How to join our live online computer classes using Zoom App


Zoom is a popular video conferencing and online meeting platform, video call that allows computer users to connect with others over the internet for personal and professional work such as teachers, freelancers, team members, and friends or family.

It’s commonly used for online classes, meetings, webinars, and more. So in this post, I’ll guide you through the basic steps of using Zoom to join a meeting especially when you’re taking or start taking our online computer class. So that you can see me, my screen, and I can see you or your screen as well). Once that’s done, then our teaching and learning process starts.

At the end of the post, you can also watch the video tutorial in Hindi to learn all of this process. These steps are very similar even if you want to join the class using the Zoom app on your Mobile phone. But the good practice is that you can find or install the Zoom app from the Play Store.

1. Receiving the Zoom Link

  • I will send you a Zoom meeting link via email or WhatsApp or any other messaging platform. The link is in blue color.
  • Click on the link at the scheduled time such as 9 PM or 10:30 AM of the class as per the Time zone.

Joining the Class

For those interested in joining or learning: Schedule time (for example if you’re interested in learning basics or advanced computer skills for career and business growth, we will do a chat or meetings and then we decide the course syllabus, objectives, and time).

2. Installing Zoom

  • If you haven’t already, Zoom will prompt you to download and install the Zoom application when you click on the link. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it. You can also watch this process by playing the video, you can find the video tutorial at the bottom of this post.
  • You can also join a Zoom meeting via a web browser, but using the Zoom app usually provides a better experience and is more comfortable.

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3. Joining the Class

  • Once installed, open the Zoom application.
  • Click “Join a Meeting” or “Join” (the wording may vary slightly depending on your version of Zoom).
  • Enter the Meeting ID or click on the link that was provided by me.

See the picture below for example:

Joining the Class

It’s possible that when you’re not around a laptop or out for travel but want to attend the class using a mobile phone then you can also follow this process.

But if you sign up and create a Zoom account you don’t have to follow the link daily. You just have to enter your meeting ID and passcode.

4. Audio and Video Settings

  • When you join the meeting, Zoom may ask for permission to access your microphone and camera. Allow these permissions so that you can see and hear me.
  • You can turn your microphone and camera on/off using the icons in the Zoom meeting window.

5. Viewing – Starting

  • Once you’ve joined the meeting, you’ll typically see my video feed on your main screen or opened window. This is where you can see and hear me.

6. Sharing Your Screen

  • To share your screen with me, click the “Share Screen” button at the bottom of the Zoom window.
  • You’ll be presented with various screen-sharing options. Choose the one you need (e.g., to share your entire screen or a specific application).
  • Click “Share.”

7. To interact with me or ask questions

If I am telling or teaching you something on my screen or explaining something verbally, but if something that you missed, you just have to message me using the chat feature, I will immediately understand that and respond to your query.

  • You can interact with me using the chat feature, which allows you to type messages.
  • You can also use the “Raise Hand” feature to get my attention if you have a question or need assistance.

8. Video Settings

If you want to hide your background while in the class then you can blur the option. With Zoom you can set up a virtual background to replace your real background. This can help if you have privacy or add a professional touch.

Once you’re in the class you can open this option,  by clicking the “^” arrow next to the “Start/Stop Video” button in the Zoom meeting controls. This will open a menu. In the menu, you should see an option called “Choose Virtual Background.” Click on it.

Please see the image below for a quick understanding.

Video Settings

9. Ending the Class (Meeting)

  • When the class is over, click the “Leave Meeting” button to exit.

Remember that Zoom’s interface may look slightly different depending on the version you’re using and whether you’re on a computer or a mobile device. As a beginner, it might take you some time to become familiar with Zoom and start taking our online computer classes. But once you become familiar it will not take you more than one minute.

Even if you take other classes or you want to join online parent meetings, school meetings or interviews then the process of joining is almost the same. 3 things are most important: Joining link, Passcode or user ID. That’s it.
Watch the Video Tutorial on this topic.

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