Top 5 SEO Strategies you can try to grow your website traffic organically


SEO as an online marketing strategy is essential for almost all businesses. But more important for those who want to grow their business organically and systematically. Like you many others are also trying to get free traffic from search engines to their business website.

So the 1st and most important thing to remember is that you are not alone there competing for the #1 rank on Google and Bing. Everyone is trying their best. Some will be successful to get a higher rank for their content and landing pages and many will fail.

Every SEO update makes a positive and negative change. Those website owners and companies following the google and Bing guidelines will not get impacted negatively. Even after each update, their traffic grows.

So, the 1st strategy to use SEO to grow your business is that follow the rules and principles set by search engines (Google and Bing). Here you can stay updated with the SEO rules: Google Search Central Blog and Bing Webmaster Guidelines

And that is to focus on “People first content” and writing and publishing content with the right intent. That also means helping the users/visitors and readers.

Example: A business or blog website is like a plant. For the growth of a plant, it’s important to water the roots regularly and properly. And have to take care of various weather conditions and seasons.

Similarly, learning website optimization techniques and tips suggested by google and bing are like learning the process or system of how to irrigate the roots of a website. It’s because to increase the website organically it’s important to follow the rules and tips suggested by the sources of organic traffic.

The 2nd SEO strategy is to optimize your content with a focus to improve your user experience. In which you can include best Technical and on-page SEO practices such as:

  • Optimizing your page and post content, title (h1), subheading, keywords, images, meta description, image, video, and link structure for the best user experience. Read More28 On-Page SEO techniques that increase website traffic
  • Improving your website loading speed.
  • Remove the popup and all those things that prevent users to read content on your website.
  • Block the referral spam traffic and bots. Read More: How to stop bad bots traffic on WordPress website
  • Optimization of the database especially if it’s a WordPress website.
  • Monitor your website traffic and use security plugins or firewall rules.

To understand the “people’s first content” or Google’s guide for creators effectively you have to understand a little bit of history, which I observed mainly over the last 2 years.

Many companies and content creators copied the content and then manipulated that with AI tools. Even many used AI tools and content scrapers. And then also created a better version. I have found my own blog posts are copied by many people. Because they were on the top.

The content is originally posted by me. But instead of having original content getting on the top, the person who copied the posts got the #1 position.

The 2nd thing I observed is that business uses competitive analysis tools to find loopholes in the content. But forget that their competitors also use the same or similar tools for SEO and competitive analysis. So how long the strategy will work, no one knows. Read MorePros and Cons of search engine optimization

The 3rd thing I observed is that no matter how much you know and write with the best intentions or people first, search engines only show what is best for the users.

Now there are two types of best I found:

One that is paid and 2nd is a guide.

The 1st content is from the website selling a tool or scheme. Written for people but focused on the tool. The content was focused on showing a tool more powerful.

In the guide, people do not have to pay money or even he/she is not an expert but has great tips. The content is fully written for the “people first”. Both have promising results. Both contents are unique. But the 1st type of content got on the top in search results.


Have more backlinks some of those are from affiliates, and social media ads as well. Content is useful and also shows the tool. It means more useful for the readers. So now you have to make your content as much as good as possible. Now the question is? How much good is enough?

It depends on the topic and keyword you’re targeting.

And this answer is the 3rd SEO strategy that is do not try to copy your competition. Do not follow their agenda. Instead set your own agenda first before the competitors wake up. And you will get maximum traffic from search engines. Capture the market share before your competitors start researching the keywords.

How to do it?

This is the 4th SEO strategy that stays up to date with the latest development and trends in your business. You have to understand and observe the current and future problems of your customers or target audience.

And find out the satisfaction rate of existing customers of your competitors. Provide them with a solution that is better than 200% even with totally different plan.

Remove the problem from the roots. So that they no longer need that solution. That is on the top. And this is the most challenging part. Customers come to those with who they find trust. And you can’t win the trust with a few posts.

So, to get regular traffic you have to be consistent with your content strategy.

The 5th SEO strategy is to communicate with your customers and listen to them. Allow them to connect with you. Let them feel comfortable and confident to communicate and ask questions.

Notice all the rejection, criticism, feedback, bounce rate, and average session. And also monitor and audit your website content. Make a list of the things that need to be changed.  That can be an image, publishing process or format. Do a few things only for testing.

But always remember, to focus on providing the best user experience. Whether it’s a website, SEO, content, social media, product or customer support.

Work like a brand even if you are small but think like a customer to get more traffic and sales. And you only think when you focus on the customers.

Things to remember (Golden Tips): I believe like this post, you have observed and learned many SEO tips and strategies. Some of them are great! But do not copy-paste the strategies. Add your own knowledge and creativity to make them unique to your business. Search Engine Optimization is not just a process but a group of many small activities that aims to help more people.

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