How to start your career in freelancing after MCA degree


Freelancing after an MCA degree is the right decision. One thing you should know is that freelancing is a virtual journey in which you’re going to enjoy lots of hard work. In this journey, you can do all the things that you dreamed for yourself. In terms of freelancing it is self-employment.

Any individual who works for himself/herself without committing to a monthly salary from an employer is called Freelancer. Freelancer earns money based on contract terms for a project. The contract is an agreement between the client and freelancer. It can be by using verbal commitments, written or electronically.

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It is a bridge between client and freelancer. Provide high-quality work and full support, a suggestion for clients whatever they want and you will get what you want. But do it honestly, professionally, seriously without cheating with clients. The same rule is essential for clients. If you want to believe more on freelancing please read this blog: 5 Surprising Facts about Freelance Jobs Today

For example:

If clients want to build a 5 pages website, logo, business cards, letterhead, envelopes in a $300 budget within 3 weeks. Clients can hire a freelancer at a fixed price or hourly. Then he/she post a project or job on freelancing platforms e.g. Upwork. Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.

Interested freelancers submit proposals for the project. After receiving job proposals client discusses the project details with the selected freelancer. If the client is impressed by freelancer in terms of quality, commitments, suggestions, timing, price, and experiences then he/she will hire you for this work.  The quality of work and professionalism between client and freelancer is the key to successful results. Hope that I explain it correctly.

If you have the skills or you want to start your career in freelancing after a mca degree and you want to do this virtually working from home, or from anywhere by using a laptop/internet then Upwork is the best online job marketplace for clients and freelancers. Upwork is the leader in this marketplace and has all the quality features that are required for the virtual workforce.

How to start your career in freelancing after a mca degree?

I know that in India it is very tough to get jobs especially if you recently completed your degree. You know that our Indian education system is based on theoretical practices other than problem-solving. I don’t want to explore the problems that you know already but we can do one thing that is essential and that is depending on us. You and I can’t change this world right now. To change the system or to change the world we need three things: Power – Knowledge, and Money. The development of people in the development of the country. Governments are doing what they can able to do but we have to do what we are capable to do. Solutions to your problems are very near to you if you want to see them. Adopt a practical approach rather than following the theoretical failed employment system. This is techno time and you should know about it by consistent learning and experiments.

So, what do you need to do to start your career in freelancing after your MCA degree? Follow the steps.

1. Sign up and create your Upwork profile: – Write what you can do best. Don’t write contact numbers or Skype IDs in your profile. Share the skills in 1 or 2 paragraphs. Write about your expertise and knowledge. Set the price and take a test related to your expertise. Add some sample work to the portfolio; you can also add social media page links, the details of your completed work in the portfolio. Keep making changes in the profile until you’re fully satisfied. Integrate your bank account for direct money transfer.


2. Start applying for jobs or projects on Upwork: – After you completed the Upwork profile 100% then start applying for the jobs. Select the job based on your skills not based on higher prices. Apply for the jobs in which you’re confident your skills matched.

If you’re a PHP developer then apply only for PHP-related jobs, not for a logo designer. Or if you’re a graphic designer or logo designer then don’t apply for a PHP developer or marketing job. Do the best that you can do for the client. Because after completion of jobs or projects, clients’ feedback is so much important. You can learn about these things in the Upwork blog and search on Google about “how to apply for jobs on Upwork.

If you trying hard for jobs offline for the last 1 year after completing your MCA then I believe that you can stop that. And start applying for jobs online on freelancing sites, create your own website and think like an entrepreneur.

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In Case of failures: –

It’s great that you got your first project in your first or 2nd or 3rd I think I got my first project on Upwork after 30-40 declines in 2014. I created my account in 2011 at that time I don’t have a laptop, unlimited high-speed internet or communication skills. This is my excuse after failures but you know that I am not serious to work online at that time. But I was. What did I do? I was running my own computer education center in Shimla. I really work hard at that time and I invested my time to learn some advanced IT skills, Web Designing, Internet Marketing etc. and communication skills especially English speaking and writing.

I invested my earned money on high-quality computers and internet and other resources. I was too much afraid of doing this I know that a couple of my friends doing that. But not me! I was teaching that time offline for students and I was satisfied but not that much.

The great and challenging thing about the IT field is that you keep learning, the more you learn the more you earn. And I know now what I have to do from now on this freelancing journey. I think you should do that.

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I hope that the above guidelines or suggestions will work for you. I just shared my experiences with you.

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  2. I need ur guidance i have passed mca in the year 2013 from distance education nd nw i wanna strt my career in this field. I am confused where to start from. Pls guide

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