Why client decline job proposal on Upwork?

Why client decline job/project proposal on Upwork or freelancing websites:

I know that when I started, my first successful job proposal comes after more than 40 declines. This is the problem faced earlier by hundreds of freelancers. Client needs 1 or 2 freelancers to hire and he declines others. That’s OK. And in this case, many new freelancers give up and feel dominated. They try very hard. But they fail to get a single job on Upwork. Many are trying from last six months but still, clients are declining there job proposals. I think an average job proposal failures rate is 10 to 15.

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Before hired on Upwork, new and average freelancer’s face 5-10 declines every time when they start applying for a new project. Many successful freelancers on Upwork got hired on first or in the second proposal. And many are invited by clients privately on Upwork to apply for their job. If you want to be hired on first or second or third proposal then you don’t need to be luckiest just follow Upwork guidelines.

So, today I am writing about the things that are most essentials to follow after the client declined you.

Reasons why upwork clients decline our job proposal

There are many reasons and causes why clients not hiring one of us for the job and decline job proposal.

  • When a profile is not well written and not highlighting your strengths and skills.
  • When do not have a professional looking profile image?
  • Our profile title and description are not to the point.
  • Profile overview or description is too much or too less.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes in job proposal and in the profile description.
  • A profile is not 100% complete.
  • Not a single skill test passed.
  • Copied profile or profile is written by others
  • Not a single item and or details about sample works
  • Client feedback is negative on past projects.
  • High hourly rate without a single past experience.
  • Cover letter or job proposal not written correctly (spelling and grammatical mistakes)
  • Too late to apply for the job.
  • Skills and eligibility are not matched to the job.
  • Not answering the question of clients.
  • Not replying to messages of the client.
  • Not available for the chat.
  • Lack of communication or quick reply during the interview.
  • Test job not below average.
  • Not explaining the process of the job in the job proposal.
  • Not a single external link that the client knows more about you.
  • Negative responses from social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter etc.
  • Client hired someone else and closed the job.
  • Client closed the job without hiring any freelancer
  • Too many applicants for jobs.
  • We applied for the job that we are not confident.
  • If we are writing a job proposal very fast, without reading the requirements of clients.
  • If we overpromised in job proposal e.g. 20 logo sample
  • If we are not doing this seriously
  • You are thinking freelancing is a Timepass.
  • When job stats less than 90%


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If you’re doing better than above reasons but not getting jobs then don’t worry keep applying or if you have thought you’re doing something wrong or confuse about anything then ask me in the comments or ask on Upwork community.

Note: It is not written by upwork authority. This post is from me (Vijay) and behalf of my personal experiences and knowledge.

Thanks and all the Best!

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