How to install any Software in Computer: Basics of Installation


Software installation is one of the 1st and most important operations in a new computer. The 2nd or 3rd … thousands of times software or applications are installed based on the goals of a computer.

There are various reasons behind software installation on a computer.

For example: If you want to make computer hardware functional, especially in a new computer then you have to install an operating system such as Windows 11, macOS, or Linux.

Similarly, mobile becomes functional when you install an operating system such as Android, iOS, etc. While in both new mobile and computer, operating systems come with pre-installation. That’s why people buy it and because it’s functional and ready to use.

But having a computer functional is not mean it’s useful for common users. It becomes useful or applicable or instructional for personal and business operations when you install application software.

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So, there are some common computer applications that are important to install on personal and business computers as per the use and goal.

For example:

  • If you want to do official work such as document writing, editing, presentation works, mathematical calculation, and many others then you can install Microsoft Office.
  • If you want to do graphic design work or photo Editing work then you have to install Affinity Designer or Adobe Photoshop or Adobe illustrator.
  • If you want to use the computer for billing/entry or accounts management then you can install Tally.
  • If you want to develop software then you have to set up a software development environment or need to install the required software or tools on a computer to start software development work. Such as creating Mobile Application software and creating dart programming and flutter framework then you have to install Dart, Flutter, and Android Studio or visual studio code.

So, whatever is your goal, software installation is important to use the software.

While these days, you can also use software online or through web browsers, without the installation of software on your computer. But in that case, you need a very high-speed internet connection. This will increase internet costs and also impact the speed of your work.

So, it’s always best to install the software on a computer, especially for beginners.

What is important to install any type of software on a computer?

  • You need to have original software, not a pirated version.
  • Storage space in the hard disk drive where you want to install it. Mostly space in C: Drive
  • License or activation key of the software (if needed)

The installation process depends on the type of software setup that you have and its packaging. For example, if you get a software package in a zipped folder then 1st you unzip it to find the setup file.

These days you can buy software online and download it directly from the web browser or you can use the installer as well.

But commonly there are two ways:

  • Install software through the installer it’s a little faster and more automatic method to execute the setup files.
  • Installation directly from the setup file.


What is an installer and how does it work?

The installer is a one-click method to install the software. Not all software has installers or not all companies provide software installers.

When you buy software or purchase software you will get an option to install software through a software installer. A software installer is also a small piece of software or execution file (.exe) that is installed fast and starts downloading or installing the software (.exe file of software) on a computer.

It’s best for those who do have not much installation knowledge and time and especially for beginners.

What is the setup file and how does it work?

The setup file is one of the main application or execution files or setup (.exe) that is used to install the software or application on the computer. In many software, you will see a SETUP file to install the software. It’s found in large software inside the main software folder.

Once you double-click on the application setup file (.exe) then wizard options come in front of your screen. And then you follow the instructions, in which mostly you have to just click on next (also based on yes/no etc. options.

Once the wizard is done and you will see the finished installation Or installation is finished successfully.

How to uninstall 

Uninstallation means when you want to remove the software from the computer. To uninstall any software on a windows computer you can type in the windows taskbar search option “Add or Remove programs”.
In this option just select the application or software or program that you want to uninstall and click on uninstall. After that follow the instruction (yes or next). In the end, you will uninstallation is finished successfully or the software is removed successfully.

Basics of Computer Software Installation & Uninstallation | Example Software – Video Convertor | Video in Hindi

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