Software as a service – Is it beneficial for your business or not?

In this post, find out what is SAAS in cloud computing, how it impacts small businesses, how it’s beneficial for customers, what its advantage and disadvantages and also find out the examples of the SaaS business model. What is SAAS? SaaS stands for software as a service. It’s one of the business models of cloud … Read more

How cloud computing will change our lives in the future

In this post, you will learn how cloud computing will change our lives in the future. how our lives can be impacted by cloud computing services providers. What will change on the earth? What will be the conditions of people and businesses? And how will people trade? Note: The whole article is written based on … Read more

Examples of How Software As A Services Works

Software as a service is a cloud computing business model in which almost everything from software, hardware to the platform is provided on a monthly, yearly and subscription-based price. Software as service means that companies no longer sell software and they sell service of the software. Software as service means companies, small business owners, freelancers, … Read more

Strategic importance of cloud computing in business organizations

The strategic importance of cloud computing in business organizations depends on which cloud computing platform you use, which cloud computing business model is best suited for the growth of your business and how it will impact the customers positively and negatively. When you think and research on best cloud computing solutions for your business. You … Read more

Why Learn Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a modern approach to using computers for business, education, healthcare, defense, aviation, and communication. It can boost profits and productivity by automating business operations. Essentially, it’s a vital component of information technology that helps companies accomplish their goals. Cloud computing is a new evolution that replaces the workforce and increases unemployment. It’s … Read more

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Importance of self study for students

Importance of self study for students