How cloud computing will change our lives in the future


In this post, you will learn how cloud computing will change our lives in the future. how our lives can be impacted by cloud computing services providers. What will change on the earth? What will be the conditions of people and businesses? And how will people trade?

Note: The whole article is written based on personal thoughts. It’s for awareness and education about cloud computing for students. It’s more negative. So that students can understand and plan, and develop a better future for the people worldwide. I can be wrong in this article and I am doing it so that you will understand and analyze what is right from your common sense and knowledge. I hope you will like it.

1. Cost of conducting business:

The cost of doing business in the future will be high but only for small companies and less costly for big companies. It means the cost of business services will be high. The common people and small businesses will have to pay high fees for small official works. It will increase expenses and reduce savings. Due to that, they will work harder to keep the income flow maintained. They will get busier than ever.

They don’t have time for family and friends in the future. It’s because he/she will be busy earning money to keep alive the business, income, and lifestyle.

This can happen due to the use of SaaS cloud computing business model. In which customers will be forced to pay for updates and monthly fees for software. And in future people and small business owners don’t have any other option than paying for software as a service.

The software as a service business model of cloud computing technology will impact everyone from small business owners to governments. People will try to earn more money, but they not will succeed in that. It’s because the sources and methods of Information Technology already overly accessed and manipulated.

So they will try new options such as property investment, stocks, bonds etc. But in the future, there will be less land for home, office, and farming. And the cost of conducting and running the business will be high in the future. In that way, very fewer people able to grow a growing business after a certain point, and many starts and will do business like they are working for someone remotely.

Due to the cost of entrepreneurship will increase unemployment. And if they remained unchanged from this situation they will be affected by artificial intelligence, driverless cars, business automation methods and technologies that reduce cost, but it will increase unemployment.  

The majority of business users use computers for document writing and editing, accounting, presentations, graphics designing, video editing and for digital marketing. And these are the services for people online and offline from freelancers and small businesses. But the cost of using software is higher due to ma monthly subscription, digital marketing is more competitive, high competition in the market then how will someone run a business from home will survive and grow. And if they do it, they will increase the prices. Due to increment in prices, the demand will decrease and common people pay higher or move or turn off the plan.

2. More profit and predictable income:

Saas business model of cloud computing increase profit 100 times greater for software companies and IT related businesses. Software as a service means you’re paying rent for using software and computers each month instead of buying one time.

Companies do not charge much money for updates so far. But after cloud computing even to use the operating system, graphics design software, accounting software and document writing and editing software etc. in your computer you have to pay money each month. It means it’s an advantage for software product based IT companies, they will earn more profit. And it is a disadvantage for common people and small business owners, it’s because they will not be able to pay for updates, if they do it, then they will increase the price of there services. It means everything will become for profits.

Companies already hiring fewer people, the infrastructure of saas cloud computing is less manageable and companies trying to automate everything. In this way, billion dollars companies need only 10 to 20 employees instead of 2000 to become a trillion dollar company.

You can say it’s advantages of saas cloud computing companies and business. That way it means rich companies will become richer and poor become poorer. In other ways, poor remain poor and rich become richer.

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3. Uses a computer would be expensive:

In future personal computers, users will not be able to use 10-20 software in their computers. So far they have used the personal computer for learning and small works such as document writing and editing, photo editing, accounting and to run the small business. And when they will know that, it cost higher to use 10 software, then they will only use the most important software and application for daily use. It means in future not all will use and learn computers. But only those who have a higher living standard and good monthly income will continue to use computers. But the village people and small cities will find themselves unable to be adaptive to cloud computing. And they will keep the tag “developing for the next 20 years.”

4. Monopoly:

Cloud computing will create the monopoly in the market. Companies will be able to do it, because of today, we can’t able to live without technologies (its myth). But the world thinks that technology is the only way to solve the worldwide problem. But in reality and truth, technology itself is a problem of many things that we’re facing today such as pollution (due to factories), unemployment (due to use of computers), population (due to unemployment, instant entertainment, instant connection and connectivity), lack of real friends (due to social media and virtual friends), stress and too much monthly liabilities (Due to greed, that comes after seeing other countries and people on the internet and Tv), decrement in average age (due to too much work on computers, less time on physical and mental development and less time for environmental development) etc. I can be wrong. But that’s it what I feel. I am also in this field from last 12 years, and I know what I mean.

I know that these are disadvantages of cloud technologies and I know there are many advantages. That’s why I am not writing this article to make you negative about technologies. But I am writing it for awareness, protection, preparation and education purposes. I hope you understand.

But how cloud computing will create the monopoly in the market?

Companies, governments, small IT companies, website designing companies, and educational institutions have to pay for remote data center monthly/yearly by using infrastructure as a service. Before that, they were the owner and there are no monthly liabilities, other than salary to team members.

But when they move the on-premises data center to clouds, they will pay more in long run.

Yes, there is the point, that they will not have to maintain it, they will not have to hire anyone, they will not have to pay the big upfront cost to start and run the data center and they are secure from disasters and data loss. Yes, it’s the advantages, looks like digital marketing campaigns.

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But why they will do it, if they are successful and have own growth plan and opportunities. If they have money and enough revenue then why not they create another data center in another remotely or safe area instead of paying infrastructure as a service provider. And in that way, they will increase employment and financial transactions.

But it’s not a problem if they do it in the beginning. It will really cost them less to have secure, auto maintained, autoscaled data center.

But in this way, all the power and data in the control of only a few cloud computing companies. They will increase their prices after a certain point. Currently, many cloud computing services are free so that once customers are habitual and addicted to cloud computing, they will increase and charge prices and earn the profit after a year. And they will become richer than what they are today. Now in future, it’s hands of cloud computing companies, where they will move the world. And the people, have to move no matter they like it or not. It will be like social media websites impacting the lives of people today.

If you’re using graphics, accounting, antivirus, CRM, video editing, document writing, and editing software from years as a one time buyer with an only one-time license. it will change, in future, you don’t have the option and alternative software. You have to pay hourly, yearly, monthly to use it. It’s a monopoly and liabilities on people. If you’re using any cloud computing services as a free, it’s not that cloud computing companies are so much humble to you, they are making you addicted and dependent. So those later years, they can get monthly Recurring Deposits from you. It will not possible to earn even more than 10-20% from the of the work that you do by using such software.   

Platform as a service, it means your computers do not have the power to develop software anymore. So you should move to the platform as a service, it’s because we have everything installed such as frameworks and programming languages. You just have to code and we will control and maintain the rest of the things. This is what’s looks interesting for developers using the platform as a service. It’s not that bad.

But the bad thing here, why you pay for things, you never need to pay and handle everything from your own. Like today, water is free for everyone, no one is the owner of natural sources but we’re paying for it.

So why gives controls to move and change your position from the tails to the platform as a service provider.

It means they will control the platforms and charge from you to grow the application and make the changes in application and make its software as a service according to their tools, their business plans, timings, sources, methods, and policies.

Will you do it?

I know every developer will use the platform as a service instead of creating and owning own platform and make the mark on the world. I don’t think any wise developer think to become slaves of the platform instead of becoming the king.

But the majority of developers will go with the platform as a service. And it will create the monopoly in the market.

Platform as the service provider can increase the charges whenever they want, they will suspend the account anytime they want, they will change the policies and terms anytime they want. Monopoly in the market and all the controls in the hands of few people, never be good for democracy in any country.  

5. No work and visions will be left for people:

There are others friends of cloud computing such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IOT, and driverless cars etc. who supporting and formulating the projects to take over the human world. These are developed and will be controlled by a few tech lovers, leaders, and companies. It means driverless vehicles will be the future transportation. Million people will lose their jobs. The machine will take over almost all the works and activities, other than born a baby. It means people have nothing to work on this earth. That’s why developed countries and companies have developed/developing the plans and products to move to other planets after finishing the peace on earth or when people have nothing interesting here, they will charge or people have to pay to visit or settle in another planet etc. And it looks, in future people will born on the moon.

So what you have learned?

You have learned that technology is important in our life. But it’s also important that we create human-friendly policies. So that we will not be slaves of technology. your goals of information technology development and cloud computing business model should be to increase the average age of human life and quality in living standard, development environment, development of needy people and support environment-friendly leaders, companies and policies.

Choice always has to be yours.

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