Importance of Motivation in our daily life


Motivation is important for everyone. Motivation is important to live. We can’t live our daily life happily without motivation. Motivation is the presence of purpose and desire to achieve daily life, career, and business goals. Just an example, Motivation helps us to get up early and become productive.

When we are inspired, excited, and getting more than expected results from something we get motivated. Such as inspiring when you read stories and beliefs of successful people. It’s inspiring when you see someone achieving something great and feeling happy. That’s the way we feel motivated and it helps us to achieve our own goals.

There are thousands of motivations around us. Such as motivation from books, motivation from quotes, motivation from the seminar, motivation from water, motivation from trees, motivation from kids, motivation from parents, motivation from teachers, etc. But we can’t identify all of them.

It’s because we are not connected with a sense of motivation. The sense of motivation is the greatest thing that comes to our hearts and mind equally many times in a day. But most of us are failed to get it. A sense of motivation is the key to various achievements in our life.

When I lose the sense of motivation and the sense to prove something as a basketball player, it’s time for me to move away from the game. Michael Jordan

What is a sense of Motivation?

The sense of motivation is an impression and cognition that can happen accidentally or at any time of the day and night.  We get the highest motivation when our sense of purpose connects with our sense of motivation.

For example, when you see motivational videos your sense of motivation gets activated. And it starts connecting with a sense of purpose. That’s why we watch motivational videos and people recommend watching motivational stories and speeches. Motivation helps to achieve goals and dreams in life, career, and business.

You can also say that motivation is Intent or the reason behind something. Why do you learn? Why do you write? There are reasons behind every action. One of the reasons is MOTIVE.

Now let’s understand why motivation is important to live happily, wealthy, freely, and flexible:

1. Motivation is important to manage time efficiently

Motivation is important to manage daily life challenges, opportunities, and time efficiently to keep moving forward and achieving goals.

Motivation helps us to manage our time and become productive and beneficial for the organization. For example, personal, official goals and dreams motivate us to wake up early in the morning. We do exercise and yoga to stay healthy and fit. It’s because we’re walking towards our goals.

When we are motivated we don’t waste our time. We communicate based on values and facts. We just focused on the goals that we need to achieve before the end of the day.

This is why motivated people are more productive and use time efficiently.

2. Motivation helps to manage employees effectively

If you’re an employee then I believe that you don’t like a lazy and negative mindset manager or leader. That’s why motivation at the workplace matters the most for managers and leaders. It’s because employees, and teammates can be negative, and less excited to work on certain projects. But leaders and managers have to showcase excitement, creativity, energy, and value in the projects.

Motivation helps the organization to make employees happy and motivated to work hard to achieve goals. And to improve the motivation level of employees, many organizations and companies promote, appreciate, increase salary, honor publicly and provide various other facilities to deserving candidates.

That connects the sense of motivation with a sense of purpose in employees’ minds. And they dedicate their hours to achieving organizational goals.

That’s why motivation helps us to become more productive in the workplace. While some employees are self-motivated and know when they get what they want. But if you’re handling a team and employees then talk with them sweetly, appreciate their every effort, ignore their mistakes and focus on their development and respect their point of view and feelings.

Never showcase that they are less in anything. Other than motivating and inspiring them that they are special to you.

Such motivational practices boost the morale of employees in the office and they become motivated. That’s why motivation in the workplace and organization is important for productivity.

3. Importance of motivation in education

Motivation is important for teachers and students. Motivated teachers inspire students to focus. And students motivated for learning inspire teachers to teach. Teaching is a selfless practice.

You can’t get motivation from a salary for teaching. There are many teachers in India who teach students freely or at very minimum wages, they are not motivated by salary and their job. They are motivated to explore the creativity in students. They are motivated to make smiles on students’ faces. They are motivated to build their career. They train them to fight any kind of career and life problems.

But it’s possible and very helpful for teachers in India if they get the salary they deserve. And I think India can become a developed country faster if the government spends some extra money on teachers’ training, advanced equipment, learning practices, educational creativity, and building great learning and teaching environment for students and teachers.

It’s tough for students to get the motivation to complete the degree when they see there are no jobs for existing degree holders.

It’s tough for teachers to teach selflessness if they know that the government is not supporting them.

That’s why I think teachers and students need motivation and it’s because they are country developers.  If country developers are not motivated then you can see that it takes many years to become developed.

4. Importance of motivation in human life

Motivation is important in human life. Human development continues the process. There are many obstacles in front of humans daily. Some of the obstacles are the creation of natural disasters and some of the obstacles are created by an uneducated society and less practical government policies and laws.

For example when farmers’ crops get ruined by flood and drought then it is an obstacle in their life. Their efforts and hopes died. Now farmers need motivation in this situation to try again and without self-motivation, they can’t able to start again. The 2nd obstacles are when they are unable to pay bank loans, get lower prices for crops in the market, etc.

There are various other types of obstacles and problems we face each day. We lose hope and think to quit.

But when we provide a motivational environment to ourselves, our sense of purpose gets activated. Such as by attending motivational seminar, meeting, and reading books are some motivational environment that helps to activate our sense of purpose and we start again.

Life starts with hunger.

5. Importance of motivation in sports

Why are players fitter and healthier than other people in the country? You can see that players of different sports do yoga, and exercises daily.

It’s because they have a sense of purpose to win the game for the country and for individual records.  They know that their fans and the whole country are expecting a win from them. And they know that staying fit for the game and healthy is important to win.

So their motivation behind the exercise is an expectation of people, their own goals, their desire to achieve dreams, and their hunger to win. That’s why motivation is important in sports.

6. Importance of motivation in nursing

I don’t think a career in nursing is based on salary expectations. Might be there are some cases. But nursing is a great career choice. In which nurses have to help and care for people from the heart. It is tough work but very satisfying for the soul and happiness. Without motivation, it’s tough to stay longer in this profession only because of the salary.

7. Importance of motivation for salespeople

Almost 90% of companies pay incentives and bonuses to their sales and marketing teams to increase sales and leads. Salary, bonuses, and promotion motivate teams to get more sales.

It’s because they will get more money after achieving the organizational goals. And they know that they use that money for their personal and family development. That’s why salespeople have motivated enough to sell you anything. In Kalyugi ERA it’s tough to stay happy and motivated without the hopes of results and proof of results.

8. Motivation is important to get a job

You can get a job on your first try. But if not then what helps you try again? It’s motivation, its reasons, its sense of purpose, it’s your dreams and desires that motivate you to try again, try again, try again, and never repeat the mistakes. And you can see there are examples around the world, people getting jobs/works/projects after 100 rejections.

Life is not easy for dreamers. They have to struggle. And they do. It’s because their job and desire motivate them to keep walking, keep walking towards the destination till the last breath. That’s how motivation can help you to get a job that looks once hard to get.

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Now there are lots to say about how important motivation is in our daily life. But I am closing my words now with the following paragraph.

Motivation is important to smile and become the happiest person. Motivation is important to become a master in any art and skill. Motivation is important for innovation. Motivation is important to achieve career goals. Motivation is important to allow good habits to follow you. Motivation is important to become successful in life.

That’s it friends, what I know so far about motivation, and what I think about the importance of motivation in our daily life.

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