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This list of articles about the Internet has been prepared by me on the basis of various experiences over the last 14 – 15 years. I have also used the Internet for different things like other people.

I have mainly used the Internet as a student, computer skills trainer, freelancer, blogger, marketer, developer, and business owner. It may look a little more, so I am not telling the story yet. All these things are normal today.

Many people use the Internet for thousands of types of tasks. Some do for business, some for jobs, some to learn new computer technology skills, some for daily tasks, and many times pass.

If the Internet is painted and expressed on the basis of philosophy, it seems more amazing and succulent. In a word, the Internet is “a magic wand.” Just twist the stick and what you need in front of you. Meaning, if you want anything related to personal, business, or social, only a search is far away.

These articles are written for educational purposes and please do not take anything personally or otherwise if you disagree on some point.

1. Article on the Internet of Things (IoT):

The Internet of things (IoT) is a small physical device of computers and technology.  IoT acts or reacts based on the input it receives from sensors, user input (voice), other connected devices, software, and the internet. The goal is to produce data and information based on the input.

Basically, it is a robotic device that generates data and information by tracking the daily life and business activities we are currently doing or it can build for any purpose. And the same data and information are automated through software (code). Think of it like an alarm clock. Or a CCTV camera.

But the source not only informs you or not only takes this input but also reacts based on that input. Which common cameras and alarm clocks cannot do.

The IoT can be a cleaning machine. Which cleans your floor every morning and also tells you how much garbage you did yesterday. Similarly, it can be a camera that can activate an alarm or emergency alarm during coordinated activities.

Whatever I used to know about IoT according to my understanding and creativity is written in this article. I have mentioned more about its advantages and disadvantages in this article. You can open it by visiting this link. Whatever I used to know about IoT according to my understanding and creativity is written in this article. I have mentioned more about its advantages and disadvantages in this article. You can open it by visiting this link:

2. Articles on Internet privacy and security:

Data theft on the Internet and the increasing crimes because of it have made the lives of people and security institutions miserable. Internet is not only used by common people, businessmen, and social, and government organizations but it is also used by thieves, thugs, robbers, and various anti-social organizations and elements.

The common man does not even know what is personal data privacy and security and what is the loss due to its leakage. It is not necessary that the internet is used in every anti-social incident.

But you must have seen and heard thousands of times how the internet is blocked by the government when there is an antisocial activity in a city or state. You must be hearing incidents of cheating common people through the internet, mobile, Facebook, email, etc. Governments and private data security organizations and agencies are also working on this.

Seeing and hearing all these things, your heart must also be hurt. And that’s why I have more or less knowledge and information related to data privacy and security; I have written in the following articles.

3. Articles on Internet impact:

We are using the internet for almost the last 4 decades. During this time, you must have seen various national and international political, social, natural, business, and personal changes around the world. Everyone must have gone through these changes. Anyone who did not want to go through the changes of the internet was forced to. For example, if you do not give consent to a mobile app to access your data, then you cannot run that app.

Some changes we accepted by ourselves like digital payment, online education, remote work, online business, social media, and internet marketing.

The Internet is presented as a world full of possibilities. But due to its wrong or intentional use, many people’s business and mutual relationships also got disrupted. Fake news and hate content were promoted by some social and anti-social organizations and business organizations.

In today’s time, people have become addicted to the internet. They want to do less but see and show more. People from all sections of society are consuming and using it according to their creativity and ability.

While passing myself with the same society, I had written some articles on the positive and negative effects of the internet which are as follows:

To be continued…

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