Importance of diwali festival in India


Diwali is a festival for all. Diwali festival increases the love in people, builds relationships stronger, develops unity among citizens, and develops/displays and explores the creativity in Indian culture. All kinds of festivals are important in our lives and give us a special feel and presence of soul and body.

There are various religious, economic, and cultural reasons why Diwali is an important festival in India.

9 healthy and creative reasons behind the importance of celebrating the Diwali festival

1. People clean homes and decorate them with colorful flowers and lights on Diwali

People start cleaning houses before the Diwali festival. They paint houses with new colors. And decorate doors, windows, and walls with beautiful flowers. Many use various decorating lights.

Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. New colors, decorations, lights, etc. make people happy and create a positive environment in society. People doing it for years at the Diwali festival for the closeness of this truth that those lights turn away the darkness.

It means dark-sized ignorance can be overcome by the light of knowledge. This method of celebration started when Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya with Sita and Laxman.

That Happiness and positivity in society build brotherhood and unity. And in any society and country brotherhood and unity in people is very important for social development. We are a group with multiple cultures and beliefs. That’s why Diwali is an important festival in India.

2. People Give Diwali gifts to each other’s

On Diwali people gives gifts to each other and exchange sweets. It creates love in families and relationships. This is very important for human development. In which we care about each other’s happiness and sorrows. People are busy with official and personal work and responsibilities. But on Diwali, almost all people get time to meet with friends, families, and relatives.

3. People and families come together

On the border, people living in cities and abroad and young people also come home. This is also because the same day Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. That is why old people say that those living abroad also have to come home to the Diwali festival. That’s why Diwali is a festival that inspires the value of parents and home.

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4. At Diwali Festival, you can get new products and discounts in shops and big bazaars

People choose the Diwali festival for shopping. It’s because they get new products and amazing discounts. That’s why people spend more money during the Diwali festival than in a whole year. People open shops on roads and distribute Diwali celebration items.

Companies, shop owners, traders, and distributors fill their stores before Diwali. And they order more goods this month than in another month of the year. It’s because the demand for goods increases these days and traders have real profits.

So the Diwali festival is not only important to celebrate based on religious reasons but also for economic reasons. Such as it helps to boost the economic activities and tax collection for governments.  Skilled and unskilled labor gets work. People are able to run shops.

People buy cars, trucks, mobiles, refrigerators, and washing machines, especially during Diwali. People do the shopping because Diwali is known as the auspicious time of the year for luxury items.  People on Dhanteras buy gold, silver, diamond jewelry, and various other auspicious items.  And almost all online stores and websites offer exciting discounts on mobiles, TVs, clothes, and various daily household items.

Diwali is a festival of happiness and shopping spread happiness. That’s why Diwali is an important festival in India that makes people happy.

5. People worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh

Most festivals have religious aspects behind celebrations in India.  Diwali is a festival of wealth and an auspicious time. Therefore, on this day the goddess Laxshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshiped to get wealth and prosperity in the society and country by people. That’s why Diwali is an important festival in which all people worship and pray for the best of each other.

6. Share Diwali best wishes images and quotes on social media

Diwali is another reason for people to use social media. People create and share new Diwali images, Diwali quotes, and various Whatsapp messages. And it looks like social media is painted with Diwali colors and lights. Social media becomes religious and this can happen only in India. It’s all about creativity and it shows proof that Indians are very religious and creative people.

That’s why the Diwali festival is important to celebrate to spread religious activities in a way that increases the belief in God and inspires people to follow the lessons.

7. Government and Private Employees get Diwali bonuses and luxury gifts.

At the Diwali festival, government and private companies give bonuses to their employees. Many give gifts. But here is I think the biggest example of a bonus for staff in this world. In 2016 one the Indian boss gives 1260 cars and 400 flats and jewelry as a Diwali bonus to staff. This happens in India when companies’ goals are achieved by their staff. This is how the Diwali festival is celebrated in India. It’s a festival of wealth. And that’s why people are so connected to it.

8. Indian Politicians, Leaders in Power celebrate the Diwali festival with Armed Forces

Leaders and politicians, NGOs, and many others get the opportunity to celebrate the Diwali festival with the armed forces.

Forces are on borders and active for the safety of the citizen in a country. They are far away from their families and village due to the responsibilities of the country.

That’s why it’s even for one day politicians, leaders and many social workers spend and celebrate the Diwali festival with them. It boosts the morale and confidence in Government and the people.

9. Pandit and Jyotishi speak about the Diwali horoscope and methods of celebrations and pooja

People on Diwali buy next year’s panchang and calendar. They get information for next year’s festival dates, holidays and special occasions. And they also read their next year’s horoscope.

Pandit and Jyotishi’s occur busy during the Diwali festival. It’s because many invite them for worship at home and office.

Many have websites and launch special content on Diwali for people, in which they guide what to buy on this Diwali, the best time for worship Diwali day horoscope, etc.

That’s why Diwali is a festival that created creativity in Indian culture and traditions. That’s why it’s important to celebrate Diwali in India for the creative and meaningful development of Indian culture.

No doubt that Diwali is a festival for all and provides benefits and prosperity to all people connected with any religion. We don’t have to look at this with the eye of religion.

We need to look at festivals with brotherhood, unity, prosperity, love, and the development of the people in society and the country. And that’s why I think the Diwali festival is important to celebrate to increase the love and humanity in people in India or in any country.

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