Importance of Leadership Skills for Students


Leadership plays an important role in every aspect of a student’s development in life. Students go through many stages in life for career development. Where they need leadership skills.

In the modern world, students are facing many career challenges, employment problems, and conflicts between idealism and benefits. That’s why they need leadership skills to accept challenges, solve problems and analyze career direction.

In this article, you will get ideas about how leadership skills help students. Why it’s important to learn and train. Why it is important for their career development and happiness. And how students’ leadership skills to impact society, communities, nations, companies, and political parties.

And most importantly nature and environmental development. So let’s start:

Today, our school and college students are facing many problems and in the future, it will be more than ever. So it’s important for the leader of leaders (Teachers) to develop next-generation leaders in students.

Why it’s important? Why do they need innovative leadership skills?

The answer is in the question “What students are getting today from existing leaders?”.

Tell me, if you can in the comments.

I will tell you what I think. Today, not only students but most people are aware around the world of what they are getting from existing leaders, that’s why we need to take the lead from here:

1. Increased Level of Pollution:

Due to this, you will see floods, storms, natural abnormalities, and disasters. Now if our students have leadership skills they can inspire thousands of people in their city, village, colleges, school, and nation by taking initiative in the development of the environment and nature. It’s important for students and they need leadership skills to lead.

A leader in their 70s has almost completed his/her life on this earth, so it’s possible they might not think about the environment and natural resources development anymore.

It’s important for today’s students to participate at least 0.1% of their time in the development. They are in their 20s and 30s and they have a much longer life to live. But the increased level of pollution on this earth is questioning the policies and true intentions of our leaders in various fields. If they do not have the knowledge, why not they can hire who can think?

So that’s why it’s important for students to take initiative to inspire and apprise or get the attention of other leaders about such environmental problems.

2. Corruption:

Due to this, you will see an increment in unfaithful (non-transparent) capitalism, a dull law system on democratic rights, and Hypocritical personalism.

People or societies between the age of 50 to 70 have completed or lived their entire life in between corruption. They were able to do it, it’s because, at that time, there was less competition.

Today every country wants to become more powerful. But until we do not decrease the corruption level it’s tough for us to compete.

That’s why I personally want today’s students to be aware of their own national duties and personal rights.

Do not get inspired by fake leaders and media on the web.

Stop interacting, and following the people, societies, and media who mostly sing praises for political leaders.

Our students and teachers need to identify what is best for the country, not what is best for a certain political party.

The more you demand the “Reports”  and support the leaders with accountability the better it will be for our country and humanity.

That’s why students need awareness as well as analytical skills. And such things are important leadership skills that I think students should master.

3. Unemployment:

Due to this, you will see the misuse of fundamental rights of people and no jobs for deserving candidates. This is happening due to a lack of leadership skills in people and students.

It’s important for our students to be innovative and creative. Become independent. Do not depend only on government jobs for careers and money. Governments are not able to provide that many jobs due to many reasons.

One reason is the lack of skills and knowledge in the government system, in which they are not able to inspire and create next-generation government companies.

It might be that they don’t have a skilled workforce or knowledgeable people.

Whatever it is, People and societies are also responsible for unemployment problems. They are not supporting and encouraging creativity, and inventiveness in people.

Everyone wants government jobs due to the glamour benefits.

And this way it creates the highest level of competition for jobs. That’s why our students need leadership skills to innovate.

Students need entrepreneurship and leadership skills. In which they can think about what they can do to solve such unemployment problems on their own or for themselves.

For example, if 10 students out of 1000 students in one school or college start a business. Then think if in any country there are 50000 schools then there will be possibilities of new 500000 businesses.

And if 100000 businesses just survived for the next 10 years then they will create demand in the society or nation for various things such as data entry operators, graphic designers, programmers, marketers, and various other things. If American students can start or build millions or billions of dollars in companies why not our students can do it?

It’s not the budget problem. It’s actually the problem or lack of support in creative activities. People laugh or criticize thoughts and creativity more than they support them. Society feels jealousy. They can’t see or digest if someone between them thinks and wants to do something big. But that’s a part of nature. Criticism with facts or proof or logic is also important but if it’s for their development. But not make them feel bad.

But, if students have the skills to handle social, family, and financial pressure and criticism they need leadership skills. They need to learn public speaking and communication skills. They need patience and as well consistency.

See real-life example:

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American technology entrepreneur who started Facebook, he was a student at Harvard University. Now according to data at, statistics show the number of full-time Facebook employees from 2004 to 2017. As of December 2017, 25,105 people were employed by Facebook.

There are many examples on the internet that you can research, how creative, innovative leadership skills have helped students in history to start a billion-dollar company.

That’s why I believe that teachers, societies, government, and parents provide support and an environment for our students to build next-generation billion-dollar IT companies or even any type of online and offline full-time or part-time business. It will be great.

Now the role of leadership skills here for students is to be creative and do things differently. Become independent, and take responsibility for your own career without depending on anyone.

Leadership skills grow their leadership abilities. Each living thing on this earth is born with leadership capabilities. They don’t need to join any IIT or IIM for their career development after paying 10 to 20 lakhs. Not all can afford this money for their kids, but they can afford to make them a leader and self-dependent.

This is another way to reduce unemployment. Let all these government jobs remain for the really deserving people such as physically challenged people who need government jobs. And our other students can take challenges to build a platform not for themselves but for others too.

And if leadership skills teach anything to humans, it’s the fact that one should not think about himself only. Do not be too selfish but also think about others also.

Students you have great powers, talents, creativity, imagination, and enthusiasm to build a billion-dollar company or next invention, but due to the glamorous benefits of government jobs, you’re not doing what you’re passionate about and accepting that government jobs are not the only way to become successful in life.

I am sure you can see that Owning Company, Owning a Business, Owning time, flexibility, and freedom are more glamorous in the modern world than government jobs. And that’s why I think you should spend some time acquiring and developing leadership skills in you. Yes, it’s challenging and but that’s why god has given you so many powers.

4. Social Strife:-

You will see conflicts between religious & casteist communities, immodesty & impudence in society, a Lack of recognition and encouragement for deserving people, and fear of supporting the right people.

Only today’s students can remove these problems. They are more educated and get the education that other people are not able to get. In today’s time, there are many leaders, and teachers online and offline guiding and helping students and people to think out of the box.

Be practical in your social activities.

Today’s students have to think that union is a strength. In history, no society was able to remain alive and survive if they had a lack of unity, prosperity, and love between each other.

For personal development, students need all types of people, a businessman needs all type of teammates, and a team can be a group of many types of people who belongs to different religion and casts. A class can be grouped with many people.

If I don’t respect your religion, you will not respect my religion, it’s the truth.

Religion is from us, within us, if we’re not alive then what you can do with religion?

All are created by humans. It was the oldest method of living.

But today, due to many problems and policies we are seeing many problems. Such as the poor becoming poorer and the rich becoming richer. The income gap is getting wider

That’s why today, We need to think about each other’s development, we need love, trust, and honesty to achieve national and social goals together. Else if we keep fighting with each other someone else will take the advantage of our fight. Similarly, I hope you know the story in which दो बिल्लियों को रोटी के लिए लड़ता देख, बन्दर ने मौका देखा और उनसे तालमेल मिलाकर, उनकी हिस्से की रोटियां खा गया।  और अंत में बिलियाँ मुँह देखती रह गयी।

This is happening today. Our society and people are fighting and arguing with each other, it’s possible some people and organizations are creating such comparisons and conflicts. And due to this, some political leaders, parties, organizations, and even nations are getting benefits from our fights.

That’s why our students need leadership skills. A great leader leads the country, society, group of people, family, class, school, and organization with equality, transparently. If our students are able to develop such kinds of strengths then no one can misuse or delete, or step over their career opportunities.

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5. Inclusion of slavery acceptance (Bondage policies in business models):-

Due to this creation of tough character and heartless mindset to generate more profit, Private data scraping for sales, misuse of (democratic pillar) media and government authorities, comparison between talents and degree holders for jobs (both are important), Destruction of the environment (Peace of nature).

A leader with an idealistic organizational vision never forces customers to buy their products. But today you can see that thousands of emails and notifications hang on your phone.

You also know about data privacy problems, such things are happening. This is happening because idealistic leaders of yesterday’s events, got so much power, money, and popularity, that they have forgotten not only their vision, mission or idealistic methods, but also their morals and ethics.

Some of today’s business leaders and their teams are greedy, they can even force or optimize you by their words and offers that you will buy the “poison with 5-star feedback”.

Quote: आज के कस्टमर को इतना मजबूर कर दिया है, की कम्पनिया जहर भी बेच देगी, और वो भी ५ स्टार फीडबैक के साथ।  और आज का कस्टमर भी इतना बिजी है की उसे पता ही नहीं है , की जो वो खरीद रहा है वो क्या है और वो ऐसा करके हासिल क्या कर रहा है।

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Now to stop blind capitalism we need leadership skills in students who will be able to defeat and resist such forceful activities of some powerful capitalists.

The only solution to the above problems can only be possible if our next generation leaders, who are obviously students,  have idealistic along with eco-friendly leadership skills. Those are practical and idealistic and inspired by ethics, morals, nature, environment, and humanity.

If today our students studying in schools and colleges learn to build and enhance great leadership skills, later in their careers they can use these leadership skills in jobs and businesses. But more than that they will deserve to be tomorrow’s social, educational, political, and business leaders. And when they have power and authority they can make this world a great place to live for the next 1000 years.

Reasons why leadership skills are important for students in short points:

  1. Leadership skills Inspire students for learning and acquire career development skills.
  2. Using leadership skills students can optimize habits, learning, execution, entertainment, and use of time. By doing this they become focused and more productive to achieve specific goals.
  3. Leadership enhances time management practices. Time management helps to decide when I will work on this task, how much time is required for this goal and also how I can protect myself, and not waste time due to others.
  4. Leadership develops awareness skills.  Awareness helps students to get aware of their rights and duties. I highly recommended that they should learn, know and get as much awareness about the world, Think about their dreams, goals, and subjects so that they can participate in competitive exams, become eligible for jobs, become confident to start a business and various other things.
  5. Leadership helps them to develop social skills. Almost all leaders are top-quality communicators. They choose top-quality content and methods to communicate their goals and solutions to society. I have written a complete article on the communication skills importance of to students: Here you can learn: Importance of Communication Skills for Students  

Many things are determined about students by their communication ability with teachers, parents, neighbors, friends, and relatives. Social skills highlight our ability to connect with people. The better students are able to connect with other good people and society the better it will help them in their careers.

I think there are thousands of leadership skills and methods. And each good habit and quality looks like a leadership skill. And you know that good habits and qualities build leaders and such leaders build and develop nations. That’s why If you think to build or develop your nation then develop the leadership skills in students.

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