Introduction of Leadership with examples

Introduction of Leadership: Leadership is the process of actions and operations, creativity and emotions of mind, body and soul. Leader is the one who inspires (Self/Others) for the fulfilment of the mind, body, nature and the activities of the environment to a particular purpose in business, career and life. He works for the (Self/Others) foundation of the mind, body, nature’s relationship, attachment, separation and action.

In this post you will learn what is leadership. How leadership works. How to develop leadership skills? How we do it and our understanding of it. And how we teach leadership. There are already many definitions and explanations on leadership. They are very good and evergreen.

But here you will learn technical, spiritual and creative angles of leadership. And I hope it will help you the way you want. So let’s start.

There are top 3 things that I am able to research in leadership :  “Leader+ User (follower) + Object (situation, physical products and thoughts).

Following are the examples to understand above definitions of Leadership:-

1. The process of performing a ritual for their child by the parents is leadership. The child is the follower here and the parents are the leaders of the child, deciding what is best for him. The object here is the situation in which the child has to make adjustments between the present and the future activities.

Also, by listening to, understanding, seeing and experiencing the daily activities of his parents, he will develop the ability to make decisions for himself. The better parents are at understanding the child and the situation, the better they will be able to do those actions that constitute good parenting, guiding, handling. The whole process is leadership.

2. As the child grows up, there are times when the child does not have anyone with him. So after calling for his mother and not finding her there to help, the child is taking the lead, understanding the environment and making the next decision according to the wait and consideration involved.

Now in this case object (situation when he/she is feeling alone) is the user, the child becomes the leader and the brain is the follower. It’s because brain has to make adjustments according to the direction from child’s (Soul) such as playing with sibling or toys until mother comes back. (There could also be a situation where the older child steps up to take responsibility of the younger child.)

Now the child is the leader because he/she is handling the situation, providing right direction to mind and his brother or sister (such as playing with toys), keeping up hope, because the mother will definitely come. The whole process is leadership. In this example, the child is in a different situation now he/she is a leader, but in the 1st example he/she is just a follower and his/her parents are the leader.

A Myth that people are holding is- “not all are leaders” 🙂 Actually the above 2 example are enough but I am telling you that we all play leadership and followers role according to the time, situation, platform, workplace and in business a billion times in life.

3. Books are an important part of our life. Most people read a lot of books. When we read books, words become leader and we (soul) become follower while we are reading. And books are the object.

Everything that we see, touch and feel is manifested in the form of a leader and a follower according to the situation, demand, needs, desires and actions.

But many fail to become leader due to thought process and lack of control on mind and body. When students learn from their teacher, the students are follower, the lessons are leader and teacher is an object.

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4. Absence of the boss in the workplace tests the leadership qualities of employees. If employees take charge of the business productivity and keep working towards the goals, then it’s because they are follower of the boss but also the leader when boss is not present.

While many will take advantages of the absence of boss and start using social media and gossip. They are the follower of their minds and habits. This is the process of leadership.

5. In tough situation, such as when everyone leaves the job at an owner’s business, the owner or founder is still working and believing that he/she will be soon on the track, he/she will be successful very soon.

What drives the person who is alone to become successful, that is leadership. His/her mind is the follower of soul and beliefs, thoughts, knowledge and habits.

6. When we use mobile, computer and internet or any kind of machine, the machine and process becomes the leader, and  we become the follower.

It’s because we’re following the options and direction that software and websites are suggesting us to do. So the website software becomes the leader and machine,computer or mobile is just an object.

One more thing I want to add here is the fact that AI (artificial intelligence) is the leader and user or operator is the follower. The leader is artificial and follower is the real object

7. It’s natural that we are happy and sad many times in a day or week. The reason of this happiness and sadness is our mind. We make, position, designate the mind as a leader of our body, soul and life.

The mind is playful. He wants to do a lot ,all together at the same time, he becomes greedy because of the show, he wants praise, he wants money. And that’s why he puts himself and the working people together to get what he needs. And if he does not get it then he is angry, sad and tortures others too.

And if he finds it, he is happy for a few days, makes a lot of ostentation, and then again he lingers to get something else. And thus his/her time keeps passing.  

This happens when the mind becomes the owner and the owner becomes the employee. In fact, our mind is quite unhappy because it has to become the leader of our life, career and business. But it becomes the leader automatically and it happens because, we can not hear the voice of our soul.

Its because the mind is busy trying to convince other people, mind is busy on social media, busy in debates, busy in arguments, busy in mobile and many other daily life activities and materialistic showoffs. He (mind) does not have any time for the soul and its not working in the direction suggested by soul, he is busy working on it’s own agenda.

Therefore, when we do not give ourselves time to think of ourselves, talk to ourselves, then how will our soul become a leader?


So friends, remember, to become a leader you have to become a follower at the same time. Your mind is a follower and your soul is the leader. Never ignore your voice of heart and never control your soul through mind. Make the mind a driver of your body but not the owner. The real owner is your soul.

In conclusion, leadership is when minds manage the commands and process of the soul’s purposes. Such leadership is very dangerous for the world, when one’s mind or show off, luxuries, reputation and pomp is influencing other minds and souls negatively.

The best leadership is when one soul is influencing a billion people to control their mind and body in a positive way.

Do what your soul tells you to do, not what your mind says. If you able to do it, you’re the leader of your life and then you will become successful whatever you (your soul) wants to do. Mind is a manager, never make a manager a leader.

And never make a leader a manager. Manager can create more manager. But leader will make more leaders.

But you don’t need to ignore the importance of mind or Manager. It’s because in real life (business, career, lifestyle) we can’t live without manager. Leader (soul) does the Karma but Follower (Mind) manages the Karma. Leader does not worry about the profit, loss, reports and presentations only manager does the calculations.

So it looks like we are two. But in reality we’re one. And we become one when our heart and mind focus on one thing, one thought, one goal.

That’s it friends. This is what  I think about leadership and do in my life and business.

What do you (Your Mind – Manager and Soul – Leader) think about leadership?

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