Top 10 Benefits of learning WordPress


The most powerful benefits of WordPress are its flexibility and speed in business, personal blog, and website building process. It’s the fastest platform to build any type of website.

For example, the time you invest in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a website and half of that time you will be able to build 100’s of websites. It’s that fast.

I know that HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript knowledge is very important for web development, application development. But these days to build a website, you don’t have to learn HTML, CSS, and PHP, or JavaScript. For example, those who want to become developer needs to learn these programming languages.

But why a business owner or a writer or anyone who just needs a simple website learns web development or programming. They can use WordPress. That’s why WordPress is popular and it’s the main reason behind its power and role in the technology world.

WordPress is free, easier to use (open-source software), and the fastest way to build personal, business, and blog websites by using themes and plugins. WordPress and its supportive plugins are created and designed in a way so that it will become easy and effective for people to build, maintain websites on their own. And there are millions of websites that are created by using WordPress.

 Benefits of learning and using WordPress: 

1. Build a website for your business on your own:

 If you’re running a small business or a home-based business then you can learn and use WordPress to build your business website on your own with little or no cost. You have to pay only for domain and hosting.

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2. To build a resume or portfolio website:

If you’re a job-seeker or student, then learning will not only improve your skills and but you can add WordPress skills to your resume. And that will impact the employer or companies positively. Not only that when you learn WordPress, but the first website you should build is also your resume or portfolio website.

Even those who have knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript or app or software developers also use WordPress to build and run their personal websites and blogs.

3. Build an eCommerce website and sell products online from home:

WordPress is easy to use and have thousands of feature and benefits for website creators and owners. By using the WooCommerce plugin in WordPress you can build an eCommerce website. And you will be able to start selling your products online just from any place and through any device.

4. Best Content Management System or Blog creation tool:

WordPress core is its blogging feature and content management system. Through WordPress building and running a blog website is very easy, fast and flexible. It’s one of the best sources to build a Blog website. And it’s a go-to platform and tool for educators, writers, and companies to educate, inform their customers, students, and general readers online.  For example, if you’re an educator, leader, and in any kind of profession then you can run a blog to connect and communicate with people around the world. I mean it’s a great tool for social networking and community building.

5. WordPress Skills to start an online service-based business:

If you’re learning to program then you can also specialize in WordPress Development Services.

There are millions of websites on the web. And thousands of created each day. Thousands of WordPress Website owners, bloggers, YouTubers, media companies, businesses need WordPress developers or design and admin for upgrading and maintenance works. So, anyone who wants to work as a freelance WordPress Developer or designer or Manager can learn and use WordPress.

WordPress Skills is one of the best and easiest skills to learn to start an online WordPress website-related service-based business.

So, if you’re looking to start a small or home-based business online then you can learn WordPress and provide WordPress website building services in your local area for small business owners, stores, and shops.

6. Start and Build your personal blog and expand your hobby:

Even if you don’t do any of the above works still you can use WordPress to expand your hobby and interest. You can start a personal blog related to fashion, gardening, cooking, travel, home decoration, nature, and many other interesting and hobby-related topics.

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7. WordPress and Blogging as a business:

If you learn WordPress and like to use and teach it, then you can also start blogging in the WordPress niche. You can also use blogging as a business. And you can create as many blogs as you want for affiliate marketing. The monetization of WordPress blogs is very easy. There are so many affiliate marketing and display advertising plugins, ads networks, and affiliate networks that you can use to generate revenue from your blog and while doing blogging or using WordPress as a business.

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In conclusion, WordPress is one of the great open-source initiatives in the world. That powering millions of websites, blogs, and people worldwide.  There are various benefits and businesses around WordPress. WordPress is one of the most used tools on the web for website building and blogging. So learning and using WordPress is never be a wastage of time. It’s a great tool to build any type of website. And it’s powered by plugins, page builders, and various other extensions. Anyone can use it for free for business and personal use. Anyone can use it to start various types of online business.

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