you. And later it can turn into diseases.

Now, if you’re looking to stop time wastages, you need to rethink your uses of social media. Such as changing the time of social media websites uses, it means instead of spending 1 hour in the morning try to spend it in the evening. In evening you can use it more confidently, it’s because you have done your today’s work with great quality. And now you’re not stressed about works. And it also takes your less time that morning.

So to make this practice more successful, you need to stop responding to mobile apps notification, do not respond to new friend suggestions by websites, do not respond to promotional and social updates, turn off chat during work hours and only respond to the most important social message that makes sense on that time.

4. Focus on current work: Your current work is the work that helps you to become successful in career and business. No matter whatever your future plans. If you haven’t completed the tasks that are in your hand and thinking about the future tasks then you’re wasting your time.

It’s better to focus on what is important right now, instead what is important tomorrow. You can think about tomorrow later.

5. Do not think other things while you’re working:- The quality of your current work will matter at the end of the day. Your thinking, ideas, tasks, breaks, group discussion, team meetings and online learning only matter to the work that you’re doing. If you’re doing work A and you’re thinking about work B or thinking about what to make in dinner than it can break your attention and momentum. And that is not good for the quality of work.

There are higher chances that you can feel negative about the current work when thinking about future works, tasks, and responsibilities. And when you’re worried, you will start searching on the Internet for positive quotes, positivity stuff and you know that It take lots of time, energy. So if you want to stop time wastages then it’s do not to think about other things.

6. Rethink about the work you’re doing, after every 30 or 60 minutes:- You don’t need to use social media timer or timekeepers, nor you need to use time wastages website blockers, it’s because then it will become your habits that without timer and blockers, you can’t be productive.

You will become dependent on your productivity on the apps and elements. It will be not good to lock your mind, instead educate your mind that what can be the effective use of this time. And I think you can do this practice after every 30 minutes or by taking a small break only to remind yourself, what you want to achieve and what you’re doing about it.


7. Do possible works:- Do not force your brain to be creative. Creativity comes naturally it’s not like pizza order. If you keep forcing your brain and keep rejecting the creativity when it comes up then it will not only make you frustrated but also spoil your day.

For example, if you’re searching for an image on the internet but not able to get it, not able to get the perfect image to use on your website or social media shares then stop there and change your attention from this work to other work.

Another example, if you’re fixing any bug in your website, or searching for a solution but unable to get it right even after trying 3-4 times, then leave it for few hours and come back later.


After the break, When you see the problem, you will start research again for solutions with different words. And this time you will get it. The benefit of this practice is that use your brain the way it liked to work.

It mean do the possible works first, and if impossible work is looking possible in any time of the day then do it. But don’t start with the work, that is looking impossible for you instead start your day with most easiest tasks, so that once you get the momentum you can do any impossible looking tasks very easily. It mean your warm up your brain and day by doing possible things in the beginning.


8. Watch the videos only related to your today’s goal: – Videos, blogs and social media content takes our lots of time on the Internet. Not all the time all these things give a higher return on your time. Sometime you invest 1+ hour reading and learning but at the end, you see you haven’t got anything that is executable.

So it’s important that you work with the flow of your mind, so that you can only watch and read something when it matter, else it will be like every new update will intend to distract you from your goals.

The above practices worked very well for me. And I hope you will get great results, after following these top quality productivity habits.

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