Strategic importance of cloud computing in business organizations


The strategic importance of cloud computing in business organizations depends on which cloud computing platform you use, which cloud computing business model is best suited for the growth of your business and how it will impact the customers positively and negatively.

When you think and research on best cloud computing solutions for your business. You should research its disadvantages, a negative impact on customers, the cost of your business, in the long run, the workforce and obviously you have to make changes in your business goals.

So in this article, let’s learn about the benefits and strategic importance of cloud computing in your business organizations.

1. Secure Document Sharing

In traditional ways, document sharing can consume lots of time. It includes typing, printing, and courier. After that comes email. You create the document then attach it to the email and send it. And you know It takes time in editing and finishes the document on both ends (clients/freelance, seller/customers) etc.

But now after cloud storage, you can create a document and share the document in real-time. It increases the speed of doing business, grows productivity and reduces the wastage of time. It means the use of cloud-based applications, storage is a very effective strategy to increase profit and reduce cost.  

Using cloud computing for document sharing allows you to share files more securely and privately with any person and organization in the world. Those are password protected. You can use One Time Password, One Time Access. And you can add and delete access to the user anytime from any device.

Using this, you can see the changes that are done by your team members or users. You can provide access to the application, photos, videos, music, software and database etc. through cloud computing and cloud storage. Now cloud computing is important for the business to share files with any organization, people in the world, they can hire remote staff and store, access, calculate, process, share a large amount of data anytime on any device anywhere with high speed and accuracy.  

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2. Virtual Private/Public Cloud

In business, if you need 1 server, 2 servers or 12 or 20 servers for your data center, storage, application hosting, you can do it just by signing up for the services, without purchasing and installation of the server on your premises. Through cloud computing, you will get a wide variety of features to choose from for your data center such as dedicated resources, instant upgrades, autoscaling storage capacity, high-speed networks etc.

A private cloud is like an external hard disk, pen drive. But the difference is just that private cloud storage is provided by the third party, and the server(hard disk) is located in a remote place, you never know where. You can use private cloud and private infrastructures that are located in a remote location. Virtual cloud is remotely located it can benefit you in times of disaster, your data will be safe and secure.

For example, you have a hard disk in which you have stored all your data, but for any reason, you have lost the hard disk then it’s tough to get back the hard disk or recover the data. But in virtual cloud setup for data storage helps you to recover data faster. A virtual private cloud helps you to reduce the upfront local (on-premises) data center cost, maintenance works. For business it means, you increase computing power that needs in your business as per the demand and I think it can be important for any business organization.  

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3. Auto Scaling

Auto-scaling in cloud computing means the system and servers automatically configure themselves for the increased demand of users. for example, if you’re using a computer with 8 GB Ram then you’re getting good speed in any certain application. But when you open and use 5 to 10 applications such as music, graphics designing software, internet browser, social media websites, and doing video editing at the same time, it will reduce the processing speed. But in cloud computing, no matter what you’re using and how many people are using a single application or many, it will automatically increase its capacity according to the deployment file, location, and users. This is very effective in business it’s because you’re paying as per the use, your server/storage capacities increase when it’s needed. On a wider point, your business is running automatically and without an on-premise server, network without application error and crash.

4. Faster Apps Deployment Process

Platform as service in cloud computing has strategic importance of business. It means you can develop, test, run, check, manage apps without the installation of deployment apps and maintenance of hardware (server). Everything is pre-built and designed and provided to support various frameworks and languages such as PHP, Python, MySQL, Ruby, Drupal, Node.Js, and Java etc. Using the platform as a service in development enable programmer and developer to collaborate with team members and clients in real-time. PaaS is a remotely located development environment for programmers and developers. The best benefit for software/apps development companies is that it is easy to maintain and manage development works.

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5. Cloud Hosting

All business applications and their users demand faster and secure web experiences. Using cloud hosting enables businesses to store unlimited data using a variety of storage options, run applications, host websites so that users can be done more in less time.

Cloud hosting is in the trend, but it’s especially more important for an online store, videos and social media websites, inventor applications, CRM applications, and live streaming & quiz apps etc. in which users expect instant entertainment, continuous connectivity to the application. But it’s not always possible, the even cloud-hosted application can be crashed while you’re working especially in graphics design applications and live quiz apps. Sometimes there can be a network problem. But yes, cloud-hosted apps run faster than a single server-hosted apps or local server websites. it’s because cloud hosting providers have more resources, features, security more scalable than the non-cloud server or cloud hosting. 

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