How to work from home online by using the internet and computer


You can work from home by using the internet and computer. There are various types of technical and non-technical works that you can do from home. It’s just not related to computers and the internet. There are many other professions and jobs that you can do from home. But in this post, I am sharing with you the top computer skills, computer/internet-related business tips that I think will be helpful for you to start working, doing business or jobs from home.

So, let’s get started:

While anyone can work from home. Even many biggest companies of today were started from home garages and there are various people, housewives, professionals working from home. It means it’s possible to work from home. And then later it can be turned into a full-time business.

It looks very easy to think about earning online or working from home but it’s not that easy to become successful financially and socially. It requires lots of things to become financially independent and turn it into a big business. So, what are things that are important to work from home:

1. Strong willingness and needs:

Working from home is not easy. You need strong will power to fight with daily difficulties and failures. When you work from home you may doubt yourself. Are you doing it right or wrong? Can I become successful or not? What do people say? Such questions disturb your mind. That’s why you need strong will power and commitment.

First, you have to believe that you can work from home and you can become successful. If you believe in yourself then others’ beliefs or opinions don’t matter.

You have to believe in your beliefs. Don’t believe me because I am saying that you can be successful just from working home. Don’t believe that others are sayings it’s easy or difficult.

Clearly guide your own. Only you know more about your situation, needs, desires, and financial situation.

If you think you can work from home then you can work. No one can stop you. Nothing can make you negative. And all those who believe in themselves no matter who they are, what are their skills level. They become successful. Might be it takes 1 month or 1 year. But you will become successful. This kind of belief makes it easy for you to do the struggles that come during online work or while working from home.

2. Skills and knowledge:

Self-Belief comes from knowledge and skills. When you believe in your skills then it will create confidence that you can do it. So, it’s very important that the first thing you do is to analyze your current computer skills level. And then need to research what kinds of work you can do and how you will get those work and then you have to define what kind of skills are important to those work and computer-related home-based business.

I am sharing some of the computer and internet related home-based businesses ideas or work that you can do from home:

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  1. Sales and Marketing:

e-Commerce is the biggest contributor to the Internet economy. People are interested to buy online. eCommerce has changed the way we do business.

If you’re interested in sales and marketing then it’s the fastest financial growth work. If you have products then sell them online even in your local area. You can sell other people’s products online through your own eCommerce website or portal. You can also help them to sell on amazon and many other eCommerce platforms.

Not only that you can market various other digital products, online business services to people through your own social media groups, blog, YouTube channel and earn commission on each sale.

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  1. Business Management:

Business management especially accounts management, scheduling, appointments, travel bookings is another service that can be provided online from home for business owners.

If you have WordPress skills then you can provide website management services in which you have to update the website. There are many travel bloggers, IT professionals who need someone as a support team to manage their online business.

It will not only help you to work from home and earn money but you will also able to learn about online business.

  1. Website/App Development:

Web and app development is an evergreen IT Profession. It can be very well done from home. You can create websites and apps for local business owners, institutions, schools, and known people. Not only that you can work for multi-nation companies from home as a web developer. And you can work as a freelance web developer.

There are thousands of projects and clients looking for reliable web developers to build and manage business apps and websites. Web and app development is an evergreen IT Profession. It can be very well done from home. You can create websites and apps for local business owners, institutions, schools, and known people. Not only that you can work for multi-nation companies from home as a web developer. And you can work as a freelance web developer.

There are thousands of projects and clients looking for reliable web developers to build and manage business apps and websites.

There is also great scope in providing apps/website maintenance and support services.

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  1. Customer Support:

customer support is a great work to help consumers. You can contact many companies/businesses/websites/eCommerce stores to include you in their team, or give you a project or just work with them online.

Not only that you can start a website in which you can help customers of many companies independently.

For example, if you’re a WordPress developer then you can run a blog in which you can help people to install or configure a particular theme.

Similar to this, you can run a YouTube channel in which you can help people to independently in their shopping decisions.

You can find projects related to customer support on freelancing websites.

You can also create your own portfolio website in which you can highlight or market your services as a customer support representative. If someone needs a 1-2 customer support freelancer they can contact you.

  1. Technical Support:

If you’re good at any kind of computer, graphics design, marketing, programming, development skills then you can help people by providing technical support services. You can do it as a service provider, you can do it through a blog and YouTube channel.

Technical support people are very important for any business. There are many clients online in overseas countries who are not able to find local people for technical support. Even if they get it then it will cost them more than a freelancer or someone working from home.

  1. Consultant:

If you are experienced in anything such as career, business, infrastructure development, legal, social, marketing and many other things and if you believe that your ideas can transform their life, career, and business then provide consultancy services.

For example, you can provide the following consultancy services:

You can help people to do create a business plan.

You can help people to choose the right career as per their interests and financial conditions.

You can inspire and motivate people to work.

You can help them to stay healthy and fit.

There are thousands of businesses related to consultancy. Even in each thing that we do in life needs consultancy. Not all get support from family members, teachers, and friends. That’s why external consultants and discussions with them expand the thinking of the people.

But you have to be experienced to do this. There are various consultancy courses online and also diploma and degree programs if you want to learn them.

But it’s enough if you just start with what you already have (I mean experiences and expertise)  that you can do for people.

Even a small blog post, one video can do a lot.

  1. Educator:

The internet is a great platform for educators. If you think you can struggle with students, if you think you can align students, if you think you can inspire them to take a risk and think big and also help them to learn new skills then it’s great to work.

You can do this from home very easily. Whatever computer or no computer skills you have, you can utilize that in service, blog, YouTube channel.

Not only you can educate people online but you can also do it offline. You can contact your local institutions for guest lectures for free on your area of expertise. You can share your website/YouTube channel and services with them.

I have already written a detailed post for an educator; you may read it here: How teachers can make a big difference in the world

There various other home-based businesses and work that you can do. You just have to think about your area of interest. It can be graphic design, web development, and marketing.

The main point here is that find needs. You can take 3-4 days to think about it. If you can also consult with me.

3. Important Skills to learn to work from home 

You might already have many skills. But it’s always good to know about something that you want to do. It makes you aware of the latest demand and trends of that skill.

For example, if you think you can do data entry work from home then you have to research a bit about the current demand and scope in data entry skills.

And these days, whatever you do you have to use the internet.

For example, if you think to create home decoration items at home then you must learn about selling these things online.

Following are some of the skills/business that you can learn:

  • Product Development:

Product development is one of the top skills for those who want to start their own business, especially from home.

Product development is all about creating a product that can help people. It can be a software, app, website, eBook, video, article, social media post, logo design, and training course.

The main thing here is how you can differentiate your product in the market. And you can launch it with a new concept and business model.

For that, you have to find the problem/demand and desires of people.

For example, if there is something that you think is overpriced then you can think to create something about it to reduce it. You may create a new product that is priced less than the current products.

Another example, if there is something that you don’t find the internet the way you want, then you can think to create it.

There is always demand in the market for good products, services, apps, websites, blogs, and service providers. The ones you’re seeing are not perfect. The product that you’re using is not the last. Something new will come to you soon in different varieties.

Who creates those? Who does innovation?

It’s people like you. Someone in your area is thinking of building a new app. And in another city, someone is already created and thinking to promote it. Innovation and creativity never end.

If it’s with you right now, then keep your focus on your ideas. And follow it with self-belief.

So, the point is here that if you’re thinking to start a product-based business from home then you should learn about the cycles of product development.

  • Blogging:

I know you already know about blogging. But if you think it’s not possible for you to become a successful blogger who works from home or If you want to do but not confident. Then it means you have to learn about it.

Think for a minute and answer the following questions:

What you want to teach yourself?

What kind of information you’re looking for?

What kind of help do you want?

Now think, how many people around the world want that.

If there 1000 people, then start writing for those 1000 people about that thing such as buying the best book. Do the research that people can’t do and then share with them. Get the experiences that not all can get, and then share with them such as travel bloggers.

I can’t teach you blogging here, but the point here is that blogging is a serious personal business. It doesn’t want from you a big upfront cost. Not want much time. The only thing you need for blogging to start is a topic that you like to write about.

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  • Freelancing:

Freelancing is another method in which you can provide your services for businesses, companies from home.

Learn all about it here: What is freelancing and how does it work

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a method to help people through your experience, knowledge to select the best products. When they buy you will earn a commission

  • Online Course Creation/Online Teaching:

If in past or in current time, you are a professional teacher then it’s a time for you to go online and teach people the same skills those you’re teaching offline.

Create an online course syllabus, record, and launch an online course on online courses /educational platforms or marketplaces.

Do some study about online courses and teaching. And get some skill and knowledge.

            Some of the other skills a business are the following:

All the above skills and methods shared in this post can help you to start a home-based computer/internet-related business.

4. Working environment and tools:

Work environment means you must have a separate space or quiet place where you can work. You must have an environment in which you can feel motivated, interesting and enjoyable to work. These are things that are important but not necessary in the beginning.


  • Computer/Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Website/Profile/Portfolio
  • Camera/Microphone

 5. Strategy:

Make your strategy to work from and become successful. Make it as simple so that even 12 years old can follow it. But make it the way you want. If you want to become successful in 1 month then create a plan for that. If you think it’s not possible in 1 month then create a plan for a year.

If on any day you think you need to make certain changes in your plan then don’t worry, change that.

Be ready and prepare for struggles and challenges. Just keep walking on your own path. When tired take a rest and start again. But never doubt yourself that you can’t do it. You can do it. If you can think it then obviously you can do it.

6. Faster execution:

The faster you execute and take your career and business decisions the better it will be. But it’s tough to speed up when you don’t know the road. But at least you can walk the way you are seeing. When you take 1 step then you will see 2nd step. And when you take the 2nd step then you will see the 3rd step. You don’t have to see 100 steps before you begin. You just have to make sure and focus on your next step.

Now just get relaxed for a few minutes. And then sit down only with yourself for 20 minutes to 1 hour. Analyze and think. And start.

You’re your own best teacher. Be with your own decision.

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