Why is time management important in the workplace


Time management is one of the highest valued skills in a leadership role. Almost all entrepreneurs and professionals want the highest productivity and motivation in the work. It’s what’s makes them successful in business and career.

As it’s easier to say, it’s complicated to follow. Data, distractions, notifications, motivational levels, and management activities consume time. Not only consume time but sometimes makes it negative.

That’s why it’s really important that you manage your time so much effectively and peacefully that makes it possible to increase your productivity level at the work.

I am sharing a few techniques that I have utilized. I keep changing my activities if I feel less productive and motivated to work. So let’s start to understand the following time management techniques that you can use at work.

1. Plan your day, work process, and activities according to your working hours

Everybody’s got 24 hours. The use of this time determines our productivity and success in life. Every day before going to bed create an activities blueprint for tomorrow. You can use notepad, mobile apps or Microsoft excel to create a plan for the next day. List all the activities based on whatever your time will be spent.

Planning activities according to time help us to get focused and productive. At the end of the day, we are able to track our progress. We can track which things consuming more time. This time management system will help me very well. I hope it will be similar to you.

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2. Be conscious about goals while using the Internet, social media, and TV

Internet, social media, TV & Videos are filled with information, knowledge, and entertainment. But all the information, knowledge, and data are not important to you. It’s not important to click and watch everything. You should focus on the Internet on what is the most important thing that you want to do on the Internet.

The use of the Internet without purpose and goals leads us at the end into a negative frame of mind. The use of the Internet consciously saves you precious time and money. Notification, emails, phone calls are really disturbing if it’s not connected directly or indirectly to our goals.

3. Spend more time on an important task and less time on unproductive things

The most important business task and goal are to generate revenue especially for freelancers and small business owners. In this case, time management should be focused on tasks and productive things. If we’re as business owners, employees watching movies and comedies on the Internet then you can guess the results at the end of the day. Everything is not important, only productive things matter in business. So spend more on the task that generates more revenue.

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For example, applying for projects, doing social media marketing, publishing new articles, finishing the current projects are common activities of many virtual workforce and online businesses. The importance of the task is also depending on the situation and goals. Consider and make a list of the most valuable things for you and your clients. Chatting in the office about politics, friendships, love, cricket and don’t waste your time debating or watching debates.  If you’re an Internet marketer or business owner or freelancer then learning daily about your field is one of the most important tasks you can spend your time on.

4. Give time to family, fixed working hours, and set a time limit for entertainment

Family is most important for everyone. Taking care of child & their learning activities really matter the most. I don’t think it’s good to depend fully on schools, teachers, and coaches for child development. We have to play many roles in our everyday life. So setting and spending quality time with family, at work & in entertainment helps us to be smiley at the office, inspiring with family, and enjoy fully while watching comedy nights. Managing time effectively helps you to enjoy life along with business achievements.

5. Don’t set too many goals for the day and the very hard deadline

As you know we are not time machines. It’s not important to live according to the watch. Don’t try to make your employees and yourself machines. Do and delegate work based on the configuration of employees. Yes, some deadlines are really important in many cases. But try to give reasonable time to complete the work. Do the same with yourself.

More things in less time cost quality in your services and products. So be patient. Achieving small is great. It’s easy to achieve and complete a small daily task with quality and satisfaction. While there are some people who achieve nothing at the end of the day by expecting more to do in less time. As you know one great meeting is better than 3 meetings. But we can say we need to fight competition to earn more customers and clients.

I don’t mean that you don’t work hard. But I want to say that do your best in everything that you’re determined to do. You can work 12 hours if you have the capacity. Yes, if you’re seeing your goals clearly then you can accomplish more things in less time. Just think, what is possible to do today, what is possible that you can do to become successful. What is possible in this time and situation that helps you to achieve your goals within time?

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6. Do the tough work first to become productive at work and achieve more in less time.

Time management is not that you set yourself according to the alarm clock. You can train your brain to become time punctual and highly productive businessmen or team members or freelancers. But you can’t live your life according to the watch. But you can take care of your time.

Procrastination, laziness at work is not effective use of your time.  It might be good lessons that we learned in schools that do the easy questions first to get minimum marks. I never did that! Maybe I am wrong. But I try to do the toughest and difficult work, it’s been my habit since school time. I am doing very difficult and hard businesses while I have many options to choose from and do the easiest work. But I believe that our toughest looking task or dream is really the most important signal for success.

Let’s learn above in example: The toughest task for students, freelancers or anyone to get up early in the morning. Everyone knows that it’s very beneficial to get up early. But then why there are most people stop even the beautiful alarm clocks. Because it’s easy to teach the mind that doesn’t worry, we don’t need to get up early, we can do that later.

But that later never come in time. If you create your to-do list from tough to easy and choose to do tough and most important work first then I will give you the guarantee of your success in any field of work. Try to work on hard & tough activities at the start of your day with a fully focused approach without thinking about competition and negative results. Just focus on what is possible. Do that! If you try to do it one-two day, you will become a most productive freelancer, businessman, and employee.

So, friends above time management tips are real and practical. I implemented different formulas in my work ethics over the last 10 years. I also implemented various Time table. It’s real and above time management skills very successful in my career so far. I know am not perfect and don’t want to be. But what is true for me is not necessary that it’s true for you. But the truth is truth no matter who’s telling it. This is a time you here and it depend on your best decision how will be the time for you in the future. The efforts you do today time matter for the future. Just invest and manage your time wisely according to the situation and be creative. 

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed it!

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