What is Digital Content: How to create digital content on your own

Digital content is a method of communication. To communicate with one or millions of people on the internet we use digital content. We can’t communicate all the time live on the Internet with people through live telecast, video calling, and telephonically. That’s why digital content is a method to automate business, personal, and social communication.

It means to keep communicating, educating, marketing, and promoting the purpose we use digital content. Digital content is used by common people, businesses, organizations, news channels, students, professionals, and governments to connect and communicate with the target audience. You can say that digital content is the way of communication automation.

In simple words, your personal picture that you upload on the Facebook profile is digital content. Your profile photo communicates with your friends.

Digital content can be a video, text message, images, infographics, podcast(audio), articles and these are the popular types of digital content. It can in an online course, social media post, YouTube channel, blog, eBook, podcast.

Content is the biggest source of revenue for the biggest internet companies, startups.

Many of them earn millions of dollars from other people’s content and many earn through their own content a few hundred dollars per month.

Technically, Data and Information is Gold or source of income, it is in itself is a product on the internet. Anyone can use it, create it, and earn from it. In simple terms data/information is marketed or communicated through digital content on the internet.

Uses of Digital Content in our daily life:

1. Digital Content is used to inform and educate people.

For example, in coronavirus pandemic many governments and non-government organizations creating the content to spread awareness, information through digital content. This digital content is in quotes, images, articles, templates, brochures, and videos. And it shared on social media websites, apps, and government websites.

A similar method is used by digital marketing companies, businesses, educational institutions, and professionals to educate and inform their target customers or audience through digital content.

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2. Digital Content is used to promote the business or Digital Marketing

Showroom, Product, team activities images and photos are captured and shared on social media to promote the business. That content in videos, infographics, images, podcasts, and interviews are created for specific reasons. The main reason is to attract people to the content. Then that content attracts them to buy the products and services.

YouTube channels, Blogs, Social Media Websites, Apps used by people to watch, capture, learn, absorb the information, data, and knowledge and also for entertainment.

While there are individual bloggers, YouTubers who create powerful, entertaining, informational, and educational content but earning less than social media websites.

It’s not only that if you share content on social media then there is a chance that you will get a few people on the website. But to get real traffic or quality traffic you have to pay for advertising. While many marketers or people create and share lots of content in the hope of traffic. But then that content is not that much visible by social media sites algorithms.

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3. Digital Content is used to educate students online and offline:

You can use various computer applications, mobile apps to create digital content. To create digital content for educational purposes you have to use animations, charts, diagrams, videos, slideshows, images, infographics, quotes, eBooks, podcasts, and many others.

After that, you can share that content on WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, Zoom, Skype, and your own website.

Your own website is the best source to share and upload digital content. And it is found directly by thousands of people from the search engine and you will also earn revenue. Social networking website is place where millions of people upload the content for free. Not all content creator or uploader earn money.

Tools or methods and Computer / Mobile Application that you can use create digital content:

  1. Mobile Phone Camera
  2. Mobile Phone Audio Recording
  3. Microsoft Word
  4. Microsoft Excel
  5. Microsoft PowerPoint
  6. Affinity Designer or Adobe Photoshop
  7. Video Editing Software
  8. Animation Software
  9. Corel Draw or Adobe illustrator

To use the above applications it’s important that you know the basics of computer or you have basic computer skills but if now then following online courses will be very helpful in digital content creation:

Online Basic Computer Courses & Learn Essential Computer Skills

But if you only want to learn digital content creation skills then please read following post:

Online courses to learn digital content creation skills

What things you have to do to create digital content:

  • You have to write and edit the text to create image quotes. After that you will share them on social media with your brand name.
  • You have to record and edit videos to upload on YouTube.
  • You have to take pictures and then need to edit and after that you can upload them on social media or Pinterest or on your own website.
  • You have to write an article and then need to share it on your blog website.
  • You have to record Audio and then you will need to upload that.

How to create digital content, Following are the top ideas:

  • Write your own personal and professional experience. You can create animated videos or slideshows for that. After that you can publish that material on your website.
  • Create content that helps people to become educated and informed about their rights and duties.
  • Create a Question and Answer content.
  • Create Video Tutorials on anything that you know such as cooking, programming, designing and coaching. And upload them on YouTube or create your channel.
  • Create and produce inspiring and motivational content.
  • When you travel take pictures and upload them on Pinterest or create your own travel photography website.
  • Create content that exposes fake news or fake propaganda of political parties.
  • Create content that helps to reduce corruption in government departments.
  • Create content that helps to reduce pollution.
  • You can create digital content that will help society to build a common sense and awareness.
  • Create content that helps in social development.
  • You can create digital content in which you can share how companies, politicians make people fool.
  • You can write or record poems, Shayari, stories on your own.
  • You can make play with your friends on a social cause.
  • You can make a play (Video Series) with your friends about a social cause.
  • You can educate people.


You can use any method. It can be a cartoon, memes, article, video, eBook, and quotes. So, whatever you create. Create something that you will proud of that or that solve the problems of people. And make sure that it does not violate the fundamental rights of other people or disrespect them.