Where to buy business laptops: Computer buying guide


A laptop or a computer is one of the most powerful technology tools to start, manage and automate daily business operations. To do that you also need to buy a good computer or laptop as per your present and future business goals and activities.

So, this guide is completely focused on how you can buy a good laptop for business and where to buy it online or offline? So, stay to read to this post till the end to take a good business laptop or computer buying decision.

Why actually we buy a computer for business or why we use the computer in business:

The use of computers in business highly depends on how much the consumer (business owner) knows the uses of computers in his/her business. It means to buy a good computer or laptop for business, it depends on what you want to accomplish by using the computer. But you also have to remember, the use of computer in business, also depends on the nature of business.

There are more than hundreds of uses of computers in business. You can get awareness about uses and importance of computer in business in the following post:

But commonly the reasons to buy a computer to use in business can be the following:

  • Accounts and Financial Management
  • Billing, Printing, and stock management
  • Official Document writing and editing
  • Customer data management
  • Business Communication
  • Software or Website Development for Business
  • Branding and Marketing Content Creation
  • Blogging and copywriting
  • Video Editing
  • Presentation creation
  • To promote business online
  • To manage employees and ongoing business operations
  • Innovation and Development

You can also do many of the above works also in mobile. But professionally it’s much better, easier and productive to use a computer.

For any of the above tasks or daily business operations, you also have to install specific application software. There are various types of business software. Here you can learn more: Common computer programs to use in your business

Each software requires or needs a different capacity or configuration in a computer. For example, Word Processing software requirements are different than video editing software on computers.

So, you have to choose the computer and its capacity as per the use, not as per the price.

Essential things to consider when buying a business computer:

  • Must have good processing speed and storage in the computer as per your business requirements.
  • Must have the latest and licensed (activated through licensed key by using your personal or business information) operating system.
  • Antivirus installed and activated. Technical specification of a good business computer.
  • Buy as per your budget and the value that you want to get from this investment. Don’t buy just to showcase, but for power, performance and flexibility.
  • Don’t use pirated or duplicates copies of the software to save and protect your data.

Here you can learn more: 

Advantages of buying a business computer online:

  • You can see and compare various brands, prices, and configurations of computers.
  • You will get coupons or discounts and cashback options when buying online through bank credit/debit cards.
  • You will get less prices than offline.
  • You can buy business computers from anywhere and on any device. And you can deliver the items to any location (Depends on the reach of sellers and delivery company).

Disadvantages of buying a business computer online:

  • If you don’t have the basic computer knowledge or basic understanding of ram, graphics cards, storage space, and many others then there are higher chances of confusion.
  • You have to activate the operating system (Window/Mac) and you also have to install business software on your own. And if you don’t know that you have to pay someone $10 to $20 or more. And many times, people buy computers or laptops without an operating system. And then they have to pay or need to buy the operating systems separately.
  • Technical and customer support is poor in the case of damaged products and you will not get same-day solutions.
  • All of the above disadvantages consume more time, energy. And the businessman or entrepreneur time is more valuable.
  • You will not get the computer immediately and ready to use or on the same day when buying online.
  • It can take 7 to 10 days to start using the computer after buying today.

Advantages of buying a business computer offline:

  • You will get ready to use a computer. Operating systems and software are installed and configured while buying in front of you or in your presence. Buying a business computer offline is best for those who don’t have basic computer skills, unable to install software and antivirus, and unable to select/compare the best piece online. And they can ask many questions or doubts. And this will save your time, energy, and peace of mind.
  • If something is wrong you can call or visit the shop within hours and get an immediate solution. Even many sellers have their own technical support and they will send any one of them to resolve your computer problem.
  • When you buy offline, you will have the chance to build and expand your business network. And many times, in business you will need technology or computer immediately then you will get the laptop or business computer or any technology on the same day. And you can also buy offline in credits. And all in this, your network and dealings with people matter the most.
  • When buying offline, you will get ready to use the computer within 2 to 3 hours. And it saves your time and increases the speed of value creation of your money.

Disadvantages of buying a computer offline:

  • Lack of lots of varieties and difficult comparison methods.
  • The small shopkeeper does not afford to buy big stocks of laptops and computers, and that way they will not able to negotiate the margins. They also have to pay taxes. They also have to pay shop rent and many other support services. Due to that their cost of selling a laptop or computer is higher than online sellers. And that’s why many times the prices are higher offline. But many shopkeepers are also selling their products online and through online marketplace websites such as Amazon and Flipkart.

What is the best method?

  • If you have basic computer knowledge, if you can wait for 3 to 7 days or more to get a computer/laptop for your business, if you can install an operating system, other business software on your own, if you can configure your computer on your own then buy business computer online.
  • But if don’t know much about computer, and you can’t install and configure the computer and you can’t wait for 5 to 7 days. And you’re ready to pay a little higher to get local support, quick delivery, pre-installation, and configuration of software then buy business computer offline.

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