Top 6 Examples of learning goals for students


It doesn’t matter whether you learn IT skills online or offline if you don’t know why you’re learning or you don’t have goals. Not only goals but correct goals. Before selecting the online course, online educational platform, degree, or anything to learn computer skills, make sure you have the goal.

Importance of having Goals for Learning:

It’s very important. If you don’t know why you’re learning then someone will tell you to learn it. When the learning goals are set by others for you then you will not become passionate. You will lose interest in that course even after paying $1000+ fees. And this is also one of the big reasons behind unemployment and lack of entrepreneurship among people or students.

That’s why it’s important that you know what you want to do after learning. It can be that you liked what others tell you. You can become successful. But don’t do that only because someone is telling you to do that. You have to figure out what is best for you. And on this website, you will learn all about all the bests skills, learning methods, guides, and tips especially related to the computer, the internet, and information technology. You can subscribe here.

For example, if you’re learning apps development – then your goals can be to build 100+ apps in the next 2 years or business through the app. And I suggest that you never set your goals related to getting a job and certificates. I know certificates and jobs are important in some cases.

Getting a job is easy through campus placements programs and certificates in the private sector.
But you will not get a promotion, improved income because of your placement and certifications. You will get it because of your creative and creation skills.

So, if you don’t want to become a trainee after college then become a trainee while you’re learning. And you will become it when you focus on the correct goal. I think your goals are not to get a job or more money as an app developer. Your goals are to become the world’s best app developer.

And if you focus on building apps then it’s possible that you will be get hired by any big or small company such as Google or new startups. It’s because you will get hired based on your skills and creations. And in another way, you will complete the course after 3 years and till then you will keep passing your time and keep getting demotivated each month 3 to 4 times and more.

I am not saying don’t complete your course. I am saying to focus on the creation, syllabus, skills, knowledge, ideas, opportunities, inventions, innovations, and problem-solving while doing any computer programming, designing, marketing, and even basic computer courses.

I am 500% sure that if you focus on the creation (Building apps, content, designs) you will learn more, fast, accurate and you will be successful in whatever you do.

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So, the following are the examples of correct goals and methods as per the course:


1. Digital Marketing Course/Diploma: 

Correct Goals (My Personal Views): Try to get 1000+ people on your own website or friends or project website from Google Search Engine while learning.

Secondary Goals: Job/Certificate/Projects

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2. Business Management Degree:

Primary Goal: Go to the relatives’ shops, companies, and websites and analyze their business processes and systems. Find out what they are doing wrong that you can correct with your ideas, plan, and process. Talk to them. Convince them to try. You will be failed. But then try again. Implement your online business course knowledge into the real business in the market.

Secondary Goal: Complete the course, get the degree, join a company as a trainee then start learning.

3. WordPress Development / Web Development

Primary Goal: Build the websites for known people and build their own websites, plugins, and themes and sell them. Or convert your skills into income. Become the world’s best WordPress developer.

Secondary Goal: Just learn it to earn from it.

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4. Online Income Opportunities: 

Primary Goal: Learn the skills, invent, discover and create and explore something new.

Secondary Goal: Creating Videos on Online Income

5. Computer Science Degree/Course online:

Primary Goal: Entrepreneurship. More use of your skills.

Secondary: Looking for jobs and looking to earn online without plans and ideas.

6. Learning

Primary Goal:  Innovate / Better Version / Personal Development

Secondary Goal: Repeating the same concepts

The reason to share this example is to give you the point of view. So that you can set clear and correct learning goals.

In conclusion, I will say that learning new skills is important. But to get more benefits or exact results or output, you have to be clear about your goals. Your goals impact your daily learning, and practices. If you aim big – you will learn more and you will use everyone’s online platform as a learning tool.

If you have any questions then ask me without hesitation…

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