Importance of public speaking essay


Public speaking is a way to share your ideas, thoughts, and feelings with different groups of people, both in person and online as per goals and intentions.

Public speaking skills are important to communicate effectively in the workplace, conferences, workshops, seminars, and webinars. The main aim is to achieve specific goals, inspire action, influence the audience, and create a lasting impression.

Public speaking happens automatically when speaking to a group of people whether it’s a small or large group of audience and this put your communication skills and knowledge to the test.

Public speaking is a crucial aspect of leadership and business communication skills, which plays a vital role in career and business development. However, its significance extends beyond professional settings and is equally important in personal and daily life activities. Developing public speaking skills is essential for individuals aspiring to become influential leaders in the realms of business, society, and politics.

Public speaking comes naturally in a person after knowing and understanding the goals of listeners or the audience. The clarity and confidence in speaking come after understanding the subject and its objects. It includes the subject’s expertise, religious, political, economic, and personal interests, experiences, audience goals, and emotions.

Now the thoughts of the speaker can be negative or positive, and the clarity in thoughts can be aggressive. Public interest can be ignored with a personal interest in certain situations.  Public speaking can be used to make people angry, confident, cheated, inspired, and even also to fool people and organizations.

Public speaking can be in a large or small group audience and it can be to a certain class or family gathering.

Following are the example or uses of public speaking:

Public speaking is not only limited to the speaker or presenter on stage but also involved backstage work such as writing, data analysis, fact-checking, management, project planning, problem-solving, and surveys.

  1. When a student asks a question the teacher in class, it is the beginning of public speaking skills in students.
  2. When a person speaks in meetups and seminars, it’s an example of their public speaking.
  3. When someone posts social media status, image, or video and it also means public speaking.
  4. When an artist lists the painting for sale or public exhibition then that communication through his/her art is communication publicly.
  5. When a person or writer writes a book, article or blog and shares it in public then it’s a way to communicate with people in written words.
  6. When someone communicates a personal or professional point of view in a video and uploads it on video search engines such as YouTube then it’s also public speaking.
  7. When someone trying to sell the product on the bus, in traffic signals, in showrooms, in shops, and explaining the benefits then it’s also public speaking.
  8. When government or non-government organizations distribute public notice or do conferences.
  9. Advertisements and promotions are also part of public speaking.
  10. Natural disasters are the public speaking of nature and the environment with humans.

Social media content, videos, blogs, newspapers, magazines, books, tv shows, news media, paintings, and almost any single or multiple objects (people, groups of groups) or subject that are shared, expressed with more than 1 person for opinions, judgments, and orders are all public speaking.

So public speaking skills are required for impactful communication with the audience to encourage them to take action and change their mindset. And before you start speaking or within a few seconds, the most important thing is to get the attention of people.

Following the top Public speaking skills and learn why these skills are important while presenting, representing, leading, teaching, delegating, and speaking on the stage and in videos:

  • Clarity about the goals: In public speaking clarity or pre-written goals or the agenda of the meetup helps others to understand your intention. Else they can wrongly understand or judge your intentions wrongly.
  • Confidence: Confidence in the topic, examples, and physical expression attract and engage people to listen.
  • Respect:Respect: Showing regard while arguing or objecting to the question or agenda of competitors and control on negative emotions is very important. So that you do not lose your own and the audience’s focus from the important points that you’re describing.
  • Knowledge about the topic: Not all are equally intelligent in the audience. Some of them are better than you and some know less than you. But what is important is that you must have some kind of knowledge about the topic. So that you can use facts and figures to make your story powerful.
  • Creative ways to explain important and complex points. You can use your own personal and professional life experiences.
  • Strong vocabulary that has to be related to the subject.  But also important so that each person can understand. While they don’t expect you to be 100% correct and on the spot. But you can mix your and your audience’s vocabulary. You can use the examples in their own lives and daily activities.
  • Energetic and enthusiastic: When people are in listening mode, they can get to sleep very easily. It’s important that your physical movements and expressions are good and positive. So that they feel the movements in their own body along with the knowledge increments.
  • Topics, Words, and speaking based on the audience’s interest: Everyone is interested to listen to something that is beneficial for them. If your story is inspiring let them learn from that. But if you’re giving your own examples in each meeting, they will get bored. So each time give new examples and if this is related to their interests and current trends they will listen to that more.
  • Behavioral analysis of audience on certain topics: It means reading the expression and behavior of the audience on certain points of meetings, classes, and webinars. If they are not laughing at the joke, it means they are in serious mode or they haven’t understood that you’re telling them the joke. For this in-between speaking or lecturing ask the students or listeners anything. Involve them in the subject.
  • What needs to say or whatnot: Everyone hates more than one thing. But that doesn’t mean you encourage others to hate that too. You don’t have to hurt others’ emotions. Instead, you have to educate them if they are doing something wrong. And there are various ways to educate without even breaking their emotions and focus.

Now let’s understand the importance of public speaking skills:

 Why public speaking skills are important?

 1. Learn to Lead:

To learn more about the subject you have to ask questions that are coming to your mind while learning and listening. Not only questions, but you also have to answer. But for questions and answers, you have to speak. When you ask such questions in public then it impacts positively or negatively not only you but also the public listen to this:

  • Students have to ask questions in class to learn more. No matter, how many kids laugh. They laugh at the beginning at that student, but that student makes an impact on the class and also on teachers. It’s because to ask a question you need confidence and knowledge about the subject or question. And the way you ask it is your communication skills.
  • Citizen has to ask questions to the leaders, and governments official on various things. But it’s important that they ask it professionally or with respect. Respect for the listeners is very important in public speaking.
  • Social and political leaders have to ask questions directly or through media from the government for certain policies.
  • The media have to communicate social problems and have to present specific facts. But it also required honesty and knowledge about the cause.
  • Business owners and marketers have to give product presentations, and team meetings and ask questions, and surveys from the customers.

In all the above things, the public is included. It can be a class of teachers, societies, communities, parliament, media, and government authorities.

All these people have to ask questions. And the responsible person has to answer.

If students or people don’t ask questions then they will not be able to learn and find out the problems.

Many students and people hesitate due to a lack of knowledge, lack of confidence, and fear of criticism and jokes or memes about themselves. But due to not asking questions, they will remain uneducated, underrated, and even slaves.

Questioning and answering are important parts of public speaking skills. And that’s why it’s important to have public speaking skills to learn more about the subject and the consequences that are happening to individuals and groups.

2. Helps in achieving personal, business, and collective goals:

To achieve personal, business, and collective goals it’s important for a person or project leader to communicate their goals with the team and groups. If someone hesitates to communicate about the work that needs to be done then it’s not possible to achieve personal, business, and collective goals.

For example:

  • If you want to create a group of people for cleaning your village, you have to communicate with them. The people of your village are public and part of society.
  • If you want to teach people about environmental problems and social crises you have to communicate in videos, social media, and presentations. All the audience or listeners are public. And without the support of the public, you can’t achieve your goals. But to get their support and vote you have to use your public speaking skills.
  • You not only have to speak verbally all the time. But also have to speak about your work. Your work, habits, and intentions speak louder than words and influence more people to join you.

 3. Commuinicate about your fundamental rights:

As an individual, you have to fight for your fundamental rights provided by the constitution, if you find the government or authorities are not treating you equally to other people, limiting your freedom to live, etc. you have to communicate.

And for that, you have to communicate and have to explain your point of view, problems, and goals to the government authorities, organizations, political leaders, societies, and problem solvers.

And all these are unknown people, you don’t know about them, they are public and you found yourself always around the public. So, you have to be a good public speaker, to communicate the problems with the authorities respectfully or according to the situation.

4. For the development of society and nation:

Public speaking skills are important in fighting against corruption. You can’t remove corruption on your own land without talking to someone. You have to run a public campaign and to make that successful, you have to use various mediums of communication in public such as social media, digital content, tv, print, seminars, and many other things.

But if know the solution, but are unable to inspire the public to take important action then it’s tough to work on any cause. Not only do you have to gain knowledge about the subject but you also have to speak it to the public effectively. So that more and more people understand your points of view and join your campaign. That’s why public speaking skills are very important in social development. You can find that most of the leaders are good public speakers. But actually, they are good public speakers and that’s why they are leaders. 

5. To become the bigger version of yourself:

You become powerful with money, knowledge, and public support. To earn money, you have to advertise and market your products and services online and offline to the public. The public will give you money for good products/services. And the right use of that money will make you powerful.

To become knowledgeable about the person and social problems you have to communicate with teachers, groups, and communities, and various other powerful people. You have to ask the right question and you have to be trustworthy so that the public gives your ideas and information about a certain subject.

And to get the support of the people you have to communicate with them and help to solve their problems. You will not succeed all the time to get the attention of the audience. But if you give up, you will be known by the public as a loser. So you have to keep changing the ways and strategies to speak to the public and get their favor and support.

Now in all these things to become powerful your public speaking skills matter. Things that matter are how you communicate when you communicate, what language you use, how deeply you understand, how long you listen, and how faster you commit to changing that situation.

So, in conclusion, I would like to say that, to create and lead a team, companies, startups, small groups of societies, and NGOs to solve social and business problems you have to use your public speaking skills.

To debate with government and political leaders, you have to be strong in public speaking. And to make this world better with good intent, your public speaking skills play a big role online and offline.

And most importantly to become a Leader and influential or impactful person, you have to learn to speak, you have to improve your communication and you have to be great at dealing with the public on various occasions and solving personal or national conflicts.

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