Role of purpose in making a successful website


Your intention, purpose, thoughts, and planning have a huge hand in making a new or failed website successful. There must be some reason why you are making a website or why you made it.

Usually, people create websites for the purposes of earning money online, getting more customers, automating business, selling products and services online, etc. This is all fine and there is nothing wrong with it. But the website is not made for this.

Why is a website made?

Any website or application is made for a particular group of people or user group for their purposes, to meet their needs and demands, to support them in their cause, and to solve their problems. This is also called target audience or target visitors or target customers. A website is like building a business from its foundation.

For example, a website is created to help online course creators or teachers to connect and sell their courses worldwide. Another example, a website is made for housewives to find and get the best beauty tips, tools, and products.

When you will create a website with the intention of achieving the objectives of a particular group of people (Internet users) or related to a particular subject, problem, desire, demand, and fulfillment. Only then will you have a great idea and a wonderful plan.

And there is no exaggeration in this that when you have the right goal, strong intention, and good plan and you execute it with positivity and excitement then traffic will also come to the website, you will earn money, and you will be able to grow the business.

If you do not have the right purpose and intention to do something for the people, then you will lack successful ideas and planning. And you will get confused while creating the website and then it will be difficult for you to make it successful.

Now just understand these things:

  • When you do business with a good intention to help people, will you not benefit? Surely it will happen. Read More: Importance of user experience (UX) in Web Design
  • In the beginning, there may be fewer visitors to the website. But when they come to know that you have the products and services that they want, will they not take them from you?
  • When you know why you are making the website you are making, then you will not feel any hesitation in telling it and promoting it. instead, you must feel proud of that. Read More: How to make your website more popular with these 15 ways
  • When your focus is on helping people, you will be able to work on ideas that will help people. This will automatically optimize your website for unique, engaging, and valuable content, design, and keywords. In this way, your website will be ranked at the highest level in search engines like Google, Bing etc. Due to this, more people will come to the website from search engines and social media. Due to this, your business will grow quadruple day and night.

But if you are considering the website as only a money-earning machine, trick, or cleverness then you are thinking wrong. You can use any of the world’s biggest and latest technology, trick and copy, but if the purpose of your website is to earn money only and only, no matter what tricks you have to adopt, then sooner or later people and search engines will know this.

You will find thousands of catchy headlines on making money online on the internet. Many people also earn. But that money is more of a loss than a profit.

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So don’t take shortcuts to earn money through websites or anything. If you want to make a lot of money, then make it a business. Think of your website as a shop, factory, company, showroom, or training center. And thus consider every user visiting the website as a customer. Understand their needs and solve them. With this, not only you will be able to earn money but also fame.

So, friends, in this way, in this first step, you understood what a website is, and why it is made. And what is the impact of your intentions, objectives, resolutions, and activities on the success of the website? And I am sure you agree with all these things. And of course, you will be able to align your website now with the right goals and intentions, which will speed up the success of your website and business.

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