Pros and Cons of using WordPress for website building


WordPress pros and cons 2022: Can WordPress be used for a business website? My answer to this question is Yes.

You can use WordPress for business, portfolio, blog websites, and directory websites without any tension. There are different ways to build any type of website. And WordPress is one of the best and most popular, CMS software to build websites.

But why use WordPress? This is the most asked question by many people related to WordPress. And today, I will share complete details in this article, why use WordPress, How to Use it?

This article is a complete business plan or WordPress website plan for business owners, students, freelance beginners, professionals, educators, and writers.

So please read this article and get important tips to make informed and strategic decisions to build a WordPress website.

Let’s start:

What is WordPress:

WordPress is a free and open-source application or software that is created to manage content (Blog, website content, Data, and Information) or you can create websites, blogs, and apps. And anyone can use it or install it on their server or hosting account cPanel – file manager or public HTML to create websites and blogs. Many hosting companies provide 1 Click installation to WordPress. Installation of WordPress on the server is as simple as you installing any other software on your computer.

This system or open-source software is created or written and managed by using PHP programming language + MySQL database. And it was launched on 27th May 2003. It is developed or created by WordPress Foundations that is a charitable organization founded by Maat Mullenweg. Here you can learn more about WordPress Foundations and here you can learn about open-source application.

Technically, WordPress is open-source application software in which you can create personal, business, and blog websites by using free and paid themes, and to add more dynamic functionality you can use plugins. It is used on millions of websites.

You just have to pay money for domain and hosting and that’s it if you learn to use WordPress then you can create, run and grow a website on your own.

Learn moreUses of WordPress in Websites and How does it work

WordPress Pros – 17 Reasons to Use WordPress For Website

1. The speed of creating a website in WordPress is fast. In normal cases, the website can be completed with content and SEO in 2-3 days.

2. On the internet, there are hundreds of video tutorials and blogs that someone can watch and read to learn WordPress. Even there are online paid courses in which you will get a complete step-by-step learning method and practical exercises or products and syllabus. You can find some top courses to learn WordPress skills here or please see in the right-sidebar.

Here is a complete guide for you to learn WordPress Skills: Top 5 most effective methods to learn WordPress: Complete WordPress Learning Guide

3. The cost of using WordPress is zero. But you have to pay for a domain and hosting. If you hire a WordPress developer or WordPress designer then you have to pay for their time and services if you don’t learn it on your own. But if you don’t have time then the services also cost you around 5000 to 10000 rupees only. But the prices can be varied and it depends on the WordPress Developer or his/her services.

4. There are thousands of good free WordPress themes and plugins available to create any type of design and feature-rich website.

5. Anyone can create a website without knowledge of programming languages. But basic computer/internet skills or knowledge is important.

6. You can make responsive websites that will work automatically or by default responsive on all devices.

7. You will get by default a dashboard where you can control and manage your whole website. You will get the following features:

8. You can create, edit, and manage as many pages as you want just with a few clicks. Even you can also use page builder plugins such as elementor to design and decorate the home page, and landing page.

9. You can add guest authors for separate controls. And you can manage and restrict the guest features controls such as author, editor, and admin. For that, you can also use a separate plugin.

10. You can fully customize the theme designs/features by customizing options such as typography, color, header, website layout (boxed or wide), post settings, page settings, sidebar, and many other things.

11. If there is no feature in a theme to customize then you can also use Custom CSS plugins to do it.

12. By using SEO Yoast or similar SEO plugins you can optimize the website, and blog post content for search engine traffic. If you don’t know much about SEO then you have to just follow the SEO Plugin instructions.

13. You can manage your website from a mobile phone through the WordPress App.

14. You can take website backup from WordPress Dashboard through plugins.

15. The management of content, pages, posts, authors, readers, and settings are easy and anyone can learn that after watching a tutorial.

16. Many free and paid themes provide complete documentation, customization guide, and support. Where you can ask questions or you can read answered questions.

17. You can embed, and integrate third-party media, information, features, and applications in WordPress.

And many others.

WordPress Cons: 7 Reasons Not to Use WordPress For Your Website

1. The design, appearance, and functionality can be personalized but still, it’s similar on many websites. It’s because thousands of people use a single theme. And if someone doesn’t know the basics of HTML, and CSS then it’s tough for them to design it or present it differently.

2. While we can use free themes and plugins. But to use premium you have to pay for that. And in most of them, you will find subscription-based pricing plans that cost more in the long term as a business.

3. To create a website in WordPress you don’t need much knowledge, just basic computer knowledge is enough. But to make a website successful it’s important for the owner to learn WordPress or to hire someone with WordPress Design/Development/SEO knowledge.

4. WordPress is good for static business, portfolio, and blog website content. But for fully dynamic functionality or for a web application you have to code or need to hire a web developer.

5. You can do many things but you can’t do everything on WordPress related to design and customization. If there is no plugin then there is a problem. And to solve that problem, you have to hire a developer or you have to create that on your own. But if both options cost you more, then you have to compromise.

6. WordPress, Themes, and Plugin updates are constant. I mean these things get updated often. And it’s also important for the providers.

7. But if you don’t want to use updated features or functionality then other plugins and features will not work correctly. It means you have to keep yourself and the website updated as per the technological updates in WordPress, themes, and plugins. That’s also good. But uncomfortable for those who just have basic knowledge of WordPress.

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Nothing is perfect in this world. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. You just have to clear yourself what you want to do and what will be the best possible, less costly, and fast options to do that.

When doing business online or running a website. You just have to keep updated on your business strategies, tools, and methods on the way. And you have to prepare all the time for the next challenges.

So there are enough explanations above why use WordPress for Websites. But now let’s understand it as per categorization or personal perspectives.

  • If you want a simple business website where you want to advertise or present or showcase your products and services then you can use WordPress. In this case, readers only watch, read, and learn. And then will contact you through the contact page on the website. You can display contacts, google maps for directions, and business addresses and people can message you directly from the website that you will get in your email or Gmail inbox. To do all of that you can use WordPress.
  • If you want to sell your products online then you can use WordPress. You have to use WordPress eCommerce plugins or themes. To integrate the payment gateway, you can also use plugins or you can create separate files in your Cpanel so that your payment gateway services will work.
  • You can use WordPress to create your Freelancing profile / Resume / Portfolio to get more clients.
  • If you want to write or if you like to write then you can use WordPress for Blogging.
  • If you want to run a News website you can use WordPress.
  • If you want to run a directory website or local listing website you can use WordPress.
  • And you can create any type of business website. But remember, all these websites will work as per the functionality and features that you will get in theme and plugins.

It’s also possible after 2 or 3 years, if you want to upgrade a few features or you want some specific things for your customers that other eCommerce or business owners are not providing then you have to hire WordPress Plugin or Theme Developer to create that unique feature for your website.

Freelance beginners can learn and use WordPress to provide website design and development-related services.

They can provide – WordPress Admin Services, WordPress SEO Services, WordPress Plugin/Theme Development, design services, and many others.

You have to learn some advanced WordPress Skills such as WordPress and plugin Development to maintain and manage the success of the website. And once you will create one or two websites you will get an idea of what you need to learn or how you can use WordPress to get more business benefits. So, don’t wait, just start using it or even watching the tutorials on YouTube. You will get many solutions and business opportunities by using WordPress for Business or any other website.

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