How to learn any computer skills online


Learn any computer skills online: Learning basic, advanced computer and technological skills online is the easiest and low-cost method.

Students around the world learning almost all kinds of computer, internet skills online such as apps development, website designing, digital marketing, Microsoft office, content creation, cloud computing, machine learning and many others with freedom and flexibility.

But if getting skilled in computers looks easy online then it doesn’t mean it’s equally effective for all. It’s because every teacher has their own methods of teaching. And it impacts the speed and interest in learning new skills. Now all depend on your own learning skills. Learning also is a skill on its own. And it’s inbuilt from birth.

Not all find it interesting to learn computers from books. Not all like to take college classes to learn computer skills. Some like to watch YouTube video tutorials, and some find it useful to do online computer courses and others do it through joining computer classes near their residence.

For example:

Students know that they can learn computer, business, job and any kind of professional skills online. Now, 50% of them using YouTube for learning and it’s free. And half of them doing online computer courses and they are paying one time, monthly and yearly. And the other 50% doing offline courses. Many students know that it’s possible to learn online. But most of them are not learning. And many are learning but hesitate to interact with online computer instructors.

I am experienced in all types of learning methods and using them for 10+ years. And I have taught various computer skills for more than 12+ years offline. Now I am also doing it online.

But today, my goal is to guide you and share some powerful techniques to learn computer skills online through this article.

I hope it will be useful for you in learning not only the basics of computer skills but also advanced computer skills such as digital marketing, programming, content creation, and machine learning.

So, let’s start:

1. Set the goal of learning computer skills:

The Internet is a sea of data, information, and knowledge. But for you as a student, everything is an input. That your brain will process or that you execute or that you use in your daily work. The way you use, the way you execute and this process will make the difference in the results that you get.

The point here is simple. Just focus on what you can do with the knowledge right now or today while learning.

Use your learned skills each day. Even start working after learning. But be specific, don’t try to learn everything. Learn only 1 thing and then use that. Don’t try to become the most knowledgeable person when learning any skill online.

For example, if you’re learning excel then you will have the following goals:

  1. You have to practice how to visualize various data.
  2. You have to practice how to perform various mathematical and statistical calculations.
  3. You have to practice using formulas in various calculations such as bank loans, car loans, personal finance, business accounts, and many other economic data.

This type of goal will help you to learn the exact thing.

Remember, you don’t have to learn to copy-paste. You have to learn creation.

I hope you got my point. But if not learn the following article:

Learn the complete concepts with examples:

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2. Select the platform to learn computer skills online:

There are various types of online learning platforms. Such as the following:

Online Courses – Udmey, Coursera, Simplilearn, Edurekha, upGrad, Edx and many others. In which you can do certificate and diploma courses online in various IT streams.

YouTube Video Tutorials/Channel: There are thousands of top-quality youtube channels teaching the most useful IT skills. In which you can learn from the experiences of the teacher. Such as – For programming, Google Developers India – Related to Apps/Web Development


Blog Websites: There are various niche-specific websites in which you will get a consistent guide, tips related to your field. The method of learning is article-based. You have to read to understand. While on YouTube you have to watch and listen. And in Online courses, you have to do all of this.

Google/Bing Search Engine:

You can use the Google/Bing search engine for learning. Whatever you want to learn you just have to search and you will get it. For example, you are learning about the use of the polygonal lasso tool in Adobe Photoshop but you haven’t found the samples, exercises. In this case, you will search for polygonal lasso tool examples.

Similarly, if you’re learning Microsoft Word functions on YouTube, but you haven’t found the samples or exercise ideas for practice, then you can search on Google about the list of Microsoft word exercises.

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3. Free learning resources versus Paid:

Both free and paid online courses, subscriptions are effective. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, in free sources, you have to learn randomly and it’s best suited for intermediate and experts or those have the basic knowledge of computer. They can get ideas even from free sources.

But paid courses have a clear, focused syllabus and it is predefined and gets updated on the way. The problem with paid courses is that they are not personalized. They are not designed for one specific student but for all the students in that category. And if you don’t find what is promised in the online course then you will lose some money.

But overall, I found each online learning platform effective. No matter that is an ebook, online course, youtube videos, social media updates, blog articles, and podcasts.

I highly suggest the guideline for students to learn online in the following ways, as I also mentioned in 1st point:

  1. No teacher is perfect.
  2. You will get what teachers know.
  3. So it depends on the student or you that you will have clear goals, about what you want to learn.

And the most important thing, whatever you learn, wherever you learn but do as many practical exercises as you can do. I suggest for each function that you practice that 5 to10 times before moving to learn the next topic or option.

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4. Discipline yourself for learning:

We can define discipline as consistent learning. And it’s more important in online learning or during online courses. When we learn on the internet, we have thousands of options for learning. Many students start comparing each platform and course. That’s ok. But in this way their learning suffers.

The point is to learn one thing from one instructor before you trying to learn something from others. One teacher at one time. On the internet, there are thousands of teachers, and you’re the only student. So logically it’s difficult to follow all teachers and guidelines at one time.

The second discipline or habit that you follow is that you learn daily, even for 5 minutes. You can access the course on mobile as well as on the computer.

  1. Don’t move to the next training module before practicing.
  2. Learn daily and become your own guide.
  3. Practice one guideline before learning the next guide from another teacher.
  4. Try to ask questions. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from your course teacher and mentor. The more you ask the better you will understand.

5. Be creative, be unique, that is you and Be on your own path:

It’s obvious to get influenced by the money, status, and lifestyle of others on the web. It attracts us to do the same. But always remember that you’re different, your situation is different, your experience is different and your dreams and values are different.

Your goal when learning online is not to become the same as the teacher or not to live like your mentor. Each of us is unique. We have our own ideas. We have a unique identity and style. We don’t need to change ourselves because we’re attracted to money and status. But yes, we can learn what is good for us.

So, you have to do what is best for you.

You have to think creatively, you have to become not the person you’re following. Every teacher wants their students to become better and more successful.

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So, these are the top things that I think so far are essential to follow for each student learning any kind of computer, or business skills online. If you want to know more and if you have any doubt then please tell me, I will do my best to help you.

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