What is Google Trends and how it is useful for you

If you want to know what are the trending searches, latest trends, stories, insights and search terms on the internet (Google, YouTube, google images, news searches, Google shopping) then use Google trends website that is developed by Google.

It’s very useful for almost all kinds of organizations, entrepreneurs, leaders, working people and students studying in colleges and institutions.

Uses of Google Trends Website in our daily life:

Anyone can use it as per their own creative, ideas and demands. But following are the uses of Google trends as per professions:

Digital Marketers: Online marketers, advertisers, bloggers, content creators, YouTubers, and social media marketers can use google trends to create the next article, video and advertisement content.

Students those involved in essay writing can get various ideas, data about the topics that they are writing.

Business owners/product developers can find out the new product ideas and insights.

Leaders can get ideas about their next speech, the topic from the Google Trends.

Shopping enthusiastic can find what kind of products are trending’s.

Businessmen can find out the history, latest trends, problems, and news related to their business, products, services so that they can make better business decisions.

How does it work? Why it’s so beneficial for people

The first thing you need to know that billions of users use Google search engine, Google News, Google Images, YouTube and many other Google products.

Most of the times we search or type keywords on Google and YouTube.

It means all the data and information is noticed and stored by the Google search engine to give user better search and web experiences. And there are billions of people worldwide who use Google Products.

Now Google Trends website display that data/information through graphs or line charts or visuals and text/image links.

Top benefits:

  • You can find out the history/Current Trend of any search term, word, product and topic.
  • You can compare two different topics.
  • You can find out particular trending things based on country and location.
  • You can subscribe to updates.
  • You can find out the Year in Search means the most trending things in past years.

It’s not personal information. It’s just collective search terms and trends around the world for a particular topic, news, search terms. And the insights in Google Trends can be used for research, education, business management, marketing, product development, and innovation.

How to use it?

  • Search or Type on Google or any search engine or in Google Chrome/Mozilla or any browser URL Bar: Google Trends After that you will find out what the world is searching for. Or if don’t know you can use this link: https://trends.google.com/trends/?geo=US
  • Explore and follow the instruction or Menu options. Select Country, Search Term and Time period.

Here you can watch complete video on what is Google Trends and how it is useful for you in Hindi