How to Learn Marketing Skills from marketing Experts/Teachers?


Marketing is the most important skill for the youth of any nation for employment and economic development especially digital marketing skills. In this series of “how to learn marketing skills” today, I am sharing with you my tips and suggestion on how to learn marketing skills from popular experts and teachers.

When it’s about learning marketing skills, it’s not about what you learn digital marketing or you learn traditional marketing. It can be SEO, it can be offline banner advertising tips, it can be newspaper ads and product pricing etc.

I am also a student. I am learning marketing skills and that’s why I am sharing my personal point of views and experiences “how to learn marketing skills”.

Today, it’s about “How to learn marketing skills from marketing (digital/traditional)marketer/experts and teachers.

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  • Learn by doing online marketing course/degree:  

There are various marketing courses on the internet. You can choose anyone according to your goal. Such as if you want to learn about price setting, you can find specific expert and course in that field. If you want to learn about social media marketing then you can find that course. Whatever online/offline marketing strategies you want to learn, you can do it by joining an online course. It is the fastest method to learn marketing skills.

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  • Learn by watching marketing videos on Youtube:

If you finished the online marketing course or do not want to learn marketing skills by doing online course these days then go to YouTube. There are various marketing and business expert uploading tips/guide and helping people worldwide to learn marketing skills. Select and watch everyone. After that subscribe to those mostly teaches about your industry. Such as Search Engine Marketing. If you want to learn SEO, you can subscribe to a specific channel. If you want to work in real estate marketing then find and join real estate marketing experts.  

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  • Watch interviews and documentaries:

There are various business and marketing leaders interviews’ on Youtube to watch for marketing students and small business owners. Most the industry leaders, talk about their marketing strategies, product launch, target market etc. They tell many things in the interviews such as about how they have grown their business. If you’re a student then you must watch, listen and analyze the concepts they are talking about.

You can also find marketing movies, documentaries and short stories, marketing lessons in the Interviews. There is a possibility that you don’t get the same as the need to learn. But you can learn and implement marketing strategies of other businesses in your business and career. Spend 30 to 60 minutes each day to learn from marketing experts of each field. This is a way to acquire marketing skills.


  • Buy Marketing Books

Learning from the books is one of the oldest and greatest methods. It’s still very much important in modern times. Learning from the books written by marketing leaders/writers is a very creative way. Learning from books have various advantages such as focused when learning. Learning from books means you’re talking/listening to the writer. when you learn marketing strategies and follow the tips from books it will give you time to think and analyze, that is not that possible while you learn online.

So I suggest you that buy 1-2 best selling marketing books. And keep reading at least 1 marketing book in one month if you’re a student/entrepreneurs.

  • Learn by following marketing leaders:

There are almost all marketers/leaders have social media account. You need to follow the updates/post/image/ they publish on social media. It’s because, first they are leaders in the marketing industry and promoting various companies, 2nd they are connected with current marketing strategies and methods. So if you follow them, you will learn similar things they are learning.

  • Learn by reading marketing blogs:

A blog is a very beautiful invention in Information Technology. It is a way to communicate with you on personal and professional things. It’s a way to learn and teach. The way we’re right now. Similarly, you have to find out the best educational blog on the internet especially those related to your marketing career and business. It can be digital marketing, social media, and SEO specific niche blog.

You also need to analyze how effective they are in their own trade. Not everything that looks on the internet can be correct as per your thinking and analyzations. No one is perfect. But you have to learn the practical things that are essential to learning to build marketing skills.

  • Follow the popular companies on social media

Following popular and growing companies on social media is another way to learn marketing skills. You will learn how they are promoting their social media pages, what kind of questions they are replying, how they respond to their readers/followers. How they are getting the advantages of social media pages. when you keep an eye on their posts and analyze, you will learn many social media marketing techniques that will be helpful for your career and business.


I know there are many more ways to learn marketing skills. But the above is the best and followed by many. I am not telling that do the same as written. But think the way to learn marketing skills from experts and keep learning. Not matter that one day you will become an expert. But don’t forget to be a marketing student always to remain master and leader in the industry.

No one become master and marketing leader after reading one blog post, after one course and project. It’s a consistent process. Everything always in the change such as technologies, platforms, customers and products. Similar to knowledge. The things you did 10 years ago are different today.

So keep yourself with the change happening around the world in business and career and it’s a way to build marketing skills.

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