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A business process is a systematic method to do the business. It’s a step-by-step method of research, product development, branding, marketing, sales, finance, and management. A business process is like a farming process. By the use of business process management software, you can create, assign and organize daily, monthly, yearly tasks to the team, app, and to yourself.

A business process is important to create to automate the business through team and technologies. The business process helps to deliver the services and product to customers effectively, faster, and accurately. The business process organized method the daily business operations. A business process is a path to follow for higher business productivity.

Without business process, you will follow various obstacles in business such as :

  • Lack of productivity.
  • More consumption of time in simple tasks.
  • Too many meetings before the works and decision making.
  • Lack of focus on the next task.
  • Difficult to train new employees if there is no process to follow for them in work.
  • The slow speed of business operations than competitors.

A business process is not only important for bigger companies. But it’s also very important even for bloggers, freelancers, YouTubers to achieve business goals and executing their plans systematically for a long time to get results.
The process can be created as per the business goals and objectives.  While setting business goals, it’s important to create actionable steps and tasks to achieve those goals. It’s a process. And the process is important to convert dreams, goals, and into reality and productivity. Not only it’s important to create, but it’s also important to follow and update when it’s important.

There is no business, profession, company in the world, which doesn’t have a business process. It remains hidden until the owner identifies, thinks, and gets awareness about it.

The business process already existed in your business too. You only have to improve it by learning more about it. But if you’re starting a new business, then you have to create it from the beginning.

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Today, due to technologies and the availability of information, it’s not a big thing to create, manage and speed up the business process. You can automate almost everything in business. It can be automated through technologies such as chatbots, content marketing, social media marketing, online selling, and integration of payment gateway on your website.

What will be included in the business process?

As I said above you can create a process for each step that you will take in the future or the work you’re doing currently. Each business and industry have a different process. The eCommerce website building process is different than a search engine and sales process.

A blog website creation process is different than social media marketing. Similarly, the dairy product manufacturing process is different than car manufacturing.

For example, if you’re doing the same business, that already exists or if your business idea is not unique, then you can create a unique business process different than the competition. It will also become unique.

Following are the examples of tasks that required a business process:

  • Product development or manufacturing or apps creation
  • Marketing and Sells
  • Online Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing
  • Hiring, team training, retaining, and development
  • Product delivery and Feedback
  • Finance and payment collection

You can consider the following things to create a business process:

  • You can create a business process by taking the help of business consultants.
  • You can sign up for online business process management services
  • You can identify, learn from other existing businesses.
  • You can improve your knowledge and create it on your own.
  • You can use business process applications and information technology tools.
  • What does it take to create a business process?

The creation of 1 or 2 or 3 business processes is not complicated. It’s’ complicated when it’s not aligned or not in sequence as required. It’s as simple, as the process of creating the email account or contact form on your website, in which customers enter a name, then email id, contact number, message, and then send it to you.


Computer Coaching Centre Business Process in short points:

  • Course Creation
  • Course Marketing/Promotion
  • Students Enrolment
  • Daily 2 hours classes
  • Test / Exams
  • Certification

User search process:

  • You visit a search engine, Google or Bing.
  • After that, you searched for “online business courses”
  • The search engine displayed min 10 options on one screen as well as with ads.
  • You selected any of the links in search results to get the best information on online business courses.

Web Development and Designing business marketing Process:

  • You created a profile or website to market and promote your web development/designing services
  • You have done the SEO/marketing.
  • People visiting your website after searching on Google
  • After that, they learn and find information about the services that you provided, and if they are interested, they will contact you.

Above is a marketing process.

After that:

  • You communicated with clients through emails, chats or video conferencing.
  • You both finalized the website/apps goals and project cost.
  • Clients paid you 25% in advance.
  • After that, you started working on the project.
  • Then when it’s 50% done, the client paid you 50% payments.
  • After that, you have completed the website and the client is satisfied.
  • And now the client released your remaining 25% payments and leave the feedback.

What this all? It’s a process.

Things to remember:

  • The process can be bigger and smaller based on the nature of the business.
  • The faster is the business process, the quicker you generate new revenue and business opportunities.
  • One process can contain 10 more sub-processes.
  • The simpler is each process such as the sales process, the better and faster it will be for you and your team members to follow it. And it will make a big difference in your business growth and profit.

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