Top 10 Most Powerful Uses of the blog in our daily life


Uses of Blog Website: A blog is used for learning, teaching, research, marketing, news, and business development. Technically, it is a way to communicate digitally in detail and explanations. While it can be used and modified as per the owner/users’ creativity, knowledge, intentions, and goals.

A blog is one type of website. For example, a search engine is a website where you can search for information and internet sources. Twitter is a website where you can share small information or idea with followers.

Similarly, a blog is a website where a blogger/company (owner/author of the blog) shares their own, personal, and business information and knowledge for their own reasons. A big reason is that blog is used to promote business and build long-term bonding with new and existing customers.

Similarly, a teacher can use a blog to share their experiences and knowledge with the world. Anyone from individuals, professionals, business owners, and companies can run a blog. It’s not something that only IT people do, it can be done by anyone who has something to share with the world.

These days, blogging is a complete business, career, and method of connecting and communicating with millions of people.

Who reads blogs?

Blogs are read by people like you. For example, this is a blog website, where you’re reading information about blogging. Similarly to this, there are millions of blog websites and bloggers. Each one is writing and sharing.

The blog is read by internet users or real people. They want data, information, and knowledge. When they search for a specific question on google or a search engine that is called keywords. After that google displays the list of the top 10 links and sources that are related to the search query of the users. After that users can select the relevant source and visit. And it can be a blog or an eCommerce website or an app or a video.

There are a wide variety of internet users. You can understand them through grouping. Students, Professionals, Business Owners, Trollers, Spammers, Marketers, bloggers/Writers, YouTubers, creators, distributors, managers, leaders, and many others.

These people need information, education, knowledge, and solution to solve their daily, monthly, and yearly business and daily life problems. These people are using the Internet as a tool to solve a specific problem or find a specific solution.

Many of them are experts in their field. For example, a business owner needs a product design or logo.

Then he/she can search for the following things on Google:

How to hire a logo designer

Best logo designer

The best product designer nearby

Logo design tutorials



Now Google will display all types of variety of information in this search query:

For Example:

1st Link: Advertisements through Google Ads if there are any.

2nd Link: How to hire a local designer. (This is a blog post written by a blogger)

3rd Link: Design your logo online (It can be an online Logo Design Website or application)

4th Link: Here are the top 10 logo designers (Freelance Platform)

5th Link: 10 steps to design a most effective logo for yourself (It can be a YouTube Video Tutorials)


Each solution displayed by Google has relevance and is predictable. Google won’t know the intentions of the users. But Google or a search engine reads the query.

Now, how to hire a local designer is a blog post written by an expert or experienced person or just anyone. But if it’s solving the problems then it will get readers from the search engine.

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Top points to remember about the blogs: Basics of Blogging:

  • Anyone can blog about his/her experiences.
  • When you have written and published a post it will be in the public or internet network.
  • You will get people to read your post from Google or the search engine. But not only that you will also get traffic (people visiting your blog website) from social media such as Facebook and Twitter. But for that, you have to share your blog post.
  • A blog is a website. It has a domain name. A domain name is like the address of the website. When you or people type this address on Google, your blog or website will open. You can name anything on your blog. But mostly it has to be related to the blog category or the topics that you write. Such as technology blogs, fashion blogs, food blogs, nature blogs, etc.
  • A blog website is created through content management systems or coding or web applications or software. Mostly WordPress open-source application software is used by the majority of bloggers to create and run a blog website.
  • WordPress is open-source software. It means anyone can use it without paying fees. But to use it, it has to be installed on the server. The server is a remotely located computer that runs 24/7 and 365 days a. You can also say hosting. Behind servers, there are hosting companies that charge for storage, security, backup and bandwidth, and many more. You can also buy a domain on the hosting website.
  • After buying a domain, you have to buy hosting. And in the domain, you have to list your hosting server name or domain nameserver. It’s like creating a folder for the website on the server. After this, you just install WordPress with one click.
  • You can do it on your own just by following a few free YouTube tutorials or hiring someone. It’s very easy to set up and start a blog website. Especially for those who have basic computer knowledge or basic computer skills. You can do it on your own or you can also hire someone to do it.
  • A blog is something that needs to be updated daily or regularly. It means you have written daily. But it’s not mandatory. You just have to write, when you like to write. You can do it personally or professionally. It’s totally up to you. But both have their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • But in the end, having a blog is like having a personal or professional diary, that is read by people across the world. When your published post starts helping people, then you will get more readers, fame, and money.

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Why reading a blog is important?

Why reading a blog is as important as solving a problem is important. Generally, not all read blogs without any reason. Similarly, people don’t do things without reason. There are billions of people around the world. Each one has its own problems, desires, and needs.

When they are unable to find a solution nearby or on their own, they search on the internet. There are various uses for the internet.

And one of the best is to educate ourselves.

When people become educated, they build skills.

When they use those skills and lessons, they are able to solve their daily life problems.

Reading a blog is like reading a dynamic book. A blog is like a book and each time you visit you find a new chapter or post. The difference between a blog and a book is that a book is a group of many chapters. Each chapter is written and complete. You have purchased it and you read it. But it won’t automatically add a new chapter to it.

But most of the blogs are free to read. You can read and find any type of blog related to your interest. Even if you don’t want to read all the blog posts, you can read one post one day. And each time you visit a blog that you’re following, you find new information, insights, and knowledge.

The knowledge and information you get from a blog are based on your research, knowledge, and expertise. But there are not all experts on that subject behind each blog post. Some people and companies copy the content and then publish that on their own websites. But it’s not a good practice to follow and this practice leads to failure.

There are so also lots of fake bloggers and fake content.

You have to understand that if something looks promising it doesn’t mean it’s original. There are few creators and more copycats on the internet.

Other than that, blogs are dynamic books and have similar benefits as you get the benefits from books.

What are the advantages of blogging?

  • The most beautiful advantages of blogging are that it helps in personal development. It aligns your thoughts and knowledge. A blog post is not a just group of paragraphs, words, and quotes. It’s a mirror or reflection of the author and his/her point of view.
  • If you blog then you never feel alone. While you write a blog post, you actually communicate with yourself. And the quality of communication is very high. Each time you write and finish a blog post, it makes you relaxed and satisfied. And what’s else do you need for a good body and mind? When you write with full focus and interest, it will take 3 to 4 hours to write a good post. And even if you’re busy in the day job, you can get 3 to 4 hours in the morning and evening or night. It depends on you. Do you want to write or not? Do you have something that you want to talk or do you know something that you can write to share with the world? And personally, I believe that everyone has something to share with the world. But not all are as much expressive in all forms. So, to express yourself blogging is a great way.
  • The next advantage of blogging is that it’s a test of your knowledge, views, and intelligence in front of the world or on Google search results. Will your views or blog post will be accepted by the readers and google search engine? It’s also a competition with other writers or bloggers. You will feel competition when you’re doing it professionally. But personally, there is no competition.
  • When you have good readers and traffic to your blog, you can monetize it with display ads, affiliate products, and sponsored posts. There are thousands of people earning a good income from blogs.
  • If you like writing and want to write a book one day, then you can start writing a blog post today. Start running a blog and build your readership. When you communicate with your readers, you will get more creativity, interest, and passion to write and publish a book. And later blogs will also help you to promote and sell your books.
  • And if you want to promote your own or other products, business, or services then blogging is a great and tested way to do it.

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Top 10 Most Powerful Uses of the blog in our daily life

1. Uses of a Blog in Business Website:

A blog on business websites helps to be aware and educate existing, and potential customers about new products, services, and solutions. It can be also used as tutorials, and product documentation.

For example, on the travel agency business website, you can write and publish “How to plan a budget for a vacation tour in a certain city”. Similarly, a yoga training institute can write and publish a post about, the top 10 benefits of getting up early.

The benefit of doing this is that it will find out by the people on social media or by those who are searching on Google. It means people visit that website to read that post. And they become aware of your business, brand, and products and services that you’re providing.

When you keep doing it, they will get impressed and satisfied with your valuable blog posts. And most of them will contact you for your services. It means through blogging you will get more customers to your business or you will be able to sell more products and services online.

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2. Your website SEO and Keywords Rank will improve:

Blogging is used to get ranked higher on Google for your store or business website keywords. For example, A high rank means if there are 100000+ monthly searches for “Flowers for birthday”, and you’re ranking number 1 on this search result, then you’re getting 70% to 80% of market share or search share or users. And obviously, if 50% of the users order the flowers from your website, then imagine how many customers you will get.

So blogging is important for SEO to rank higher the website on the search engine. More blog posts on relevant keywords, high quality, and unique content, ideas, and posts optimized with keywords help to get more traffic to your business website.

This also works similarly to all types of business websites.

That’s why you can see that each company has its own blog website. And many have separate blogs for each product and service. And it’s also part of the content marketing strategy.  Where content is used to market products and services.

If you’re looking to sell more, if you want to promote your business online, if you want to position your brand strongly on the internet then start a blog or use a blog on the website and write helpful articles for customers.

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3. Uses of Blogs in Education:

Blogs are playing the biggest role in educational development around the world. Normally, each blog post content has something to learn, and thousands of experts in their field blogging regularly. Because blogging is providing a method to connect and communicate with anyone from any country. Today, many universities, colleges, and institutions have their own blog websites or blog the website, where students or people can learn.

A blog is a great way to help people with your expertise. If you have ideas about how to get a job in a multinational company, then write about it. It will help someone to get a job.

For example, if you’re in a successful website design or development field then you can help others to learn and build a good career.

Similarly, if you’re a journalist then you can help other journalism students from your point of view the way they can study and become successful in this field.

4. Uses of the blog for students and teachers:

Teachers inspire us. And it impacts our lives. There are thousands of people, who name their teachers as ideal. I mean it’s important to keep connected with the thing that inspires, educates, and helps in your career development. And when a teacher runs a blog and it is found on google, then it will become a sea for the student to learn from that teacher. And it will double the learning abilities of the students.

It will also help teachers to express themselves more freely than a school or college syllabus about the subject.

I think teachers are limited to the syllabus and class timing. But it’s not the true expression of a teacher. They want to teach more. But they are limited to doing that. And blogging provides them the freedom to express themselves and build a community of students and teachers around the world for that subject.

So, you can start a blog to share your knowledge and experiences with others. If you know how to create a memorable and unique business logo, then write about it. There are people who want to learn logo designing skills.

Similarly, if you know how to stay happy and motivated in life write a blog. People want happiness and motivation when they feel dominated in the workplace. Share your personal and professional success tips, ideas, and experiences with people on your personal or business blog.


What things do teachers need to learn about computers and the internet

How teachers can make a big difference in the world

5. Uses of a blog for professionals:

Most of the professionals are in jobs or working as a freelancer or self-employed. Having a blog gives them the option to expand their professional capabilities across the world. The popularity of their blog brings them new job offers, promotions, and projects.

Their talent and skills are identified by the world. Along with this, the blog becomes their side income or source of income. And many leave the job and start working as full-time bloggers. So, the uses of a blog for professionals are to expand their own knowledge, compete with other professionals on a skill level, become more skilled, and get career growth.

For example, A programmer working for the company can start a blog on Web Development.

Similarly, an SEO professional working for a company can blog about SEO.

You can start the blog if you’re looking for a passive online income stream. Yes, you can work and earn from home by starting a blog on demanding niches. It can take 6 months to earn and get traffic from the blog if you’re able to write creatively, have unique ideas, expertise in the area, knowledge of people’s behaviors, and most important marketing.

6. Uses of the blog for marketers:

The blog is also an important part of digital marketing or online marketing. There are various types of marketers and marketing strategies. And one is affiliate marketing and product reviews blog websites. Blogs are also used by marketers and companies to promote and sell products.

For example, if you have a website that is hosted on Bluehost. Now you can write a review post. Similarly, if you have watched a movie or you have read a book, now you can write a review about that.

After that, you can monetize that post with affiliate links or display advertising.

There are thousands of blogs on millions of products in which most of which are reviews. If you like something and use that very often then you can start a blog on that topic.

Review blogs give readers insights about the products before they make a decision to buy that.

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7. Uses of the blog for housewives:

For housewives, blogging is the best productive utilization of their time. Each housewife has unique talents, skills, knowledge, and point of view. But most of them do not utilize that, especially after marriage or kids. While their life is busier and struggling than a man’s. But I have seen many housewives running their own blogs and earning a very good income from home. It will not only help them to become expressive as per their talent but also become a great financial support for the family.

But to do that, it’s important that they work on a cause. They can start a blog on something in which they are interested and good. It can be early childhood education, cooking, home decoration, home furniture, stencils, or any other technical or professional interest.

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8. Uses of a blog to showcase your writing skills or talent:

Writing is a hobby, and blogging is a new and productive platform for new writers. You can write poems, stories, educational, fiction or non-fiction content. You can enhance your skills and knowledge. If you want to become a freelance writer then you can also start with a blog.

That’s its friends do it without thinking about money. Just write positive and helpful content. Money, jobs, and publicity come automatically. Just explore your talent and make writing a habit. It’s not only good for career and business perspectives but the blog also aligns your brain to think creatively.

And creativity is the most important thing that we all need to follow. And we all have to execute our imagination.

9. Uses of a blog for a freelancer:

Start the blog if you looking for clients for your services online. If you’re a freelancer or want to work from home then start a blog. If you’re a graphics designer then you can write the following types of posts graphics used in business, the benefits of using graphics, how to market a business using graphics, what kind of logo will be good, how to create and design brochures, etc.

There are clients who search on Google about various professionals they need immediately or remotely.

10. Uses of a blog for a job seeker:

If you’re looking for a job then start a blog and write about the related skills and expertise. Select the company in which you’re looking for a job. Then find out their targeted customers and write about that. When you rank for those keywords on a search engine, you will get noticed by their staff or owners.

It’s because you’re creating competitions for them on a search engine. And they will contact you and offer opportunities.

Now the 2nd reason for this point here is that when you have a blog or website, you can list your sample of work, profile or resume, and write about the skills.

When you called for an interview anywhere, you can write or share your website with your interviewer about how much you know about the skills and why they can hire you.

Your own website is more than a resume. Just get the benefits of technology before it becomes old.

So, in conclusion, I will say that having a blog or reading a blog, or running a blog is a very good productive use of time. It can start with a personal blog. Leaders, film stars, new writers, celebrities, sports players, and government authorities or organizations can run blogs for the goodness of society and their fan following. It’s also good for economic development. The more and more websites or blogs we have the better it will be for the readers and people to find good solutions.

But having a blog or blogging about the topics depends on your priorities and interests. It’s not mandatory. Similarly, it’s not mandatory for people to exercise or get up early. But still, thousands of people get up early and exercise. It’s because they know it’s beneficial for their health and body and they understand its importance.

Similarly, who understands that blog is important for career, business, social, and life goals blogging daily or weekly or monthly. They know the advantages of blogging. Not all are doing blogging as a career. But they are doing it because they like to do it.

So, friends, I hope you liked the uses and importance of blogging in this post. And hope that it will help you or beginners to learn the basics of blogging or various parts of blogging. If you want to read more on this topic, please let me know.

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