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Earning a living using Adobe Photoshop is a very challenging goal as an individual. Earning money using Adobe Photoshop depends on planning and strategies. The planning and strategies help in learning, expansion, networking, profit, savings, and brand building.

It’s because technologies and business models change over time they don’t remain the same. Today, you only think about earning 20 to 50,000 monthly. but a few years later you will need to earn 100000 monthly.

Today you have 5 hours of work after a job or without a job. But after 5 years it can be challenging even to have 3 hours or might be you need to work more hours in a regular job. So plan for a big target and start moving towards that with small steps.

Looking to earn one day or every day:

The 1st point of this article is about, Don’t just think to earn money for a month, but thinking about earning in the coming years. So that after 5 years you don’t need to search on Google again “How to earn more money? So to do it successfully you need to be different and creative.

To be different and creative you can use an entrepreneurial mindset that will make you more confident, expert, and profitable not only in recent times but also future. There are many people and companies earning money using adobe photoshop skills and brands. So I think if they can do it, why not you?

In this article: I will share the way you can use Adobe Photoshop to earn money online and offline.

I hope you already know about freelancing, online jobs, blogs, selling designed stuff, etc. But in this article, you will find ways to use these methods to earn money. The strategies explained in this article are more focused on processes and systematic methods to earn money using Adobe Photoshop.

Prepare to Earn Money Online:-

Get expert skills and unique photo editing and graphics techniques. Practice on top quality already existed photoshop designed stuff. Also, practice on most difficult photoshop effects and functions. It will make you unique, talented, confident, and competitive online and offline. So that everyone talks about you and your skills. and that will help you to charge more money for your top-quality designing and editing works.

You can think to become an expert at home by watching youtube videos. But to become competitive and to earn money for a living you need more than youtube videos.

There are two disadvantages of learning adobe photoshop on youtube, 1st: Video shows you how they do it. But many don’t show you, how you can do it (based on your skill level, understanding, situation, and more importantly when you got problems), and 2nd reason, it takes lots of time to understand how to function and features works. I can guess that it will take you 6 months to become average on Adobe Photoshop after watching youtube.

What are the solutions?

Analyze the level of your skill

So the solution is you need to join the Adobe Photoshop Online Course. To choose the best online course you need to research a little about demanding skills. What are the most demanding and highest-paid graphics designing skills? Once you spend money on learning graphics design or adobe photoshop expertise, it will make you responsible to get a return with profit. and for that, you need to pay for the adobe photoshop course. And it’s your investment.

Once you spend money on learning graphics design or adobe photoshop expertise, it will make you responsible and serious to get a return with profit. There are two advantages of the online adobe photoshop course to earn money you will get complete details about the course before you join. 2nd you get knowledge about professional adobe photoshop skills.

The second best method is to join any offline course. Find out the top quality people and institutions in your city known as an expert in adobe photoshop. At the same time at home, you should use your time watching adobe photoshop tutorials and practicing on all of those.

Now you got the lessons on how to use and design and edit imagination in Adobe Photoshop.  But it’s not finished yet, it’s a start. So to become expert practice, practice, practice, and practice. Practice will increase your speed to complete the designing and editing tasks. It will increase accuracy and identify creativity.

Now start inspiring  the world with your creative skills

What you can sell? Following are the top demanding jobs and works online that will help you to earn money online. Make sure you practice all the following things daily min. 1 hour:

  • Photo Restoration
  • Product Retouch
  • Raster to Vector
  • Watermark Removal
  • Photo Masking
  • Clipping Path
  • Photographic Image Editing
  • Portrait Retouch
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Logo Design
  • Jewelry retouch
  • Fashion Magazine Design
  • Hair Masking
  • T-Shirt Design
  • UI (User interface design for websites, software, and apps)
  • Box Design and 3D views
  • Flyer Design
  • Website Header Design
  • Web Banner (Such as for blog posts)
  • Brochure design
  • Website Mockup
  • Image Background Removal
  • Product Design
  • Creative images
  • Images for social media marketing
  • YouTube Video Banner Images

To sell you need to do marketing. You can do it online and offline.

Start targeting clients on Freelancing Websites

They are ready to pay you if you will be able to communicate and convince them of your skills. The top method to earn money online from home is freelancing.

You need to market your skills on freelancing platforms such as Upwork, guru, freelancer 99designs etc. websites help in connecting clients and freelancers. And in return, they get a commission.

Learn more: What is freelancing and how does it work

Google to your Portfolio Website

The second best method is to create your own portfolio website. While there are many other popular platforms that provide portfolio options. But everyone charges money for premium features. so it’s tough for those who don’t have enough money. But your own website helps you to earn more money in various methods such as selling designs directly to potential customers on your website.

So I will recommend marketing your skills using your own website. Create a personal brand. It can be your name. You don’t need to think about the company. You don’t need to think about the competition.

You don’t need to be worried about anything. But think to create competition in the market. On your website add a portfolio page, blog page, and services page. And start targeting top keywords related to graphics design services using google keyword planner.

Here you can learn more about marketing your skills:

Ways to promote yourself as a freelancer especially profile

How to get more clients with a portfolio website

Do not ignore social media

Create social media marketing strategies. Share creative and outstanding designed images that awaken the people. Make them your fan. Be fearless in your creative skills. But yes, don’t create stuff that disrespects people and society.

But show the mirror to society in your designs. So that your designs not only help you earn money but also contribute to social development goals. The best in class is pinterest.com to inspire the world to follow you. Once you build a reputation online then start selling and marketing your services to your followers. The whole world is doing this. Fans are just customers, they need it and they believe you can do it. Build that trust.

So use every method to market your skills. But before you start always remember about your target market. Use the power of social networking websites, use the power of videos, blogs and search engine traffic.

Create special packages for the offline market

Now not only market your skills online but also do it offline. Use your personal network. Contact directly to potential clients and create special design packages for them.

Everyone needs a designer. But instead of doing the job for a fixed price, provide the services and charge for your time. You can market to the printing press, publishers, web design agencies, etc. offline and create services that help them to reduce the cost and increase the value of their products.

Time your marketing and promotional activities

If you think you can’t market your skills then forget to earn money online or offline. No one in this world is able to grow his//her income without marketing and selling. And it depends on you, how you connect with potential clients, and how you attract them.

The above methods are best for direct selling. But you can also use the online marketplace to sell your designs. Here you can learn more:

I am sure that if you will plan to win by following the best marketing practices then you will win the clients and projects.

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Now you’re prepared to win.

Follow the demand and supply

Now create the images based on clients’ demands. Do your best at work. But you can’t win the battle yet until you’re not delivering the work you promised to the client in your marketing. Your skills and quality work are your marketing. If you work to the best of your efforts then you don’t need to spend much time on marketing.

Your work automatically markets you. People and companies are waiting to pay for top-quality designer stuff. Always try to get feedback from clients on the paper, website, or in your portfolio profile. Always market your strengths. And each positive feedback from the client helps you get more clients. And more clients and customers mean more money.

Things to remember:-

1) Never doubt your beliefs. Be honest with yourself. You think you are not skilled then accept it and start improving. And even don’t judge yourself before you start.

2) In this process of earning money online using adobe photoshop skills, you will get many negative obstacles. But expect the challenges and overcome those by learning from the experts online and offline.

3)Be careful about the suggestions you get on the internet. And always use your consciousness to make a decision. Everyone’s situation and knowledge are different. So avoid comparing and copying the same method.

4)  In the beginning, you will less money for your best work. But after a few months of consistent efforts, you will start earning more money for your average work. Time will change. But never stop practicing your skills and inspiring people through your designs.

5)Always consider the long-term and short-term goals. Do you want to earn money one time or all the time? You can use the shortcut method to earn money once, but to earn money consistently you need to choose your tactics wisely.

6) There is always competition to win. And it’s great to participate. End results are not in your hand. The work can be stressful, it can annoy you. But take a rest and start again.

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