Desktop vs Laptop – Which is the Better Investment for Productivity?


Both laptops and computers revolutionized economics, business, science, and the decentralization of power. All the mobile apps and the mobile revolution and development work are done on Computer. While mobile is easy to use and more popular now than laptops and computers. Just because people think mobile is everything. Everything is on mobile. But that’s not true.

Generally, people are using only 10% power of computers on mobile. Mobile is a management device in which you have to input less and need to manage output and information. While the computer is the actual device that is used to develop software, mobile apps, websites, content creation, graphic designing, and video editing, and there are various uses of computers in our daily life.

A computer is a device for innovators, students, scientists, developers, designers, writers, and everyone who have basic as well as advanced knowledge of computer to understand the power of the computer.

While mobile has its own role in our daily life, we can’t ignore that. But if you think or anyone thinks that mobile can replace the computer or replaced the computer then don’t take that seriously.

Actually, mobile devices build their own audiences on their own. That is not taking computer users away but also making computer users more powerful through hybrid computing and mobile apps. Mobile is an essential device for common men or everyone.

I have written it because many students and parents even business owners are confused about what to purchase or what to use more in business or the workplace. That’s why it’s important for me to share my point of view on that.

Now let’s talk about which is the best Laptop or a Desktop. What to buy for students’ or kids’ laptops or computers? or What is the best Desktop or laptop for business?

The 1st thing that you have to understand is that both desktop and laptop computers are equally powerful and almost the same if you talk about their software and hardware configuration.

The desktop is larger in size while the laptop is smaller in size and less in weight. That’s what is actually the biggest difference. But this one difference is enough to compare both which is better to use and buy? Now let’s learn all about this in detail:

1. A laptop is easy to pick up and carry:

A laptop is easy to carry anywhere. This is the best option for college students and business owners. While you can’t take a desktop with you each time. But you can place a desktop at home for everything.

A desktop computer is best for school students at home so that they can do only those things that are important to them and they can also play games. And if there are two kids at home then both can divide their time to use a computer or they can also learn or use it together.

While the laptop is good for college students. So that they can take laptops to college and class. And it totally belongs to them as their personal gadgets.

2. You can continue the work on the computer at least for 24 hours and even more:

Laptop components are small, with small CPU fans and everything is small except the screen. While that’s not a problem. But if you use a laptop daily for 10 to 12 hours continuously for work then within 2 or 3 years you have to change it or need to replace a few components such as the battery, ram, hard disk, and screen. You can’t use a laptop roughly and you have to use it with care.

But the laptop gets heated up if you’re using it non-stop for 10+ hours. And within a few months, you will start getting heat-up problems. And that will make the process slow.

While the desktops have more heat resistance capacity. Each component is larger including Ram, IC/capacitors/resistance, CPU fans, etc. The desktop can work more than 24 hours non-stop. And it can work like a server in which processing remains 24×7 or a continuous process.

3. A desktop computer is less costly than a laptop:

Commonly you can buy a good desktop computer between 25000 to 30000 rupees ($300 to $500). But to buy a good laptop you have to spend 50000+ rupees ($600).

While it also depends on the laptop or desktop computer configuration. For example, you can get a laptop with 2 GB ram for 15000 to 20000 rupees. But a computer with 32 GB ram can be around 50000+. And their wide variety of desktop and laptop computers and prices start from $200 to more than $5000.

4. You will get the battery backup with a laptop:

For one or more computers you need a separate UPS or an inverter for power backup. If you want to work as a freelancer or remotely surely need power backup. And normal UPS can support not more than 10 minutes. If you buy a normal or basic inverter then you can run 1 computer for 7 to 8 hours. The more computer you have the larger you need power backup.

But on a good laptop, you will get 4+ hours of battery backup. This is the best option for beginners’ freelancers or remote staff to use laptops instead of desktops for work. It’s because while working with clients or in sales or technical support you need to be available every time, especially during your schedule. And laptop can also help you to work from anywhere.

5. Desktop is more preferred in the workplace for the work:

For graphic design, a video editing work desktop is preferred. It’s because you can expand the power or configuration of pc easier than a laptop. While such work required high processing power. You can also do this work on the laptop as well.

It’s not mandatory that use a desktop computer for graphics designing and high processing power computers. If you want more freedom and flexibility then you can buy a more powerful computer at least with 16 GB ram, SSD, and graphics card. And to prevent heat up you can use a cooling pad.

6. Choose your comfort:

The laptop is best for freelancers, developers, college students, writers, digital marketers, business analysts, and business owners.

But if you want if you’re running a coaching center the best is a desktop computer. You can buy a good desktop computer with a basic configuration. And you can use them for 10+ years without any problem. While laptops in my personal experience can only work without maintenance for 3 years.

7. The laptop is good for a single user or personal work:

If you want privacy or want to buy a computer only for personal use then buy a laptop. And for 1 or more kids you can buy a desktop computer. For example, if you’re working as a freelance account manager then you need a laptop. So that when you visit each business or shop you can enter billing details on your own laptop and software.

While many business owners have in-office accountants and they use a desktop computer for all the accounts, billing, and inventory work.

8. Ease of use or inconvenience in both:

To use a desktop computer, you have to sit on a chair for a long. It gives lower back pain to many. Too much sitting without walking after 30 to 40 minutes is not good for health. In winter using a desktop computer is tough. But on the desktop computer, your neck and eyes remain straight and right posture. That’s good!

While using a laptop your neck and eyes direction remains a little down. You can feel pain in your neck and upper back due to too much pressure or too long on your neck.

It’s ok for some months and years. But after 5 to 10 years, you can feel such pain more. So, maintaining good body posture and taking breaks between work is important.

But in winter you can use a laptop in your bed as well. So, both have their own pros and cons if you talk about health and comfort.

So you find that there is no big difference between the software and hardware side of a desktop and laptop. What you get on a desktop (software/hardware) you can get that on a laptop. And what you will get on the laptop you can get that on a desktop computer as well.

It’s mainly the decision of your comfort, budget, and work especially if you’re buying it for yourself.

If you’re looking to buy a desktop computer or laptop for kids then also take their advice on what they will prefer as per their education and career goals. Ask them certain questions based on the comparison in this post. So that they can analyze on their own and take good buying decisions not just for computers, but for any technology, gadgets, and software purchased in the future.

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