What is the purpose of a business website? Top 5 Examples


Purpose or objective is one of the most important things to consider when building a website. Before you consider domain name, hosting, website-building tools, content strategy, SEO, and branding. 1st thing is to think about the purpose or objectives of building a website.

You might have all types of financial, social, and business objectives for building a website. But you have to start with one purpose at the beginning when designing a website or planning a design with designers/developers.

But having one main objective is more important than just having a bunch of website plans.

The right purpose to consider in website building is not only to sell products and services online.

I know selling and income is the most important thing and the single most important reason behind investing money in building a website. But do not plan your website design, marketing, and business strategies with this if you want to achieve your purpose.

Selling products and generating income is a small goal or a target for a website. Your purpose needs to be bigger and expandable when building a website.

So now let’s understand below in top 5 purposes examples and objectives that you can consider when building a website:

Top 5 Examples to set the right purpose of creating a website

Whatever type of purpose you select, it should be focused on customers or a specific group of people. It must not be on you, your business, and your struggles and success. So consider the website building purpose based on your potential or target audience/ customers.

1. Reach specific and target 100,000 people per month worldwide through a website:

Having such purposes for a website will help to get more customers, sales, and income through the website. Reaching 100000 people per month is a big goal. And think if 50% of them or even 10% of them become your customers then think how much you will be able to sell per month through the website online. And I am not including yet the lifetime value of online customers.

When you plan to reach and get 100000 people per month to your website then you will be able to think and plan the SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing strategies for business.

This will also help you to choose the right website hosting, memorable domain name, and right website building platform, branding, and marketing team along with skilled web developers because you want to get 100000 people to your website with at least a 50% conversion rate.

2. Understand the pain points, problems, and desires of your customers through the website, and think about how you can help them:

If you consider this purpose while building a website you will be able to search for the right keywords and SEO strategy for your website.

People are not searching just for products, or services on the search engine. Actually, they are looking for information and knowledge. They need guidance. They are not able to find the right solution and leaders in the industry. They want a trustworthy source. And in that search, they are using Bing and Google search engines.

Your 1st goal is not the sold product. Your 1st goal is to understand the problems and desires of your targeted customers. And for that, you can use keyword research tools to find the right and relevant keywords that people are searching for. After that, you will create and present your website content based on those keywords. Your content must be helpful and didn’t have to be looked like a sales copy.

And when you optimize your website with the right keywords then it will get 100000+ visitors from the search engine.

So, consider keyword research tools and strategies effectively. And optimize your website effectively so that you will get the right people to your website. And when you get the right people, you will get more conversion and sales.

3. Educate 100000 people per month to solve their business and daily life problems:

Most website owners think only to get leads from paid social media and search engine ads. Actually, paying for leads is not a lead, but a liability to the business. When the cost of customer acquisition is less then you will be able to save money and grow your business.

If you invest in content marketing or blogging, you will be able to reduce the customer acquisition cost and able to automate lead generation and inquiries through your website. Read MoreHow blogging benefits businesses to generate more leads

Advertising websites, landing pages, and using search engine ads or social media ads are important these days. But if you have more impressions than fewer clicks or visits to your website, then it means you’re not using the right advertising and marketing strategy.

Changing and modifying ad campaigns is a hidden cost of running a business. You have built a website to grow your business, not for liability.

But if you target to solve the problems or help 100000 people per month then you will be in a better position in a long time than those just investing only in online advertising platforms. And to do that you have to create and publish new and helpful content regularly to increase your website traffic. The content can be in the form of videos, blog posts, and images.

When your targeted visitors, start visiting 2nd, the 3rd, or 4th time to read a blog post or visited through organic search results, then they start trusting your brand. And sooner they will start exploring your services and products. And within a few days and months, they will become your paid customers.

You can see any modern SaaS-based, eCommerce, Web Development or any type of digital company that they are aggressively using content marketing and blogging on their website to get customers. It’s because it can be more costly to create and publish content on your website than advertising. But in long term, it’s the best and better than paid advertising.

You just have to focus on educating people regarding the technology, and solution. And it must not look like selling. It should look and have to be educational. And with educational purposes, you will get thousands of ideas for blog posts and content.

4. Help people to get the right product and services:

You can consider your product values, cost, and business goals when setting and sharing pricing publicly. You do not have to sell in less or more. No matter what the pricing range of others.

When you consider this purpose then it will help in building the right landing pages or product and services pages on the website. Along with that, you will be able to use the right landing page and conversion tools, functionality, and delivery system.

Also with this purpose, you will do website technical and on-page SEO audits. And this help in making a website accessible to a larger group of people, and devices with high speed and accuracy.

5. Get and analyze the feedback, data, and replies to find or align the website purpose: 

Your customer’s feedback is more important than the advice of consultants and friends. When you focus on increasing the value of products and services. When you design or add a feedback system to your websites such as comment boxes, reviews, and ratings. You will create opportunities to understand customers or people and their needs or desires.

With this goal, you can test hosting server uptime, website speed, google search console messages, backlinks, crawling errors, sitemap, redirection, broken links, heatmaps etc. Website testing or data analysis is an important step in website design that will help you to understand the website analytics or how it’s performing on the web and how you can grow your business.

You can use various SEO Tools, competitor Analysis, Heatmap, feedback tools, and apps that show your website performance. After analyzing such feedback, you will be able to make changes to your product pages, and website. And in a result, it will help in building a good website, contribute to business success, and build a brand.

So I think considering the above examples will help you to align content, website design, redesign or grow a website or business with a powerful purpose.

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