11 Common Computer Programs to use in Business


Computer, web and mobile applications are used to start, manage and monitor daily business operations and communication. Computer programs increase business productivity, speed of content creation, marketing, and communication.

In this article, you will learn about common business software and the uses in business with examples. And after learning about these common software programs or online services, you will able to get basic ideas about which type of software is good or useful for your business management and productivity increment.

There are various types of business software categories and tools that you can use in your business as per the demand and business goals. The use of computers and the internet in business is the most essential part of the business.

For example, Accounting and financial management software are used to create invoices, sales, transaction details, account management, cash flow management, payroll, balance sheet, taxes, and inventory management, and reporting. So not only it’s important that your accounting software have these features, but it’s also important that you do or understand these basic accounting operations of your organization.

By using accounting and financial management software you can access your business account details, financial status report anytime on any device. So consider these things and your business goals when researching the best accounting software.

In simple words, financial and accounting software helps you to find out your current business financial status.

Similar to this, there are various other business software categories. Such as:

  • Customer relationship management software
  • Customer and Business Data Management
  • Big Data analytics and Business Analytics applications
  • Business Process Management Software
  • Content Creation or Production software
  • HR, Team Management, recruitment, and performance management software
  • Online Collaboration or Communication Software
  • Ecommerce and Website Creation Applications
  • Project Management Software
  • Asset Management Software
  • Business services management app
  • Data backup, restoration and data security software
  • Where house and stock management software
  • Productivity Software
  • and many others.

So, there are various categories and types of business software that small, medium, and large organizations or companies use to automate the business. The software can be used for survey, research, and planning, company creation, hiring, product development, branding, distribution, marketing, selling, and customer support.

Business software is very important to use to create systems and processes in business and automate the business and factory.

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And the use of software in a business also depends on its nature, the process. Many business or large companies have their on-premise software development teams and they create the software as per their own needs.

But now let’s look at the following common computer programs or web applications or services that almost all the business use in the workplace. And I sharing only those platforms and computer programs and apps that I have used and still using personally for business and professional works.

The listed software below not only used by large or medium-sized companies, but also by home-based business owners, freelancers, bloggers, and almost all types of businesses.

1. Microsoft Word:

Microsoft will help you to create any type of professionally-looking business document, applications, employees’ job letter, business partnership document, business letterheads, brochures, eBooks, email newsletters, proposals, and many other documents that are used in the workplace daily and also in meetings and outdoor business activities.

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2. Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application that you can use to create and perform various business mathematical calculations, business data analysis, management, reporting, and business data visualization through charts and tables.

Microsoft excel is the oldest and most popular spreadsheet application example that provides rich functionality and flexibility to use in any type of business.

For example, you create a small relational customer database, create, manage and share customer data with a team member with control, you can use logical, scientific, and mathematical formulas, pie charts, business income, and expenses reports and graphs. And you can use it for project data analysis, daily workplace operations management and outdoor team management, and data creation.

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3. Microsoft PowerPoint:

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most useful, effective, and workplace productivity software. You can use PowerPoint to create and showcase any type of business presentation such as new project management, employee training process, hiring system, marketing, and distribution.

You can also use to showcase and present any type of business data, accounts report, customer journey, website data, and many other.

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4. Microsoft Outlook:

You will get Microsoft Outlook along with the Microsoft Office suite program. It’s an email client software. It means you can configure your company or the business email account in this application. To use Gmail ID, you have to use the Gmail application. similarly, to use your business email such as support@be….services.com, you have can configure this email id with a user name, password, email server, and ports.

You will get this when you buy a domain for your business or when you buy hosting. In simple words, if you have a a company or business website and hosting, then you can create as many email accounts as per your needs.

But to operate and use those emails, you have to use email client software or web application and outlook is one of them.

The advantages of using outlook for business email is that you can access, send and receive, manage your email message, attachments, contacts, tasks, and many others on your computer. And you can also take a backup of email contacts, email messages.

Normally you can configure 2 or 3 business email account just in one software. And in outlook, it’s much easier and effective.


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5. Facebook Business Page:

A Facebook business page is different than a Facebook profile. Facebook page, feature, and content are totally related to your business, product, services, and customers. But your Facebook profile, the content or images you upload, and things you share are related to you and your friends.

But your friends can also be your potential customers. So, when you create a business page on Facebook, then you can invite those friends to like your business page, and then they can invite their friends to like your page.

In simple words, the Facebook business page helps you to create a network of potential or future customers. So, whenever you post any business update such as a new product launch, then it will automatically notify all the people connected to you and your business page.

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6. Google Business Listing:

Google Business listing is like an online business directory. Google Business Listing helps people to find contact details, address, direction, business hours, feedback or reviews of existed customers when they search for the services and product on google.

If you list your business on Google Business Listing then google will also showcase your business details, services, address, photographs, and many other things on the Google search results.

For example, if you run a clothing shop, then when people in your area search for a nearby clothing shop, then your clothing shop name, address, and contact details will also appear in the search results.

So, it’s very beneficial for almost all types of businesses to take the advantage of these services to build the online presence of the business.


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7. WordPress as a Business Website Creation Software:

WordPress is an open-source (free) web application or online software that help all kind of business owners, companies, individual and creators to build and manage information and blog website.

WordPress is the simplest and most popular method to create a business website. The creation of a website in WordPress is simple, effective, faster, and SEO friendly.

To create a website in WordPress. First, you have to buy a domain (website name) for your business and after that, you have to buy Hosting to place your domain and website on the Internet.

Website is a most essential part of marketing, promotion, and management of your business and customers.

Website help you to build the presence of your business online, it will help you to promote your business, product, and services. it will help you to educate and inform your customers. And it will also help you to sell your product and services online. And the cost of business website creation is minimum. But provide great advantages and long-term business benefits.

In the following posts, I have shared almost each and every detail if you want to know more about business website creation, management, benefits, and technicalities:

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8. Cloud Storage Apps or Tools:

Cloud storage is an online space to store and share your business and personal data online safely. It means instead of saving your business data on the computer, you can save that online. It will help to secure and backup your data. But it also helps you and your team to access this data anywhere and on any device. And you can also share the data with your partner and teams anytime. And this all will speed up the business operations. And you know that speed of execution in daily business operations is very important.

To store your business data online, you have to use cloud storage services. These cloud storage services are provided by companies such as Google, Amazon, DropBox, Microsoft, and many others. Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox are popular for the basic workplace cloud storage needs.

Most of these companies also provide free 10GB to 15GB space. In that free space, you can secure more than 1000 thousand documents under that size.

These companies have data center and server (computer), those are only dedicated for data storage services.

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9. Skype as a Business Communication Tool:

Skype is an online communication and chats application that you can install on your computer, tablet, and mobile. You can use skype to chat (Text, Audio, Video) with your team members, remotely located freelancers, partners, and media.

After the installation of Skype on a computer or mobile. You have to create an account by using your Email ID. Microsoft Email account is more preferable for the skype. And after that, you will get your skype id.

It’s similar to a mobile number.

So, whenever someone has to contact or chat with you on skype, they have to use your skype id. And if you have to chat with people or team members, you have to send them an invitation the first time.

Once you’re connected with your team member. Now you can send them messages or monitor the work anytime. And you can see their current status (indicator) on skype.

Millions of people use skype for team, business, and project management. And you can use most of the services without any cost securely.

Even many people use it all in one chat application. It means you can configure your Facebook friends and mobile contacts as well in skype.

But most of the professionals prefer it only for business or professional uses.

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10. Udemy as a Business Training or Employee training platforms: 

Udemy is an online courses website and company. Where you can learn almost any type of business skills at the lowest cost online.

Consistent skill development and up-gradation of knowledge are important for new generation entrepreneurs and owners. And with new knowledge and skills, it helps to get consistent growth in the business.

And on udemy you will not only business-related courses but also related to programming, data analysis, photography, leadership and almost on any subject. And after buying the course, you can access that course content any time on any device as long as you want.

So, by using udemy you can develop and upgrade your own and employees’ business, accounting, office productivity, entrepreneurship, sales, communication, project management, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship skills.

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11. UpWork:

Upwork is one of the best and topmost online marketplace websites, company and platforms to hire independent professionals, freelancers, and agencies in a quick time.

You can hire any type of freelancer as per your business needs anytime from any country and with skills and knowledge. You can hire freelancers for Web & Software Development work, graphic designing work, customer service, digital marketing, accounting, and many others.

On this platform, you can filter freelancers and experts as per their specialization and skills. Such as if you need an SEO expert you can hire an SEO expert instead of a digital marketing strategist. And when you need online marketing strategies then you can hire strategies.

You can take an interview with the candidates by using chats (Text and Video Chats and you can also track the work progress.

So, if you have difficulty in your area finding expert and professional team members, then you can use Upwork to build your team and start the new project.

While there are hundreds of communication, business management, software development tools, accounting software’s or apps and platforms. This post mostly about common computer programs, but If you’re looking for software to do specific works or as per your industry then let us know that. We will try to cover that in our future posts.


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