Examples of How Software As A Services Works

Software as a service is a cloud computing business model in which almost everything from software, hardware to the platform is provided on a monthly, yearly and subscription-based price. Software as service means that companies no longer sell software and they sell service of the software. Software as service means companies, small business owners, freelancers, developers, designers have to pay each month, year, hourly for the software as service providers instead of one-time payment.

Software as service mean consumers don’t need to buy software, hardware, no need to build platforms for development for business operations instead they need to pay for service once in a year, month and hourly. Software as service means the cost of doing business and using technology increase and software as service provider get monthly, yearly regular income from customers. In the old time, it was only once. 

So let’s start:

Operating System

Buy operating System one time and get updates free, now it will change. Why there are many businesses, IT and eco-friendly reasons. In old times OS development companies sell the OS one time for one customer and provide free updates for a life cycle of OS. But after software as service in the cloud computing business model, it will change. Now general, business users of computers will have to pay based on subscription (monthly, yearly) for updates instead of buying one time. It will reduce the upfront cost in buying an operating system for computer and server, but in long run, it will increase the cost of using the computer and related devices.  

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Graphics Designing Softwares

Similarly to use graphic design software you have to pay for it yearly or monthly by using the credit card. Yes, it will impact the growth of small cities creative people and struggling artists. The cost of using up to date, advanced featured graphics design applications required to pay for users repeatedly until they do not stop using it. In the current scenario, it will impact in high cost for home based business owners, freelancers and solo entrepreneurs to start, run and continue in the business. It’s happening because the software is no more a product, now it is service. If you pay it, then you can use it.

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Website Builder Application or themes or scripts As A Services

I don’t think it will be the case. But I am not controlling the information technology. But if it happens when people no longer able to pay $50 to $200 for a premium business theme instead they will pay $10 for the first three months, yearly $22. Even you will pay for the domain, hosting, theme, updates only to one company for life time instead of paying one time.

It means the cost will rise to start, operate and grow an online business. It’s because the cost is coming back each month for the updates. And no one explains what they will update, when and why?

You can’t stop/end process of update file (process/services) in your operating system in your computer. It’s because when you start your computer and you will be connected to each server and application that you’re using. It means you will need a higher configuration computer to use the software as service applications and softwares.

So this can be possible when small software development companies follow the software as a service revenue model and see profits of big software development companies. They will do it and many already do.

Document Writing and Editing Software As A Service

Document writing and editing, data management, presentations is the works that is used in official works in government offices, education, personal computers and in business. For that Microsoft, Office Package is one of the best in that. Now you can use same feature, future updates and advanced version of functions in Office 365. But for that, you have to buy the top version office 365 based on monthly, yearly subscription. And you will pay each time when your subscription got expired. It’s very simple.

Data Storage As A Service

Customers Data, Official documents, Secret Information automatically saved in clouds. You don’t need to carry or buy the external hard disk, pen drive, memory card. What you need to do is just, save the data on the cloud and pay for the subscription monthly and yearly for life cycle of data.

There are many computer/internet applications that we used daily are the part of cloud computing SAAS. And many companies and computer applications that we use today, will be the part of SAAS very soon. Hosting, Business Automation, IOT, Artificial/Business Intelligence Applications are the part of Cloud Computing SAAS Business Model.

SAAS cloud computing business model is not possible for all the software companies right now in every country. But software as service model will impact developing countries more than developed. It’s because people in developed countries are able to pay for advanced tools and services and many are compelled to pay.

But in this case, it will filter the information technology workforce, business, applications, services and solutions in Top Quality, Average, Below Average. And if developing countries use below average and average features and products of information technology, then how they can become developed.

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There are many ways to get benefits from cloud computing for everyone. No one can ignore cloud computing. It’s because all the humans are now compelled to use information technology and they have to pay for it. And those who not pay, will no longer be in the business.

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