Importance of father & mother behind our success in life


Father & mother both are the most important person in everyone’s life. They equally play a great role in child development. I think the father is an inspiration for a kid. While the mother is most faithful and reliable.

Desires in our life are very well supported by our mother. While father allows us to do things that are practical and within our reach. I tried but I can’t compare mother and father.

Personally, both are as important as body and soul. We are the (advanced invention) combination of mother and father or you can say the new version of our parent’s qualities and features or configurations.

We can’t be here without our parents. I can’t able to write this without the blessings of my parents and their sanskar and lessons. I am nothing without them.  Parents are God and we should care for them before visiting the temple.

It requires digging deep to understand the importance of parents. It’s impossible to cover the importance or explanation in one or two articles or in thousands of books. We can’t measure the love parents do to their kids.

Parents and kids are not only important for humans but also for animals, birds and all living things.  But in some case, I see humans are doing very wrong things with animals & birds and you know that it hurt too much.

People become vagrant AWARA without the guidance and sanskar of parents. People who ignored the lessons and sanskar of parents will see more failures in life, career or business. There are thousands of examples. You can research what happens with those people who ignored the mother and father.

Mother and father are our gods, teachers and friends. They understand, treat and teach us from their best that help us to live a happy and prosperous life in all stages.

Mother and father build our personality

For mothers and fathers, their own kids are the most beautiful things on the earth. No matter about the color and configuration. Mother decorates and embellished kids from their best possible sources.  She told us to dress properly and look best.

At the same time, fathers help kids to become physically and mentally strong by involving in various home and field works. These are habits and lessons we all are still trying to follow today.

Professionally looking students inspiring in the class and inspire teachers to teach. Good-looking job candidates make a positive impact on the interviewer. Similarly, good-looking or well-dressed and clean Dhaba owners attract more customers. Similarly, in freelancing sites professionally-looking photographs helped freelancers to get a job. I know later we learned more advanced lessons for personality development but those basics lessons of parents’ towards kids personalities are more valuable. If we’re successful today due to our personality it is not because we are smart its’ because our parents are smarter than us.

Parents encourage their kids to become respectful

Respect and appreciation of their kids are more important than money for parents. Do the Namaste! Take the blessings of the elders/relatives by touching their feet. Give respect to everyone. You’re not going to become small by respecting others. Do not compare anyone by his job or occupation. Respect your books. Respect money. Respect the freedom of animals and birds. Respect every religion and cast, color. As you know today respected people are more satisfied than people with lots of money.

So, the lesson is earning money without losing respect and principles. If you do the research on yourself or on others then you can see and feel that our parents are more knowledgeable. Respecting students, teachers, clients, customers really makes a big positive difference in our success in life.


Hoped you learned similar lessons from your parents. These above things I am still trying to involve fully in my life. I am not perfect as you know. But I got success in various businesses & social dealings by following the lessons of my parents. It’s great to learn from you. What is your experience? What do you think about the importance of mother and father lessons behind your success today?

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